Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to Leave Real Madrid Because of Tax Allegations

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If Ronaldo is found guilty of the tax charges, he could face a prison sentence of two years. If the issue goes to court, Ronaldo could also receive a suspended sentence. The complaint against Ronaldo is larger than Messi’s, which means the player could end up facing a prison sentence of seven years. Despite this, Ronaldo wants to leave the club. And he is not the only one. Even Messi’s lawyer denied that Ronaldo was involved in any tax fraud.

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Ronaldo denies wrongdoing

Cristiano Ronaldo denies wrongdoing in taxes accusations and is spared prison time. A state prosecutor accused the soccer star of hiding income from image rights. The Portugal international was questioned for 90 minutes in Madrid court. Despite the seriousness of the case, he denied any wrongdoing and declined to address the court via video conference. His fine is almost 19 million euros, which is very small considering his net worth and income.

A court in Spain has found that Ronaldo did not declare $42.2 million from image rights. Ronaldo is a tax resident in Spain since January 2010 and opted to pay taxes in Spain in November 2011. The tax authorities are not the first high-profile sportsman to fall foul of Spanish law. Last year, Barcelona forward Lionel Messi was found guilty of tax fraud. While he denies wrongdoing in the tax allegations, he has been subject to other scandals, which have included a public apology and fines.

In the meantime, his case against Neymar continues to reverberate in the soccer world. Kathryn Mayorga filed a civil suit in Nevada claiming that the Portuguese footballer raped her in a hotel room in 2009. Both sides have denied any wrongdoing and have continued to play for Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid sports star in the world and is expected to earn a fine of about 28 million euros (£23 million) if he is found guilty.

In addition to the tax scandal, Messi and Neymar are being investigated by Spanish authorities for alleged corruption in the 2013 transfer. However, both players have been spared prison time. While the former Real Madrid star pleaded guilty to tax fraud, Neymar is now set to stand trial for alleged corruption in the transfer of Neymar to PSG. The case is expected to continue to unfold, so the football star’s lawyer will have to be cautious in deciding whether to appeal.

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Ronaldo faces a two-year prison sentence if issue goes to court

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is under fire after being accused of using tax havens to hide millions of euros in personal assets. The Portuguese player is the latest player to fall under suspicion over money laundering. Despite his plea bargain, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has never been in prison. The rumor mill is circulating that the Portuguese star, who is also known as “Chris” because of his Brazilian accent, is unhappy at Real Madrid due to a lack of protection.

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The Spanish tax agency has not yet agreed to accept a fine for a suspended sentence in exchange for the footballer’s cooperation. This means that the footballer could face a much larger tax bill than originally proposed. During a 90-minute hearing in July, Ronaldo repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and insisted he was a victim of the Spanish authorities. While Ronaldo has denied wrongdoing, prosecutors say that the footballer was aware of the scheme and purposefully avoided paying taxes in Spain.

While the tax case is unlikely to go to trial, if the allegations go to court, the footballer could be sentenced to two years in prison. If this goes to court, Ronaldo faces a fine of 252,000 euros, which equates to 400 euros per day. Despite the recent tax court hearing, his legal problems are far from over. He is also accused of rape in the United States, according to a former American model. While denying the allegations, the model has filed a lawsuit against him in Nevada. Cristiano denies the accusation and says the encounter was consensual.

Xabi Alonso has also been implicated in a similar case. He has been charged with three counts of tax fraud while playing for Los Blancos. The judge ruled that he is mentally and physically capable of facing trial. If the court finds that he is not mentally incapacitated, the sentence will be suspended. However, a longer prison term will still mean he is likely to spend more time in prison.

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Ronaldo’s lawyer says he has never hidden anything

Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyer claims he has never hidden anything. The former Portuguese captain has spent 90 minutes in court answering questions from prosecutors over his alleged EUR14.7 million tax fraud. The Hacienda is investigating the sale of his image rights to Valencia owner Peter Lim in 2015. They say he used a network of companies to avoid paying taxes between 2011 and 2014. Ronaldo’s lawyer insists that there is no evidence of a tax evasion.

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While the case has not been dismissed yet, the alleged non-disclosure agreement was signed a year before the alleged incident. In that document, Mayorga says he was not in a fit state of mind to sign the contract. The suit is worth more than PS56 million. It has an incredibly low burden of proof because it’s based on “more probable than not.”

According to the prosecutor, Ronaldo hid EUR14.7 million in income from image rights. However, his lawyer says he has never hidden anything, and has never lied about his financial situation. The prosecutor accuses the soccer player of falsely declaring his income in order to lower his tax rate. Ronaldo’s lawyer says he has never hidden anything and has never done anything illegal.

Although there are no concrete evidence to back up these claims, the rape allegations were published in a German magazine. The publication claims that the footballer agreed to pay the woman $375,000 as a non-disclosure agreement. The non-disclosure agreement is the subject of a civil lawsuit by Leslie Mark Stovall, who claims that the case is about an old affair.

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However, the Associated Press does not name the victims of sexual abuse. The newspaper does not identify the women involved in the scandal. However, they allege that the incident happened in the bathroom where they engaged in foreplay. But Ronaldo’s lawyer says the incident happened in a private room. Kathryn Mayorga says she was too embarrassed to speak about it in public and apologized.

Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid

According to reports in Portuguese sports daily A Bola, the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave the Spanish club because he is fed up with the tax allegations. Ronaldo has been with Real Madrid since 2009, and he has helped the club to three Champions League titles, two Spanish league championships, and a Copa del Rey in 2014. Despite the numerous accomplishments, he feels like he is being persecuted by the Spanish tax authorities. The tax allegations have been causing a lot of discord among football fans in Spain.

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In early 2018, Ronaldo took to social media to criticize the fake news, accusing his critics of ruining his career. Meanwhile, Madrid president Rafael Perez dismissed the notion that the tax allegations have led to Ronaldo wanting to leave Madrid. He told Spanish newspaper Onda Cero that the allegations were “not real.”

According to reports, Real Madrid had secret talks with Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United during the 2015-16 season. Before the tax allegations were revealed, however, PSG had been rumored to bid 180 million euros for Ronaldo. This would mark the highest transfer fee in the history of football. Although Ronaldo is now 32 and past the peak of his career, it would be a terrible idea for him to leave the club. It would be the worst thing for everyone involved.

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Spain’s tax authorities have filed charges against Cristiano Ronaldo, accusing him of defrauding the tax authorities by hiding income from his image rights. The soccer star, however, has denied any wrongdoing. Real Madrid is confident that he acted legally. Although Ronaldo may be upset about the lawsuits, the club is standing by him. In the meantime, the player is still playing for Real Madrid, where he has won two La Liga titles and three UEFA Champions Leagues.

The power struggle between the Real Madrid and Ronaldo is likely to come down to money. It is unclear whether Real Madrid will do anything about it if it is not in the player’s best interest. Real Madrid could pay his tax penalties if he agrees to sign a new contract. It is unlikely that Real Madrid will do so, however. The footballer is too valuable to risk the club losing him.

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