Bruno Fernandes Asks Man Utd to Keep Cristiano Ronaldo

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A scout has told Manchester United to keep Cristiano Ronaldo as wages are restricting his options. The Portuguese star wants to play faster and earn more. But his options at Old Trafford are running out. So what can United do to keep the star? Read on to find out. We’ll keep our eyes on him. Read on: Bruno Fernandes asks Man Utd to keep Cristiano Ronaldo

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Bruno Fernandes urges Manchester United to keep hold of Cristiano Ronaldo

It remains unclear whether Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United during this summer’s transfer window. But his team-mate has urged the club to hold on to the Portuguese striker and give him time to sort his problems. Ronaldo has been absent for the entire pre-season because of a personal matter but he insists that he wants to stay and compete for major trophies at this stage of his career. The Portuguese international has urged the club to hold on to him for another 17 days until the new season starts.

The stand-off between the club and Ronaldo is becoming increasingly disruptive and damaging as the new season approaches. The Portuguese striker has not been involved in preseason training with Manchester United and has been linked with a move away from the club. Although he claims the reason is personal, United manager Erik ten Hag has been adamant that Ronaldo will return before the Premier League season starts.

The Portuguese forward has also warned his team-mates to improve their mentality to avoid a nightmare season at Old Trafford. He also criticised the body language of fellow Portuguese player Bruno Fernandes after the disappointing 1-0 draw with Newcastle. Ronaldo walked straight down the tunnel after the final whistle and failed to acknowledge the crowd. But he added: “There must be a change of attitude in the dressing room if we want to avoid a nightmare season.”

Ronaldo’s wage demands are limiting his options

There has been much speculation about the possible exit of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, but it is unclear whether the Real Madrid star is really ready to leave. Despite the interest of Chelsea, Manchester United has not been able to convince the Portuguese superstar to sign a new contract. The club are aware that their star is not for sale, and are prepared to lower his demands to play in the Europa League next season.

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Manchester United have already banked a week of preseason training under new manager Erik ten Hag, but the star has not. He has instead elected to take the statutory three-week break before starting training again. Despite this, it is thought that Ronaldo still has a close affinity to Manchester United supporters. Despite the fact that he is unhappy with the current situation, the manager sees the Portuguese superstar as an important part of his quest for glory.

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Reports suggest that the Portuguese superstar is still negotiating over a new contract at Manchester United. He has reportedly been earning around PS480,000 a week in Italy, but this may be a false figure, and he should expect to earn around PS385,000 a week at Manchester United. However, it is likely that a new deal will come with a bigger salary than what he is currently earning in Italy.

Ronaldo wants to play faster

If you want to become the best soccer player ever, then you need to get faster. In fact, Ronaldo is already a world-class sprinter. According to a FIFA study, he can reach speeds of 33.6 km/h during a match. In comparison, Usain Bolt can reach speeds of 37.6 km/h on a straight track while wearing spikes. Despite this, Ronaldo is not a sprinter; he is a machine.

While he is a smart footballer, he also has a high level of speed, especially inside the box. Slow build-ups make it difficult for him to find space and score, so it is no wonder that he wants to play faster for Manchester United. Moreover, the Red Devils have lethal forwards in Edinson Cavani and Marcus Rashford. However, they struggle to stop these players because they move so fast.

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Whether he plays with his left foot or right foot, Ronaldo is one of the most elusive soccer players in history. Using his right foot to dribble and run is essential to obtaining the desired results. For Ronaldo, it is not enough to have great footwork. He also needs to be able to pass the ball with ease. This is where speed training comes into play. Practicing with the right technique can help.

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Ronaldo’s options are running out at Old Trafford

The Portuguese superstar is desperate to leave Manchester United, but his options at the club are dwindling. Two Premier League clubs have already pulled out of the race to sign him. Although United fans voted for Ronaldo to remain at the club, he has failed to enthuse them since returning from Juventus last summer. He failed to score enough goals to propel Man Utd to higher than sixth place and missed out on Champions League qualification.

United fans are increasingly disenchanted with the current situation at Old Trafford. Ronaldo’s contract is set to expire in 2019, meaning his options are dwindling as well. But there is still hope for the Portuguese to stay. According to a Sky Bet Fan Hope Survey, 91 per cent of United fans would like him to stay at the club next season. The Spanish club has a mutual admiration for Ronaldo, but Florentino Perez is focusing on other targets. Besides, Real Madrid would lose out on Ronaldo’s talent. This is why they are focusing on signing other players instead of Ronaldo. It is also the only way to keep the player in top form for a long period.

In addition to the Spanish giants, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona have also ruled out a summer move for Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar has been unable to report for Manchester United’s pre-season tour of Asia. Last week, Bayern Munich ruled out Ronaldo as a potential replacement for Robert Lewandowski, who signed with Barcelona this weekend. A few other major European clubs have also expressed an interest in signing Ronaldo this summer.

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Ronaldo’s lack of mobility is hampering his game

One of the reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo’s lack of mobility has been a problem at Man United this season is his inability to stay mobile. The Portuguese has been in the Premier League for only seven months, and his lack of mobility has been a significant factor in his struggles. Even though he is known for his aerial ability, Ronaldo has not registered a single header in the Premier League this campaign. Despite this, he did score United’s winner with his head in a 1-0 Champions League win over Atalanta.

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The team has been playing with ten men this season and Ronaldo has struggled to find a good position to attack. This has led to them switching good players into roles that highlight their weaknesses. For example, while Ronaldo has struggled to get through in tight areas, he continues to man mark Daniel Parejo, who has a better shot than him. Unlike him, Pogba is forced to drop deeper in midfield, which means he is not able to feed him.

Manchester United have to find a way to compensate for Cristiano’s lack of mobility. They need to make sure that United can’t afford to miss out on high-profile deals. Back 15 years ago, the same players were at the club and Scholes and Carrick were in midfield, whilst Ji Sung Park was slugging up the right wing.

Ronaldo’s wage demands are keeping him at Old Trafford

It seems that Manchester United are determined to keep Cristiano Ronaldo at the club, despite the high wages he’s demanding. Erik ten Hag, the new United manager, has confirmed that Ronaldo is part of the club’s plans for the coming season. It is unclear whether United will be able to match Ronaldo’s wage demands, but the club are willing to do so if they meet their player’s salary demands. Manchester City are also believed to be interested in signing Ronaldo – but it seems unlikely.

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The standoff between the two sides is becoming increasingly damaging to the club as the new season draws near. Ronaldo has not attended pre-season training with United this summer and has reportedly not contacted the club’s representatives. This has led to speculation that it is a strike, but United are comfortable with this as long as he’s happy at the club. The standoff has been explained by Ronaldo’s lack of attendance, which some United fans mistake for a strike.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have made it clear that they want to sign Ronaldo, but the Spanish club are not prepared to pay his wage demands. Despite his recent lapses in form, Ronaldo has continued to impress in the past few months. The transfer market has been very busy over the past two months, with several clubs looking to sign the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. Manchester United have no intention of selling him.

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