Cristiano Ronaldo Sees His Shirt Sales Record Broken

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After a few years of selling his own replica tops for a high price, Cristiano Ronaldo has seen his record broken by his former teammate Lionel Messi. Despite the fact that he has retired from playing, Messi has become more popular than ever, and his shirt sales are exceeding Cristiano’s by PS187m. As a result, PSG are now the most popular club to sell replica shirts, with their official store having doubled in size.

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Paulo Dybala

After signing a three-year deal with Juventus, Italian striker Paulo Dybala has broken Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt sales record. The Portuguese superstar was purchased by Juventus for EUR100 million, and despite his poor form in recent years, Dybala’s jerseys sold out in the first day. Juventus reportedly sold over 520,000 of his jerseys on that day alone. Dybala’s new deal with Roma is also expected to generate massive revenue for the club.

Juventus’ biggest signing in recent years, Dybala has already smashed Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt sales record. Fans from both sides have already ordered plenty of Dybala jerseys, and the number of Giallorossi fans has surpassed Ronaldo’s. Although Corriere dello Sport have yet to confirm the official numbers, this news will likely be confirmed by the Italian media in the coming days.

Dybala has scored twice in his past three matches. He had been without a goal for five matches until he scored against his former club Napoli last week. Juventus’ midfielder, Paul Pogba, meanwhile, said he hopes Dybala will stay happy at Roma. Dybala has been linked with a move to Barcelona and Inter in recent weeks, but neither have been able to complete a deal.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have both seen their shirts sell the most in a single day. Ronaldo’s shirt sales broke Neymar’s record of ten thousand in the first 24 hours, but the record isn’t completely verifiable. The Argentine has since left Barcelona to join Paris Saint-Germain, but he still holds the shirt sales record.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has seen his record of the most shirts sold in Italy on a single day smashed by Messi. This follows the sensational free transfer of Paulo Dybala to AS Roma. Dybala spent three years alongside Ronaldo at Juventus, and wanted to remain in the country. Thousands of fans snapped up the shirt to celebrate the new deal.

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The new number seven jersey that Cristiano Ronaldo is sporting is a classic for football players. The number seven jersey was first worn by George Best and Bryan Robson, and was also worn by the Portuguese superstar. Upon leaving United, he chose a different number for his jersey. As a result, the number seven jersey has never been more popular, and has been a trending item on social media.

Lionel Messi’s shirt sales surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s

During his time at Real Madrid, Messi has helped his team break the record for the most number of shirt sales. He has also helped his new club, Paris Saint-Germain, sell more than a million shirts in his first season. In addition, his shirt sales have surpassed those of Ronaldo and Manchester United. With his high-profile move, Messi is the highest selling player in PSG’s history, accounting for more than 60% of the club’s shirt sales.

Last season, PSG sold more than a million of Messi’s number 30 shirt. As a result, his number 30 shirt was responsible for 60 percent of those sales. This record is the most successful shirt sale of any player in the history of football. According to the Paris Saint-Germain website, Messi’s jersey sales are now higher than Ronaldo’s.

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The record-breaking shirt sales are not the only measure of the importance of Messi’s arrival. Ronaldo’s shirt sales were PS187 million last September, but Messi’s have now surpassed Ronaldo’s record. The Manchester United t-shirts are sold at twice the price of the PSG shirts, which is a testament to Messi’s popularity.

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Sporting Lisbon

The Portuguese superstar has seen his shirt sales record broken by his former teammate and former roommate Sporting Lisbon. Ferreira, who was also an early member of Sporting, was one of the club’s brightest prospects, but couldn’t keep up with Ronaldo’s meteoric rise. While at Sporting, Ferreira struggled with knee problems and disciplinary issues, but became Ronaldo’s roommate.

While at Sporting, Ronaldo broke the club’s record for the most shirts sold in a single day. The shirt sales record, which had spanned over four years, was eventually broken by Sporting Lisbon, which is a sad day for the Portuguese superstar. However, it is a sign of his enduring power that Sporting have a fan base as large as theirs.

As part of a promotion for the former Real Madrid player, Sporting Lisbon have surpassed the record set by the former Real Madrid star. The Portuguese Football Federation also revealed that Sporting Lisbon are now Cristiano Ronaldo’s second-largest shirt seller after Real Madrid. The record was broken by Sporting’s former teammate, which is the highest of all Portuguese football clubs.

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The Manchester United captain also posted a picture on Twitter of himself working out in a Lisbon gym after the club’s 2-2 draw with Aston Villa. However, the Portuguese superstar has not had the same pre-season preparation as his team-mates, and has not been able to train with his new manager. Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Manchester United remains a major concern. Despite being in the red hot seat for the summer, the club has insisted he is not for sale and will stay.

Manchester United

Fans queued outside Old Trafford to buy a replica of Ronaldo’s No. 7 shirt, which became the fastest-selling shirt ever sold outside of North America. The shirt’s sales reached a record high on the first hour of sale, beating the previous best full day worldwide for United Direct. It also broke the record for most shirt sales of any player in the first 24 hours following his transfer.

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The record-breaking number of sales is no surprise, given the number of fans worldwide who have become obsessed with the Portugal international. The shirt has been a hot commodity for Manchester United since its release in November, and the club is thrilled to be able to celebrate with their fanbase. The club’s mascot, “Ronaldo”, has become a cultural icon in Manchester and has a devoted following among Manchester United supporters.

The news of Ronaldo’s record-breaking shirt sale has been met with widespread speculation about his future at the club. After all, he was given time off earlier this month to deal with a family issue. However, Manchester United insist that the Portugal star is not for sale. Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the news a lot, and his future at Old Trafford will no doubt be his top priority.

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After spending nearly a decade with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Juventus on a multi-million-dollar contract. According to The Guardian, Juventus has sold 520,000 shirts bearing Ronaldo’s name in the first 24 hours. In comparison, Neymar has sold ten thousand in the same time frame. With a record-breaking shirt sale rate, the Brazilian is set to earn close to EUR30 million a year.

Despite his infamous transfer rumours, Paulo Dybala has been the most sought-after player in Italy since he joined Juventus last summer. The Argentinean, who signed a three-year contract with the club, has been an instant hit with fans. Fans of the club’s newest star, Paulo Dybala, have been flocking to Juventus’ official website to buy Dybala’s new shirt. And while he hasn’t been able to match Ronaldo’s record, Dybala’s shirts are already selling better than the Argentinian’s shirt, according to Corriere dello Sport.

But Juventus’ shirt sales will be far from a pay day for Ronaldo. While Juventus’s shirt sales are increasing at an unprecedented rate, they are far from covering the cost of his estimated $140 million transfer fee. It isn’t even close to the number of shirts Ronaldo signed with PSG. A simple calculation will show that Juventus’s shirt sales will exceed Neymar’s record for the 2016-17 season.

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