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A Spanish television show has recently revealed that Real Madrid are interested in signing the Portuguese superstar. The move has sparked a lot of speculation, including whether Ronaldo’s tax fraud was a serious enough offense to warrant prison time. Another major question is whether Ronaldo’s desire to play top-level football will outweigh his interest in pushing for a move from the club next summer.

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Ronaldo’s tax fraud warranted a prison sentence

Spanish authorities recently announced that they have reached a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo over his tax fraud charges. The soccer star, who was charged with four counts of fraud, agreed to pay fines and serve up to two years in prison, instead of receiving a prison sentence. Ronaldo is due to appear in court tomorrow to confirm the agreement. Neither the player nor his attorney are expected to make any public statements.

Earlier this month, the Portuguese footballer was accused of tax fraud, and the case was brought before the Spanish judicial system. A court will review the case to determine whether he is guilty of the crimes. A conviction would carry a sentence of three to five years in prison, although it could be much higher if he pled guilty. This could mean the end of a lucrative career for Ronaldo.

The case surrounding Ronaldo is different from that of Neymar, but it is no less complex. The former Real Madrid star hid his income from the Spanish tax authorities by using offshore companies. In addition to the tax fraud that occurred with Ronaldo, the footballer had other legal troubles, such as a recent arrest in New York. As a result of his tax troubles, he was transferred from the club he played for to Juventus.

The Spanish tax agency says the soccer player’s case deserves a prison sentence. He deceived the tax authority with image rights and did not declare his income in Spain. While Messi is still serving a 21-month jail term, Ronaldo’s case will go to court in the near future. If the Spanish judicial system finds him guilty of the tax fraud, he will have to pay up to 16 million euros in taxes.

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While the public prosecutor’s decision was not made in a random way, he is believed to have taken the case to preserve political balance between Real Madrid and Barcelona. By investigating players from both clubs, the Spanish public prosecutor may have felt pressured to pursue the players from the latter club because of the transfer of Neymar to Madrid. Additionally, the Spanish public prosecutor’s image as a neutral party was protected, which could have led him to pursue Ronaldo instead of Messi.

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Ronaldo’s desire to play high-level football

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to play high-class football is admirable, he doesn’t have the same talent that Messi does. He has more effort and is not as naturally gifted as the Argentine. However, if he’s forced to take on a heavy role in Real Madrid’s squad, the result could be disastrous.

There is little doubt that Ronaldo is passionate about the game and this passion is what makes him stand out. His competitive spirit is unmatched and is often overshadowed by his intense desire to play at the highest level. While this can be a negative for the Spanish club, it is a benefit for the players. Ronaldo is a natural leader, and he has the ability to win a game with the best team in the world.

It’s a shame that the Portuguese international has decided to leave Manchester United and return to his boyhood club, Sporting CP. He finished the season with 24 goals in all competitions and scored six times in the Champions League. Real Madrid should be worried about losing Ronaldo’s desire to play top-level football, despite his talent. It will be difficult for the team to compete with him in the Champions League.

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A recent report by a leading English journalist outlines the reasons why Cristiano is a big problem for Real Madrid. According to a report by the Daily Mirror, the news was first reported in a reputable publication. However, the tabloids soon picked up the story. A statement from the Manchester United family said that the decision was made solely based on football, and had no bearing on the club’s financial structure.

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Manchester United were the best team in the world at the time Ronaldo left. The team had just won a hat-trick of Premier League titles, but could not defend the title the following season, lacking star power. They were also missing a star player, Carlos Tevez. As a result, United were unable to defend their title. This resulted in Ronaldo’s desire to play top-level football being put to the sideline.

Ronaldo’s new five-year deal with Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a new five-year contract with Real Madrid. The new deal is worth PS45 million per season, and it comes with a prohibitive PS900 million get-out clause. However, the Portuguese striker is expected to stay at the Bernabeu until he is 36, which is a significant age. The contract will also keep Cristiano at Real Madrid for another five years, making him the most expensive player in the history of the club.

The Portuguese superstar was once rumoured to leave Real Madrid for Juventus, but a recent Spanish TV show revealed his future plans. The club’s inability to support Ronaldo and the Portuguese international’s personal tax issues led to him threatening to leave the league for Juventus. Real Madrid’s new five-year deal will be a major problem for Ronaldo.

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At the time of the contract’s signing, Real Madrid had a €120m budget surplus. Instead of spending money on a new stadium, Florentino Perez focused on rebuilding the squad and the Bernabeu. This summer, the club spent over EUR350m on players. The list includes Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic, Ferland Mendy, and 18-year-old Rodrygo.

While this is good news for the club and the country, it could be a problem for the team. As Ronaldo’s new five-year contract with Real Madrid looms large, it may not be the best thing for the club’s fans. In the long term, it could lead to more instability in the club’s future. The players will have to decide which direction to go.

Although the relationship between Florentino and Cristiano is not good, he cannot let Cristiano leave the club. If Cristiano left Real Madrid, Florentino would have to renegotiate the contract and sell him for a cheap price. This would leave the club unable to attract any other players. The situation in Real Madrid could get out of hand as the summer season approaches.

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Ronaldo’s future with Real Madrid depends on Kylian Mbappe

If Mbappe does not join Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo will have to find another club to play for. Ronaldo’s camp has approached the Spanish giants several times with offers, but Florentino Perez has categorically rejected all of them. It is believed that the Portuguese star would like to stay in Spain and return to his former club. However, Mbappe’s form will play a big part in his future.

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While Ronnie wants to remain at PSG, he knows his future with the club is tied to Mbappe. Reports suggest that Mbappe has his sights set on joining Real. The problem is that the Frenchman is under contract to PSG until 2021, which means that Real will not be able to afford him this summer. Therefore, they may need to wait until the 2020-21 season to sign him.

While a return to Real Madrid is in the interests of both parties, a move to Juventus is also in Cristiano Ronaldo’s best interests. The Portuguese international has been open about his desire to leave Serie A giant Juventus, but the future of his future at the club could rest on whether or not Kylian Mbappe stays at the French club. There are also reports that Manchester United could be a suitable landing ground for Ronaldo.

Juventus have contacted Cristiano Ronaldo in the wake of the recent Real Madrid transfer rumours, confirming that the former Manchester United striker was open to other options. However, it seems that the decision will depend on the outcome of the Champions League final. If Juventus win, Ronaldo will most likely remain with his current club. In the meantime, he may stay at Old Trafford for now.

Perez has denied a transfer for Ronaldo. However, he has stated that if he does move, the funds raised from the sale of Ronaldo will go towards signing new players, including Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. If they fail to sign a new player for the club, Ronaldo’s future with Real Madrid could rest on Mbappe.

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