Cristiano Ronaldo’s Financial Demands Made Clear by Jorge Mendes

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Jorge Mendes, the agent for Manchester United, has made it very clear to other clubs that Cristiano Ronaldo is willing to take a pay cut. In fact, reports suggest that Ronaldo is willing to take a pay cut of 30 percent just to force a move. It is not impossible for Ronaldo to accept a 30 percent pay cut to leave Manchester United. That is why Mendes has so much power in Portuguese football and has been involved with third party ownership funds.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wage demands

Amid rumours of a move to LaLiga, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes has made his demands for the Portuguese star very clear. Ronaldo, who wants to join a club that offers the highest wages in Europe, has been linked with moves to Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Napoli and Atletico Madrid, but none of these clubs have been able to match his demands. The agent has now decided to put Ronaldo on the summer transfer market. However, this means that PSG may have to lower Ronaldo’s demands to avoid a rift between the players.

Manchester United have contacted Ronaldo’s agent and made their demands known, although there is no formal agreement yet. But the club’s stance towards the situation has been reaffirmed by United, who have also reached out to Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes. As for the number seven shirt at United, Ronaldo reportedly wants to remain there. After all, he scored 118 goals in 292 appearances for United from 2003 to 2009.

The super agent had requested that Ronaldo earn PS20m a year, which would equate to PS385,000 a week. However, the Portuguese star’s demands were met and he will now become Manchester United’s highest paid player. While United’s deal may not be as lucrative as Juventus’s, it is still a huge sum. If the contract is finalized, the Portuguese player could be rewarded with a record-breaking salary.

The agent is working to find a suitable option for the Portugal star, with Chelsea looking to sign him. Chelsea have already signed Raheem Sterling from Manchester City. Meanwhile, Chelsea’s interest in Ronaldo remains high, but the manager has the final say. In the end, he will not sign the Brazilian. Nevertheless, a deal will only be concluded once the agent and the Chelsea manager have a final agreement.

His desire to return to Champions League

Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo has made his financial demands clear to the Portuguese club amid a transfer saga. The Portuguese forward has been linked with a move to Manchester United, but his agent Jorge Mendes insists that the player wants to stay at Madrid. He could be in Manchester, but it will be far away. Mendes has been earning a fortune as a transfer broker.

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While he was in Spain, Mendes met Atletico Madrid’s chief executive Miguel Angel Gil Marin. While the latter is not keen on the offer, he made it clear that Ronaldo was willing to join Diego Simeone’s side for a’modest’ sum. In other words, Mendes’ remarks were designed to increase the perception of Cristiano’s transfer situation. The key to maximizing take in any negotiation is to play the market. It is a well known fact that in sales, the illusion is greater than the product. Deals are struck by capitalising on the buyer’s desire and enhancing the perceived difficulty of a transaction.

In addition to Ronaldo, Mendes’ clients include Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix, AC Milan’s Rafael Leao and Wolves’ Rayan Ait-Nouri. A move to Chelsea would save Chelsea PS13 million. While it is unlikely that Chelsea will be able to land the Portuguese winger, it is possible the new Chelsea board will compromise its no-sale policy.

The Portuguese winger is keen to return to the Champions League and is keen to have the goalscoring burden lifted off his shoulders. While he led the goalscoring charts last season with 24 goals in 38 games, he feels he needs more help from teammates to maintain his peak. The emergence of youngsters Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford has given him the support he needs to reach the next level.

Jorge Mendes’ dominance in Portuguese football

It is difficult to deny the billionaire’s dominance in Portuguese football. He has acted for Cristiano Ronaldo when the former moved from Sporting to Manchester United, and for Ricardo Quaresma when he transferred from Sporting to Barcelona. David Conn estimates that Mendes was involved in 68 percent of the transfers involving the “tres grandes” – Porto, Sporting, and Benfica.

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While it is possible that Mendes is a better coach than most, his dominance in the Portuguese game is well-known. Aside from having contacts with all the superclubs in the game, he also has a family oriented personality. In Portugal, he has worked with Braga, Dinamo Moscow, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, and Besiktas, among others.

Before becoming a manager, Mendes began his career as a footballer. While several Portuguese clubs had turned down his signature, he worked as a DJ, rented out video equipment, and opened his own bar. These early experiences were pivotal in his development and success. He was later rewarded with the role of captain for Porto, and eventually became one of the country’s most successful players.

A key aspect of Mendes’ dominance in Portuguese football is his focus on identifying young talent and signing them. His unique approach has seen him sign many top Premier League talents including Bernardo Silva, Rui Patricio, Joao Moutinho, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite the success of his clients, Mendes has a legacy of dominance that stretches well beyond the Portuguese game.

His involvement in third-party ownership funds

The Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes is a major player in European football. He has conducted several big transfers, but he is serially involved in third-party ownership of players. In apparent contravention of Fifa rules, he advises five Jersey-based funds. In a recent interview, he confirmed that he is acting as a representative for players whose economic rights are purchased by third parties.

The scandal is based on documents leaked by Football Leaks. The documents revealed that several major European clubs, including Juventus, are involved in a controversial investment model. The idea is that external parties can buy stakes in young players in exchange for money from their future transfers. The practice is sweeping Europe, where super-rich Premier League clubs are bulk-buying talent.

Although the prospectus makes no mention of Cristiano Ronaldo’s role in the fund, it does mention the potential conflicts of interest. The prospectus also says that Mendes will act as an agent for his players. The Portuguese club claims that the deal creates a conflict of interest as Mendes has a stake in the players’ contracts. It’s unclear if this is a genuine investment, or simply a sham.

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FIFA’s 2014 ruling is threatening third-party ownership in the sport. Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s president, has declared that a transition period will allow certain parties to enrich themselves. But a Portuguese super-agent, Pedro Lucas, has been linked to third-party ownership funds. He has reportedly been working with Israeli super-agent Pini Zahavi and has his own investment fund, Doyen, with anonymous businessmen backing it. This association has grown more prominent after the moves of Marcos Rojo to Manchester United and Eliaquiem Mangala to Manchester City.

His relationship with David de Gea

The broker who has made a fortune brokering football transfers has clearly made his financial demands clear to Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently, the Portuguese international has been promised the number seven shirt at Manchester United, where he scored 118 goals in 292 appearances. However, it is not clear if Ronaldo will actually stay at the club. However, it seems unlikely that he will stay unless he is offered the money he wants.

Amidst all the rumours surrounding Ronaldo’s possible departure, his agent, Jorge Mendes, has made his financial demands clear. According to reports, Ronaldo would be more than happy to accept a 30 percent pay cut in order to get out of Manchester United. While he is unlikely to move away from the club for the money, he will still be interested in making a move to a Spanish club, where his current contract is up.

The agent, Jorge Mendes, has held talks with Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Gil Marin. The pair also made it clear that Ronaldo would be happy to join Diego Simeone’s side for a modest fee. The two sides have yet to agree on the financial details, however, the transfer window is still open for business. And if this does not happen, Ronaldo will look elsewhere.

United’s owners may be tempted to cash in on Ronaldo’s price. But even if Man Utd do not agree to the PS80million+ Barcelona demand for Frenkie de Jong, the club will still want to sign another attacking player, which may include Ajax’s Antony. If the transfer doesn’t happen, the club could strip Maguire of the captaincy.

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