Cristiano Ronaldo Calls Real Madrid Fans Sons of B******

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After Real Madrid’s 40-game unbeaten run and Barcelona’s record of 38 straight wins, some Real supporters started booing Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar responded by calling the fans sons of b******. He scored in a 3-0 win over Real Sociedad. Critics fuel the fire of success and failure for Cristiano Ronaldo. It is this same criticism that may lead to the club’s problems.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has a good relationship with Real Madrid fans

It’s not surprising to learn that Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys a good relationship with the Real Madrid fans. The Portugal international has broken many goals records, helped Real Madrid reach the La Decima twice in a row, and has been named the world’s best player on numerous occasions. Despite this, the Portuguese international has received his fair share of jeers, whistles, and admonishments from his fellow fans.

Historically, Real Madrid fans have booed their players. There were rumors that Real Madrid fans would spit in their faces if their star players weren’t up to scratch. But it’s clear that Ronaldo has become a legend for Real Madrid. The boos may never stop, but he has certainly earned the right to think he’s done his part. It’s difficult to judge whether he’s really earned his adoration, but this does not necessarily mean that he’s not worthy of it.

A negative media narrative has shattered the credibility of Real Madrid’s players and managers, and smears Cristiano Ronaldo in particular. After all, the Portuguese has already scored 41 goals in La Liga and is the club’s top scorer. Although fans have been critical of Cristiano’s behavior in the past, he has changed his attitude towards the club’s fans and continues to earn their respect.

Tom Cruise, the world-famous Hollywood actor, is a Real Madrid fan. He was introduced to the club by his friend David Beckham. He attended a crucial match in the 2006-07 season, during which Real Madrid won the league trophy. In 2010, the King of Jordan hosted the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez. The two men discussed their respective history and eras.

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The two have also forged a good relationship, and they often embrace in front of the Real Madrid fans. He is a friend with Karim Benzema, with whom he shared a dressing room. They were both teammates in Portugal and share the same dressing room. In a recent interview, Cristiano spilled a glass of water on his teammate Pepe.

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Though he’s left Real Madrid for Juventus, he’s remained popular in the city. The chants of the Madrid fans echo the feelings Ronaldo felt during his nine-year stay in the Spanish capital. His 450 goals in 438 games broke the record held by Raul Gonzalez. While the club has been desperate to reduce their wage bill in recent years, Ronaldo’s performance and attitude has not dampened the passion of fans.

Despite all the speculations regarding his future, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star is believed to be content with his life in Spain. Although rumors of Ronaldo leaving Madrid continue, the club’s management is not tempted by them. In fact, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti said the rumours were “unfounded” and that he would stay at the club as long as he kept up his high standards. If Ronaldo were to leave the club in the next couple of years, it’s unlikely as the team would be able to afford him.

Ronaldo has done his bit on the pitch

Cristiano’s hat-trick against Benfica on Tuesday night left the Real Madrid supporters whistled in dismay. The Portuguese superstar has scored more goals for Real Madrid than any other player in the history of the club. After helping the team reach the Champions League semi-finals, Ronaldo is due for a far-deserved rest. But, what is the correct way to applaud the Portuguese star?

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The Portuguese forward has changed a lot over the past few years. His diving has reduced to zero and he is more involved in team play. The Bernabeu was not a happy place for Ronaldo after the game, but he has responded by doing his bit on the pitch. He has scored two goals in the past two games, and his tracking back has helped to neutralise Alves.

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One of the most touching moments of Ronaldo’s career came in September 2017, when he won the Ballon d’Or, the top prize in football. The award is given by French magazine France Football. Previously, it was known as FIFA Ballon d’Or. Cristiano has shown great maturity during his career, and has earned the right to be hailed as the best player in the world.

The first time Ronaldo played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium since the tragic news broke, the crowd chanted ‘Cristiano’. The chants for Ronaldo continued throughout the game. It is easy to see why Ronaldo remains a much-loved figure in the Madrid community. The former Manchester United player’s 450 goals in 438 games gave him a record for the club.

A good example of this is Cristiano’s donation of PS5 million to the earthquake relief fund in Nepal. Ronaldo’s mother had battled breast cancer and has since donated PS120,000 to a cancer care center in Portugal. He also invited an orphan from Beirut to the club and comforted him. The young boy’s reaction to this act of kindness will go down in history as one of the best Ronaldos ever did.

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There are many ways to applaud Ronaldo’s contributions to the club and its success. In fact, many Madrid fans have been singing his name and celebrating his goals with the club. During the European Championship, they even wanted Portugal to win it for the first time since 1986. And in the debate against Lionel Messi, Ronaldo has become an undisputed hero among Real Madrid fans.

But despite all his achievements, Real Madrid’s fans continue to jeer and boo him. While they may be unable to change their fans’ minds, the fans’ displeasure with the Portuguese superstar’s ostentatiousness is a strong indicator of a lack of loyalty. Real Madrid fans are divided between supporters who cheer when Cristiano Ronaldo scores against them.

Real Madrid fans want more from Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has become the club’s all-time leading scorer this season, racking up 41 goals in all competitions. However, there’s still a rift between the club and its fans, which continues to get worse. It’s not just Ronaldo’s attitude, though. Former teammate Kaka, who now plays for Orlando City in the MLS, has been booed during recent games.

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Some Real Madrid fans aren’t too happy about the Portuguese star’s return to the club. They’re still stinging from the axing they endured three years ago. They believe that Real Madrid should be looking for young talent instead. That’s understandable. However, it doesn’t mean that Real Madrid should forget about the club’s golden boy. In fact, many fans of the Spanish club want more from Ronaldo.

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Real Madrid fans have been vocal in their dissatisfaction with the player’s performance. Many Madrid fans are quick to criticize Ronaldo for his poor performances. But they lack the necessary loyalty and motivation to get better. As a matter of fact, they have booed former players when they play for Real Madrid. However, when Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal against Manchester United, the fans cheer. It seems that Real Madrid fans will split in two after Ronaldo leaves the club.

There’s a lot of angst amongst Real Madrid fans. In the first half of the season, Ronaldo wasn’t at his best. But the last few months have been a revelation. In the league, Real Madrid sit 16 points behind Barcelona and just a point above Villarreal. In addition, they’re only one point ahead of the fourth-placed team. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t playing the best season of his career but he’s improving and becoming more of a No. 9 player. It’s about time he played at his best.

There’s no doubt that Ronaldo is one of the most beloved players in the world. While Real Madrid fans want more from the Portuguese winger, they recognize the changes in their club. Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, may be able to bring the two back together. He publicly denied rumors of a Ronaldo transfer last year. This is good news for the club, as they have plenty of good players.

Although the Portuguese superstar has faced adversity, he has proven his tough mentality despite the recent loss of his newborn child. During his recent match against Espanyol in La Liga, Real fans paid tribute to their former star. Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife Georgina Rodriguez were expecting twins. Unfortunately, the baby boy died in childbirth, but the new baby girl is healthy. The team and the world of football have expressed their support for the couple.

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