Atletico Madrid Fans Dont Want Ronaldo To Join Club

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If you’ve been following the escalating drama in Spain, then you’ve probably heard about the Atletico Madrid fans’ campaign against Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid. Atletico fans have decided that they don’t want the Portuguese superstar to join them, and Real fans are divided over whether to sell Antoine Griezmann. This article will address why Atletico Madrid fans are against Ronaldo and why their animosity towards him is completely normal.

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Atletico Madrid fans protest against Cristiano Ronaldo’s potential move to their club

The latest rumours linking Atletico Madrid with Ronaldo have led to a large number of fans voicing their displeasure with the club. Using the hashtag #ContraCR7, fans have been taking to social media to voice their displeasure. Former footballer Shaka Hislop has also commented on the rumours, saying that he understands the protests.

There is a growing number of reports linking Manchester United with a move for Cristiano Ronaldo. While United have been quiet in the transfer market, they have signed players such as Samuel Leno, Luis Suarez, and Vrsaljko. Meanwhile, Renaldo needs a move to Atletico Madrid. However, if fans are angry enough, it’s possible they will block the Portuguese striker’s move.

The fans’ anger has been justified. While Atleti fans would embrace the Portuguese superstar if he scored goals for them, they have a strong desire to stop him from joining rivals Real Madrid. However, this move is likely to result in hostility from Real fans. It’s not clear if Ronaldo will sign a new contract with Manchester United, but if he does, he is expected to be there for at least the next year.

Atletico Madrid fans have never been big fans of Ronaldo. Despite their dislike for the Portuguese striker, he has a record against Diego Simeone’s side. In 31 games, he has scored 22 goals and grabbed nine assists. The Portuguese striker has scored four hattricks against Atletico and is unlikely to leave them untouched.

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Real Madrid fans split on whether they should sell Antoine Griezmann

Real Madrid fans are divided over whether they should sell Antoine Griezmann, with both sides seeing him as a valuable player and an unbeatable striker. In May, Griezmann announced his intention to leave for Barcelona, but the club has been split on whether they should sell him or not. The fans of Barcelona have praised Griezmann’s ability, while Atletico Madrid supporters are less happy. In both cases, the decision will probably be a difficult one to make.

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The French international is highly rated by football fans around the world and has become one of the most sought-after players in the world. Atletico’s rivalry with Griezmann means the club are unlikely to sell him, despite the high demand. Real Madrid fans are divided on whether the club should sell Griezmann, with many feeling that the player will stay at Atletico. While it is possible to imagine a situation where Griezmann isn’t happy at the Bernabeu, it is hard to imagine that fans will let him leave.

According to reports, Griezmann had agreed to join Barcelona next summer. Manchester United may also come back with a new bid for him. Real Madrid fans are divided on whether they should sell the player, but Koke believes that the striker is content at Atletico. However, he warns against selling players who aren’t totally committed to the club. He also added that Griezmann should only play for clubs he loves, and that Atletico are only looking for players who are 100% committed to their club.

While Griezmann has been linked with Manchester United, his current contract with Atletico Madrid is likely to last until 2022. Atletico can sell Griezmann to the Nou Camp for EUR100 million if he reaches his target wage. Griezmann is under contract with Atletico until 2022 and has a buyout clause in case he wants to leave.

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Atletico Madrid’s relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

The alleged link between Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo is being scrutinized in Spanish football. The Portuguese superstar is said to have made up his mind to leave Manchester United and join Atletico Madrid. It is also thought that the player may sabotage his relationship with Real Madrid fans. After all, the forward left Old Trafford as the greatest player in the history of Real Madrid.

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If the speculation is correct, then Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the right track. The former Real Madrid star is keen to move to the Spanish capital, having rejected offers from Bayern Munich and Chelsea. While he flourished at the Santiago Bernabeu, Simeone has impressed the Portuguese star and is keen to work with him again. And, of course, Ronaldo wants to leave his mark at Atletico Madrid.

In a recent article published in El Mundo, football columnist Inako Diaz-Guerra wrote about Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. In an interview with the newspaper, Diaz-Guerra said that Atletico Madrid fans harbor hostile feelings toward Cristiano because of the player’s fame. Diaz-Guerra also claims that fans of the club are angry at the players and the manager.

Despite these concerns, Atletico Madrid is determined to keep the Portuguese striker in Spain. A move to the capital would require Atletico to sell a key player and win over Atletico Madrid’s fans. The rumoured transfer would be beneficial for the club, as it would boost merchandising revenue and reduce the wage demands of Ronaldo. The Atletico president Enrique Cerezo hinted at such a move, although the situation has yet to be confirmed.

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Atletico Madrid’s animosity towards Ronaldo is normal

Atletico Madrid fans are naturally apprehensive about Cristiano’s return to Juventus. Ronaldo’s narcissism and self-absorption are a constant source of tension. In addition, he’s not the only star at Atleti who has animosity towards the club. Even the club’s own supporters are hostile towards the former Manchester United striker.

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It is normal that Cristiano Ronaldo would fear Atletico Madrid’s animosity toward him, as they’re a rival and a fierce competitor. Despite his animosity towards Atletico, the Real Madrid fans have to respect him for his determination and success. The former Real Madrid player has scored 22 top derby goals and has even hit hat-tricks against Atletico Madrid, which is enough reason for Atletico Madrid to mark him.

The hat-trick was a flamboyant gesture, but the fans of Atletico have their own reasons to dislike the Brazilian. After all, Atletico fans hated Ronaldo when he played for Real Madrid and a hat-trick against them in the Champions League. Cristiano has been a target of Atletico fans since he was a teenager.

While there are many reasons for the ire directed towards Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus, this is perhaps the most compelling. For one thing, the Portuguese international has consistently responded to criticism by producing some of his best performances. After all, criticism has been his main driving force from the very beginning. He has been brutal to his critics and taught them a valuable lesson. Even after he signed with Juventus, he’s still the favorite prey of Atletico.

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After Ronaldo’s stunning penalty in the Champions League final in Lisbon, Atletico fans were furious. After scoring the goal, he ran to the corner flag to celebrate in a provocative manner. He ripped off his shirt and rippled his torso like He-Man. Afterwards, the fans of Atletico Madrid were angry and booing and the manager made a hasty exit.

There is a common misconception among soccer fans about Atletico Madrid’s animosity toward Cristiano Ronaldo. They believe that the Portuguese international has a desire to leave Manchester United. But at the end of the day, this is a matter of preference, and Ronaldo should not feel bad if the Spanish club doesn’t offer him a lucrative contract. Even though Ronaldo has already been linked with a move to Atletico, he will have to realign his financial pretensions to move to Atletico.

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