Aguero Suarez Vs Robert Lewandowski – Who is Better?

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If you’re wondering which player is more effective for Liverpool and Manchester City, you can compare their stats to see who’s better. In terms of assists, Suarez has more than double Lewandowski’s total in 116 league games, but Lewandowski has an advantage in finishing. They have also won the Champions League once each. Ultimately, this debate is a toss-up.

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Luis Suarez

Considering the stats, it’s hard to say which of these two is better. While both have similar numbers of goals and assists, Luis Suarez has a slight advantage over Lewandowski in key passing statistics. However, Lewandowski is the more accomplished player at the highest level. Both players have won one Champions League medal. Here’s a look at their comparative statistics.

First, the Uruguayan striker was once a Barcelona disposable. However, last summer, Barcelona decided to sell him to Atletico Madrid, where they knew he would guarantee them goals. After all, they’d been lacking in goals in recent years, so they pounced on the chance to bring him to the Spanish capital. This move raised the hopes of Atletico Madrid fans, who had been scathingly critical of Suarez’s poor form.

In terms of goals per game, Aguero Suarez and Van Persie both score well, but their individual characteristics make them distinctly different. Suarez is a selfless player, who is equally good in front of goal, while Van Persie is an assured and confident goal-scorer. Both players can play in different positions and excel in different situations.

Among the players in the Premier League, Sergio Aguero is outscored by only a few. His average goal rate is 106.9 per minute, which is the highest in the Premier League. Robert Lewandowski, on the other hand, scores with a lower percentage of his shots. Aguero’s goal rate is similar to Lewandowski’s but his assists are higher, so he’s the better option.

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If we were to compare Aguero Suarez and Lewendowski, the former is the more accomplished player. Lewandowski has a long-term track record of success. He has a strong scoring streak and is a very active striker. The former has scored a hat-trick in the Champions League and is fit as a fiddle.

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Lastly, we must look at his career and legacy. While Liverpool has had many successful seasons, the controversial Suarez has scored a few less than his rivals. Suarez has also received just one yellow card this season, against Everton. Despite his reputation, he has toned down his dives in recent years. Despite this, Liverpool has been able to score a lot of goals this season.

Sergio Aguero

There’s no denying that the duo has very similar skill sets, but there are some key differences that separate them. In the Premier League, Suarez has the advantage when it comes to goals scored. Lewandowski is a better finisher, but Suarez is more prolific. And they have scored a lot more goals in fewer games. Although both players have won the Champions League once, Lewandowski has a slight advantage in assists.

As for the former, Aguero is arguably the best striker of his generation, with 13 goals in 14 games. He has a record of breaking the PL’s all-time goalscoring chart. The injury-time winner against Newcastle has become part of Manchester City folklore, and his brace against the Magpies this season has cemented his place in the all-time PL goalscorers’ list.

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Despite their different styles, both players have impressive credentials. Both Uruguay and Poland have been successful in European soccer. Suarez and Lewandowski have won the Champions League twice. Sergio is a Serie A and Lewandowski is a German. Both are excellent finishers. But which one is better? And who will score more goals? Obviously, we’ll know soon enough.

In terms of skill level, both players can score goals and have the ability to play any position. However, there’s a significant difference when it comes to versatility. Lewandowski has the superior footwork and natural ability. But Suarez has a better finishing touch. If you want to score more goals and score more often, you should go for Lewandowski.

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Despite the similarity in skill level, Suarez was a Premier League star while Lewandowski has won several European and World titles. Luis Suarez was a Premier League fan favorite and has won tons of Worldies. However, his best Premier League memory was Sergio Aguero. He lasted for several years after retiring due to his health. So, if you are wondering who will win the Premier League, take a look at this list.

If you’re looking for a football player to take on Sergio Aguero, the competition between the three would be tough. Suarez was more than capable of scoring goals in a single game but has a tendency to score in big games. Lewandowski is undoubtedly better than Aguero in most situations. He has more skills and a better technique than Aguero, but Aguero has more experience.

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Robert Lewandowski

Whether Robert Lewandowski is better than Luis Suarez is a question that can be answered in many ways, but there are some differences between the two strikers. Both have similar skills, but there are some differences between their game-play and their success. Here’s a breakdown of their respective strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with their individual statistics. Aguero Suarez has scored 21 La Liga goals this season, while Lewandowski has scored 14. Both strikers have their fair share of goals, but the former is the better player.

Both players are world-class players. Suarez has a slight advantage in assists, but Lewandowski is better at finishing. Suarez has more assists in his career, but Lewandowski has more shots on goal. In the Champions League, both strikers have more assists than Lewandowski. The difference between them comes down to nationality. While both players have dominated the domestic scene, Suarez is more consistent in his game.

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Despite the disparity in skill, both strikers have played in the Champions League final. Lewandowski has twice reached the final and won one. In the 2013 semi-final for Borussia Dortmund, he scored four goals in a home game. Borussia Dortmund won the match, but lost to rival Bayern Munich. However, Lewandowski has a better overall record, and his goal scoring record is superior.

The next player on this list is Robert Lewandowski. This Bayern Munich striker is a world-class player with outstanding goalscoring abilities. He has scored 34 goals in the Bundesliga in 2019-20. However, if he is compared to Aguero Suarez, Lewandowski will surpass him in the 2020-21 rankings. So who is better? Let’s take a look.

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Sergio Aguero possesses similar traits to Romario and Robert Lewandowski is a better goal scorer. The Uruguayan striker is better at combining speed with power. However, his average goals per minute (106.9) is better than Lewandowski’s 104. However, both strikers have their share of bad luck. They should not be underestimated because both have exceptional ability and potential.

The World Cup is the perfect competition for these two players. If Lewandowski is the best striker in the world, Aguero Suarez is the best in Europe. Sergio Aguero has been in the Premier League longer than Lewandowski, but Lewandowski has the better career statistics. Both scored at least 55 goals and provided ten assists in a treble-winning season for Bayern.

Benzema is a hard worker with a great shot, but Aguero’s pace and versatility are limited. Rooney is difficult to mark and Tevez is a hard worker. Lewandowski is a versatile, all-round player. It’s hard to pick just one. If the two are similar in age, it’s a tough choice.

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