Cristiano Ronaldo’s Main Reason For Man Utd Transfer Decision

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Sir Alex Ferguson has waited to congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo for the Euro 2016 victory, but was there to witness the tense 2017 Champions League final in Cardiff, where the Portuguese star was the centre of attention. Sir Alex was also said to have approached the player to persuade him to re-sign. While the latter has denied the rumours, he has admitted Sir Alex’s influence was a major factor in his decision.

Sir Alex Ferguson

When it comes to signing a new player, there are many reasons why the Premier League champions make the move to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the most successful managers in history, winning five English league titles and spending less money on incoming transfers than his rivals. But he’s also a rational and systematic manager. If you’re wondering what Sir Alex Ferguson has to offer, here are some of his most compelling arguments.

As a former Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson and Cristiano had a good relationship. According to Sir Alex, Ronaldo regarded him as one of the few people he still defers to. He was glad that Sir Alex Ferguson chose him over fellow United forward Ruud van Nistelrooy in 2005, and the two developed a strong bond over Ronaldo’s father’s death at the age of 20.

Despite the transfer ban, Sir Alex Ferguson has said he was keen to bring the Portuguese star back to Manchester United. The Portuguese forward had already been linked with Manchester City after failing to agree on a fee with Juventus. But Sir Alex Ferguson swooped to get him back. The deal reportedly cost EUR15 million with an option for a third year. Cristiano Ronaldos main reason for Man Utd transfer decision as Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Fergus

Sir Alex Ferguson is currently trying to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to stay at Manchester United. The forward made it clear this summer that he wants to join a Champions League-caliber club. He also failed to join the club’s pre-season tour in Thailand and Australia. The Portuguese star reportedly expressed his desire to return to the club through Sir Alex.

The former Manchester United manager was a hands-on manager when he was managing small Scottish club East Stirlingshire in the mid-1990s. He delegated training sessions to assistant coaches, but attended them himself and observed the players. Regular observers notice changes in training patterns, energy levels and work rates. It is this consistency that has helped the team win several English league titles.

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The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo is a case of ego. Many fans would take Ferguson’s words as gospel. The transfer of Ronaldo will only add to the pressure on Solskjaer, who already faces criticism for his selections. He has also become a target for disgruntled supporters. So what is Ronaldo’s main reason for leaving Manchester United?

Sir Alex Ferguson’s relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite his recent controversies regarding his relationship with the former Manchester United manager, there are several positives to Sir Alex Ferguson’s relationship with the Portuguese superstar. The five-time World Player of the Year has made reference to the legendary manager on several occasions, including posting a picture of himself with Ferguson on Instagram. ‘PS – Sir Alex, this one’, he wrote. In the past, Ronaldo and Ferguson have been in regular contact, including WhatsApp exchanges.

The two are very close. Sir Alex attended many live events with Ronaldo, including the Oscars, Euro 2016 and various European finals. They both embraced each other after receiving medals, and Fergie also attended the 2017 Champions League final. Ronaldo scored twice in Real Madrid’s 4-1 win over Juventus. They also attended a few prestigious charity events together. While Sir Alex retired as manager of Manchester United, he remained close to his idol, giving him numerous awards and hugs.

In 2007, Sir Alex Ferguson and Ronaldo developed a close relationship, and he owes his success to his advice. Ronaldo’s relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson was also crucial, as it allowed the Portuguese to grow as a player. Ronaldo’s success has allowed Ferguson to focus on his role in United’s history. Despite the negative press, he was a major contributor to Manchester United’s Premier League title in 2008, and a key player in their triumph over Liverpool in the European Super Cup.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement

The Portuguese winger has revealed that he will not be on the club’s pre-season tour to Bangkok. He is on compassionate leave. However, the transfer decision will be influenced by Ronaldo’s commercial value. Dr Rob Wilson, a sports business expert at Sheffield Hallam University, says the Portuguese star has a much higher value as a commercial entity than his market value. He says Sir Alex Ferguson wanted him to be with Manchester United for the club’s ‘cultural reboot’ after his retirement.

