Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man Utd Future Revealed in Leaked Messages to Piers Morgan

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man Utd Future Revealed in Leaked Messages to Piers Morgan photo 0

According to the Portuguese star’s leaked messages to Piers M, he is prepared to take a 30% pay cut to leave Old Trafford. The reports also claim that he would prefer to stay with Barcelona and that Adnan Januzaj is available for free. Regardless of the reasons, the Portuguese star is looking to move on and has made no secret of his wish to leave Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo confirms Man Utd future in leaked messages to Piers M

Despite confirming his desire to leave Manchester United last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly spoken to Piers Morgan about his future at the club. The Portuguese forward is understood to be unhappy at the slow pace of the transfer window and is frustrated with the squad for accepting a 25% salary cut. This could be the first sign that he will leave the club, although it is unclear when he will do so.

In leaked messages to a friend, Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly said: “I don’t know how long I’m going to stay at Man Utd. My contract is up in a few weeks.” In the messages, Ronaldo also urged his teammates to give their best to make the club successful again. He also said that he wants to continue to develop at Man Utd.

Portuguese star is prepared to take a 30% pay cut to leave Old Trafford

Leaked messages to Piers Morgan have sparked fresh interest in the Portugal international and his Manchester United future. The BBC’s Piers Morgan has claimed to have spoken to Ronaldo and believes that he has decided to leave the club. The former Chelsea and Manchester City midfielder has also been linked with Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. However, despite this interest, United manager Erik ten Hag has been adamant that Ronaldo is still part of his plans. Ronaldo is likely to be available when United return from their pre-season tour in Thailand and Australia. After a week off, he could rejoin the squad. As United’s season begins in less than two weeks, Ronaldo could be a key player in this exciting new chapter.

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The messages were allegedly leaked to the press and include a message by Cristiano Ronaldo confirming his future at Man Utd. The messages were posted on Twitter by former Manchester United player Piers M. Despite a lack of clarity, the messages appear to be authentic. They are reportedly the latest in the ongoing saga between the two teams.

Meanwhile, his representative has denied the story as “journalistic fiction” after releasing leaked texts between the pair. Although his representatives have denied the claims, a leaked text message between Cristiano Ronaldo and his lawyer revealed the allegation against him. A non-disclosure agreement was signed by both parties. It reportedly involved a payment of PS56 million to Mayorga on the condition that he did not make public the details. The suit is based on the principle of “more probable than not.”

Adnan Januzaj is available on a free transfer

The talismanic Portuguese has confirmed his future at Manchester United in leaked messages to the media. However, this will not be a surprise as Ronaldo has been linked with a move away from the club in the past, and has already been linked with Chelsea and Bayern Munich. But, the lack of interest in Ronaldo’s services has made his options even more limited. Despite these concerns, United manager Erik ten Hag has continued to insist that Ronaldo is still part of his plans. The team will return from a pre-season tour of Australia and Thailand. Ronaldo may then join up with the rest of the squad once the season starts, which is just over a fortnight away.

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Leaked messages to Piers M have a more positive ring to them. In one message, Ronaldo says that he is ready to sign a new contract with Man Utd and has already spoken with club representatives. In another, he asks for £57 million. That’s a record-breaking fee for a footballer.

The story was triggered by a rape allegation against Ronaldo that was made public by a German newspaper. A non-disclosure agreement was signed by the player and Mayorga in 2010. Under the terms of the agreement, the former Real Madrid player will pay the ex-Man Utd star $375,000 in exchange for his silence.

Ronaldo prefers to stay at Barca

According to leaked messages from Ronaldo to TV personality Piers Morgan, the Portuguese international is happy at the Camp Nou and would rather remain there than leave for another club. The player is keen to win the Champions League and reckons he has at least four years to achieve this goal. Despite this, he is still having a hard time finding a new club. Real Madrid and Chelsea are among the clubs who have already ruled themselves out. Real Madrid and Chelsea have both withdrawn from the race to sign the Portuguese superstar. But now, a certain TV personality has floated a new idea for Ronaldo to leave the Nou Camp and join Bayern Munich.

The former Real Madrid forward has reportedly turned down a move to Manchester United as a result of a rift with Sir Alex Ferguson. The club are yet to decide whether to sell the Portuguese star or not. However, Carragher has denied any interest in him, and insists he will stay at the Nou Camp. The Portuguese forward has been swung between Manchester United and Barcelona and has repeatedly stated his preference to stay at the Spanish club.

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In the leaked messages to Piers M, Ronaldo has expressed his desire to remain at Barcelona. He is not looking for money, but wants to play at the top level in the world and compete for prestigious trophies. While he may be unhappy with his current club, the Italian also revealed that he was upset with the way the manager treated Luis Suarez. Suarez responded by sending an emoji showing two hands clapping.

Ronaldo’s lawyers claim document was “completely fabricated”

According to a leaked message to a Piers Morgan podcast, Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed his desire to leave Manchester United. The Portuguese superstar has publicly stated that he wants to leave the club this summer. United have dropped drastically since the time of Sir Alex Ferguson. Despite this, they will compete in the Europa League after finishing sixth in the Premier League.

The leak is the latest in a series of leaked messages from the Portuguese star. According to the broadcaster, Ronaldo has made it clear that he wants to leave Manchester United and play Champions League football next season. Despite this, top European clubs have snubbed the opportunity to sign him. However, this does not mean that he will leave United.

In the leaked messages to Piers Morgan, Ronaldo has been accused of threatening Arsenal with a move if he does not score against the Gunners this season. According to this theory, Ronaldo is a man who knows that feeding the media with quotes will force United’s hand. The former Barcelona player was also linked with Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Paris Saint-Germain in recent years.

The Portuguese superstar has confirmed his future at Manchester United in leaked messages to Piers M. These messages, which were leaked by a Twitter account belonging to a former club, were allegedly sent to Piers M. However, they do not reveal the identity of the person who sent the messages. They are also cryptic. It is unclear whether these messages are a genuine message or a hoax.

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