Atletico Madrid’s Move For Cristiano Ronaldo Makes No Sense, Says Shaka Hislo

Atletico Madrid’s Move For Cristiano Ronaldo Makes No Sense, Says Shaka Hislo photo 0

Atletico Madrid have been linked with a move for Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker has also been linked with Bayern Munich and Liverpool. However, Shaka Hislo has said that signing Cristiano would make little to no sense. This is despite reports that atletico fans would be protesting against a move. Read on to discover why a move for Cristiano Ronaldo would be the worst idea possible.

Shaka Hislop warns Cristiano Ronaldo against moving to Atletico Madrid

There have been reports that Atletico Madrid are interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Hislop has argued that a move to Atletico would be an impossibility. Given his association with Real Madrid and the fact that Diego Simeone is known for his aggressive style of football, a move to Atletico does not make sense. In other words, a move to Atletico would be the most absurd thing that could happen to Ronaldo.

Manchester United are still keen on signing Cristiano Ronaldo, but Shaka Hislop has warned the Portuguese international not to join Atletico Madrid. The manager of Atletico has repeatedly stated that it is practically impossible for Ronaldo to move to the Spanish club. This news comes despite the fact that Ronaldo has yet to take part in pre-season training and has missed out on the club’s tour of Asia and Australia. United are insistent that they cannot sell Ronaldo.

The Spanish club is still a great option for a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, but it would require the manager to make an exception. However, at the moment, it looks as though Diego Simeone would have to make an exception for the Portuguese striker. After all, his preferred position would be as an inside-the-18-yard striker. Moreover, Atletico’s manager would be forced to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and he would have to play in the striker position.

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Despite the fact that Atletico Madrid are linked with Real Madrid, the Portuguese is desperate to leave Manchester United this summer. According to Shaka Hislop, the former Reading goalkeeper feels that a move to Atletico Madrid is unlikely as the club’s fierce style of football does not fit into his personality. The English media commentator has also said that Atletico Madrid are not the best fit for him.

Transfer is practically impossible

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been linked for some time, but according to former goalkeeper Shaka Hislop, a move to Atletico would make no sense. Even if the Spanish giants were to offer the former Juventus player a big-money deal, a move to Atletico would be “inconceivable” based on the goalkeeper’s past history with the club.

Atletico president Enrique Cerezo has ruled out a move to Atletico Madrid. He claims it is practically impossible for Ronaldo to leave Manchester United. This comes amid reports that the Real Madrid superstar has held crunch talks with Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold. Furthermore, Ronaldo has failed to participate in the club’s pre-season training as a result of his recent absence. But United have maintained that they do not want to sell.

While the Spanish side have the financial resources to pay Ronaldo’s wages, Atletico Madrid have the past and a troubled past that makes him virtually unattainable to transfer. But if he manages to score goals, Atletico Madrid will embrace him. Diego Simeone needs to make an exception to sign the Portuguese international. It’s a rare opportunity for him to prove his worth.

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Atleti have made some moves in recent months. The club is shedding the Wanda brand as naming rights of the Metropolitano stadium, and WhaleFin is the new shirt sponsor. This move is likely to give Atleti more leeway in the LaLiga salary cap. Without these departures, a transfer to Atletico Madrid would prove extremely difficult.

Atletico fans protest against move

It makes no sense for Atletico Madrid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. The club has historically had problems with the Portuguese star, and is a poor financial fit for the Argentine. It also has a history with Real Madrid, so Diego Simeone would have to make an exception if the deal is to happen. But if it does happen, a deal with Shaka Hislo would be even more bizarre.

Former Manchester United striker Shaka Hislop and ESPN FC’s Alejandro Pareja-Rodriguez disagree. Both believe the move would be a disaster, and they have a lot to lose by bringing Ronaldo to Atletico Madrid. Shaka Hislop, an English media commentator, believes the transfer would be a disaster.

Despite the fact that the move is highly unlikely, it has already generated a lot of controversy. While Real Madrid have been linked with the Brazilian, Shaka Hislop feels it would be a mismatch. The Spanish side’s intense style of football does not lend itself to Ronaldo’s style. Instead, Hislop believes that Ronaldo isn’t for sale.

Move is ‘impossible’

The former Atletico goalkeeper has dismissed suggestions that Atletico would be interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo. His comments follow a series of recent media reports that have linked Atletico with the Portuguese star. But according to Hislop, the move to Atletico would not make any sense. If Ronaldo were to join Atletico, he would not have the legs to play on the right wing.

While Manchester United are trying to entice Ronaldo to leave the club, Atletico are refusing to move the Portuguese international. He has been linked with a move to Barcelona, but has yet to take part in pre-season training with the Manchester United squad. On Tuesday, he arrived at Carrington to hold talks with the club’s hierarchy.

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United haven’t yet had any training with Ronaldo’s new manager Erik ten Hag. The Portugal international missed United’s recent tour to Thailand and Australia. Shaka Hislo also explains why it’s unlikely that a move to Atletico Madrid is ‘impossible’: “It would be difficult to get Ronaldo to play at Atletico Madrid in the Champions League next season. In fact, it’s more likely that he will stay and fight for his place at Old Trafford.”

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