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Despite the hefty fee, Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United was only made possible after Manchester City revealed their hands. It’s understood that Ronaldo took a pay cut to move to the Premier League. But there are also rumours that he was unhappy at Man Utd and could have joined Manchester City. Regardless, Man Utd will forever be united in the minds of many, despite the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although Manchester City were reportedly the favourites to sign the Portuguese winger, Man Utd knew of his affection for United. After the club’s win in Turin, Solskjaer said that Ronaldo was in touch with many of his former teammates and staff. The United staffer said that Ronaldo’s respect for Manchester United is well-known.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s influence on Solskjaer

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Fergie is still being given influence at his old club. The former manager has been linked with Manchester United since 1989 and was spotted watching from the stands during United’s 5-0 defeat to Liverpool. Solskjaer has also been criticised by Ferguson for not starting Cristiano Ronaldo against Everton. He has insisted that he can get the best out of his echipă.

United’s shirt sponsor, Adidas, has recently stepped down. The club has continued to make shirts, which are produced in-house. It was only in 2013 that Sir Alex Ferguson introduced Twitter to the club. The former manager felt that the club was over-focused on sponsorships since Ed Woodward was appointed executive vice-chairman. Ferguson also insists that he will continue to write handwritten letters to Solskjaer and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former Manchester United manager had a remarkable antenna when it came to analyzing matches and players. In January, after a 1-0 defeat by Liverpool, he was in Manchester United’s team hotel to have Paul Smith fit him with a new club suit. Although he was not involved in Solskjaer’s transfer decision, Ferguson did remain an influential figure and has been a sounding board for the manager.

Van Gaal’s legacy at Manchester United

Known for his zany antics and flamboyant nature, Dutch manager Louis van Gaal was a major distraction for United fans during his two-season spell. Though his football style was at odds with the attacking demands of the Red Devils, the Dutchman’s outbursts filled many column inches. But are these moments enough to make Van Gaal’s legacy at Manchester United a lasting one?

The Dutchman’s success at United is not just due to his coaching style; he has also made a number of debuts, including the emergence of Marcus Rashford. While the Dutchman has been hailed by fans for bringing in youngsters, his success at Old Trafford isn’t entirely assured. Many pundits and fans alike have said that the Dutchman’s philosophies were a major factor in United’s recent revival.

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The Dutchman’s reliance on young players has caused several problems. The club has not reinvested in the academy since signing Robin van Persie. He has also struggled to retain and develop Anthony Martial, who is a vital player for the club. In January, United tried to sign Odion Ighalo, who was competing for the Golden Boot with 12 goals. However, the Hornets rejected the bid and Van Gaal was left frustrated. Ighalo would have been a third-choice striker behind Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial. Against Midtjylland, however, Marcus Rashford made his debut, with Wayne Rooney and Adijanuzaj unavailable with injuries.

Jose Mourinho’s future at Manchester United

After several disappointing seasons at Manchester United, the Portuguese coach has been questioned about his future at the club. His recent performance against Tottenham Hotspur is an example of how fans have become increasingly critical of his management style. Mourinho was applauded and sung to during an Old Trafford match against Tottenham earlier this season. Even his performance in the Champions League defeat of AC Milan has left some United fans in suspense.

It was a strange week for Manchester United fans when the club was out of the title race and out of Europe. The 0-0 draw against West Ham was a credible result, but the team lost the FA Cup final to Chelsea. Despite the poor start, Mourinho’s reputation continued to rise, and he signed a new contract in January 2018. His United side also won the 2017 League Cup and the Europa League, both of which helped boost his personal reputation.

Although he has struggled to impress this season, Ed Woodward is over the moon at the prospect of securing the manager’s future. Jose Mourinho has already achieved plenty as Manchester United manager, and he has welcomed the club’s desire to develop young players. On Friday, Mourinho’s men travel to Yeovil to continue their FA Cup campaign. Alexis Sanchez is expected to make his debut in the match against Yeovil. Then, the club will play Sevilla in the Champions League.

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