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Which would you rather have in a team – a real Madrid or a Manchester United team? We will look at the impact of Ronaldo’s influence, his leadership qualities and history of both clubs. Read on to find out more. Let us begin with the Real Madrid team. Real Madrid are the favourites, but how much do they have in common? Manchester United are a more traditional club – they’ve been around for a lot longer than Madrid.

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Ronaldo’s impact on the club

The debate rages over the impact Cristiano Ronaldo will have on Manchester United and Real Madrid. The Portuguese striker has a staggering 799 goals for club and country. However, the debate also rages over the impact of his second stint at Manchester United. Rangnick argues that it is too early to judge the impact of Ronaldo, who has signed for a second spell at Old Trafford.

The first spell of Cristiano’s career at Man United resulted in three league titles and a Champions League triumph. His thirty-one goals in the 2007-08 season still stand as a record for a United season. But once he left the club, United started to regress. Ronaldo was a key figure in Manchester United’s success and he remained a key player for 12 years. After he left the club, he was re-signed by Jose Mourinho. In the summer of 2021, Ronaldo will join the club with Brazilian playmaker Kaka.

Although the Portuguese winger was highly productive for Untied, he never reached the levels of productivity he enjoyed at Real Madrid. However, his performance for Real Madrid is far greater. With this, Juventus and Real Madrid will have to come up with a strategy to replace Ronaldo and improve their style of play. If they fail to do so, they will be left with few options. And the best way to change that is to get rid of the Portuguese.

The Portuguese winger was keen to move to the Premier League, but Juventus insisted on a high transfer fee. Manchester City dropped their interest in Ronaldo. As a result, Ronaldo has not been the most natural fit for Pep Guardiola’s side. Despite his talent, the Portuguese has not been a perfect fit for his new teammates. If he does move to Manchester, he will be a huge loss to the club’s top players.

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In spite of Ronaldo’s amazing success, his transfer request from Real Madrid will mean that Manchester United will have to rebuild if they are to compete in the Champions League. Although he may have left Manchester United for a new club, the impact he had on the club’s squad will be felt for a long time to come. So, the future of Manchester United depends on the new club that signs him.

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Ronaldo’s impact on the dressing room

The Portuguese international has a reputation for blending in with his team-mates and is expected to have a positive impact on the Manchester United dressing room. However, several reports suggest that there may be some cliques within the Manchester United dressing room. In fact, it has been reported that a number of players want to leave the club, including Ronaldo. Despite this, Rangnick has resisted the pressure to create cliques within the dressing room.

The English players at Manchester United are reported to be irritated with the Portuguese striker’s leadership style. As a result, they have resorted to pointing fingers and complaining about the Portuguese international’s style of play. Other players have been left frustrated, believing that Ronaldo is an undroppable asset and cannot be replaced. But what about the rest of the team? Is Ronaldo’s impact on the Manchester United dressing room a serious issue?

The Portuguese player is not a traditional superstar and he reportedly drives to training each day. He does not give handshakes and bear hugs to his teammates, but he has been known to make significant interventions. In October, Ronaldo made a huge impact on the United dressing room, rallying the players around Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In the same month, a United player who was frustrated with the Norwegian coach posted an online message to the United fans thanking them for their support.

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The Portuguese international’s new team-mates may not have the same level of trust in him as his Real Madrid team-mates. Moreover, United are struggling to find a replacement for Ronaldo, who rarely hangs on the last line of defence. As a result, Ronaldo’s intensity and movement have declined, and the club’s defenders must look elsewhere for forwards who can press and attack.

Despite this, the Portuguese international has been the main player for Manchester United this season. His 23 goals in all competitions are the club’s main source of goals. But Dalot also says the Portuguese international is a source of inspiration and motivation for his team-mates. He has been a vital part of the United dressing room and has helped the team to win more than 50 titles. With his age and the team’s budget, he has a great influence on his teammates.

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Ronaldo’s ability to lead from the front

A question that’s looming over the future of United and Ronaldo is whether he’ll be able to lead from the front at one or both clubs. The former Real Madrid and Sporting C.P. striker has been prolific in front of goal in his career, scoring 674 goals in 895 club appearances. But is his ability to lead from the front sufficient to ensure a consistent goal-scoring output at either club?

It’s a question that can only be answered by observing the way in which he plays. The Argentine is more comfortable playing in a central role, slightly to the left of the front two. The team rarely plays with two up front, so Solskjaer will need to make use of a striker who can occupy the central defenders.

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While it’s unlikely that Ronaldo will play in the right winger role at Manchester United, he’ll probably continue playing centrally. With the recent signing of Sancho, Solskjaer has ended their search for a top-quality right winger. Although Ronaldo rarely played the role at Juventus, he can still perform on the right. For those who doubt that he’ll be asked to play centrally, consider this – the Argentine is one of the most versatile strikers in the world.

During the World Cup, Ronaldo has started as the centre-forward but has been moved to the left after the first half. This tactic led to the substitution of Andre Silva as centre-forward. Despite the absence of a centre-forward, Ronaldo had little trouble scoring against defenders. At the end of the match, he scored a late header and moved ahead of former club teammate Ali Daei.

In terms of leading from the front at Manchester United or Real Madrid, there are two major questions that can be asked. The former Real Madrid captain was a starter for the first 10 seasons of his career, while the latter’s manager opted to play Karim Benzema in an understudy role. However, the latter was a better option, as he had a much greater influence over the team.

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Real Madrid’s history

Football is a major part of Real Madrid’s history, and the club has been one of the most successful in the world. During the 1950s, the team won the European Cup five times, the first time in Hampden Park against Eintracht Frankfurt. This success led to the club being named the best team in the world by FIFA, the international governing body of football. The team would not improve until the formation of a national league in Spain in 1928.

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In 1902, Real Madrid was founded as the Football Club de Madrid (FC Madrid), and the club was first named Real in 1920. King Alfonso XIII commissioned the club to be the first team in Spain to win the league twice. After the First World War, Real Madrid suffered a number of setbacks, including the Spanish Civil War. In 1922, the club was awarded royal patronage. The next season, Alfonso XIII granted the club the title of Real Madrid, which it still holds today.

After the Civil War, Real Madrid’s history took a drastic turn. During the war, the team’s home field became a prison. Later, the team regrouped under Santiago Bernabeu. In the 1960s, Real Madrid won the Spanish Cup for the fifth time. In addition to winning the Cup five times in a row, the club also won six Spanish Cups. It’s no surprise, then, that Real Madrid have attracted some of the world’s best footballers.

Despite the club’s recent success, Real Madrid have suffered some slip-ups. They lost 4-1 to Ajax in the last-16 of the competition, and also lost to eventual champion Chelsea in the semi-finals last season. Real Madrid’s current team, however, is nowhere near the quality of five years ago. Cristiano Ronaldo and Modric have since moved on to the United States, while Kroos and Benzema are now in their 30s. However, Puel believes that the squad has matured.

During the first decade of the 21st century, Real Madrid faced its biggest challenge: a lackluster global marketing strategy. While Manchester United expanded their TV coverage, completed international tours, and marketed troves of merchandise, Real Madrid had limited success in these markets. Despite its success in Spain, Real Madrid had little marketing muscle outside of the European Union, Africa, and the Far East. As a result, its fans were not as enthusiastic as their idols had been.

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