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Located in the beautiful coastal state of Goa, the 400 kg statue of the Portuguese footballer has caused controversy in some quarters. It’s a controversial statue, which has attracted both Protesters and Critics. Football fans and Colonialists are among those against it, but the statue does not necessarily have the support of all of them. If you’re one of them, do you agree with the statue?


A statue of the Portugal legend has sparked controversy across the world. The controversial statue of Ronaldo appeared at the Madeira Airport in 2017 and was ridiculed by locals for its lack of resemblance to the real player. In response, the statue was removed. Now, critics are concerned that the controversial statue may be a symbol of discrimination, especially against locals.

Protesters argued that the statue should focus on inspiring local children to take up football. This is why the state government should provide basic football facilities to young people. In addition to the statue, the state government is working to develop talent to represent the country in the sport. For this, former players will become coaches in Goa. This is a great step in the right direction. But some Goans remain skeptical.

A number of protesters claimed that the statue insulted the state’s history and traditions. Goa was a Portuguese colony for centuries. The British left Goa 60 years ago. Despite the popularity of the sport, football is not as popular in Goa as in some smaller nations. There are more local football stars in Goa than there are people who follow the Portuguese national team. However, this has not stopped the protests from taking place.

The erection of a statue of the Portuguese superstar has caused a storm of controversy in Goa. Although the statue was supposed to inspire young people, locals believe that the statue is disrespectful to the victims of Portuguese colonization. Despite the positive intentions, critics argue that the statue is merely a publicity stunt and does little to promote football in Goa. Some suggest that a statue of an Indian footballer should be placed instead.

A bust of Ronaldo greeted a less than enthusiastic reception. The statue was initially a bronze bust of the Portuguese player, which was ridiculed by his fans. The bust was later replaced at the request of Ronaldo’s family. The 10ft bronze statue raised eyebrows with its emphasis on Ronaldo’s physique, but the Portuguese soccer player said the statue made him feel proud.

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Despite his success in the international game, the Portuguese star has sparked protests in the Indian state of Goa. The statue was unveiled after the 60th anniversary of the state’s independence from Portugal, which ruled the region for more than four centuries. While the goal was to encourage local youth to play football, some protesters claim that the statue is an insult to Goa and the Portuguese.

A giant statue of Cristiano Ronaldo has ignited nationalist anger in the southern Indian state of Goa. Protesters are calling on government officials to reconsider the statue and use Indian footballer instead. The statue cost PS12,000, which is equivalent to about $65,000, and was unveiled in Calangute, India, where Portuguese rule lasted for nearly 400 years. The protesters say the statue is insensitive and the statue is a sign of racism and a lack of respect for the indigenous population.

The controversial decision to erect the statue was met with widespread public anger. Protesters gathered at the statue site after it was unveiled in the Portuguese-ruled state, and demanded that officials give an explanation. The statue is an international sensation, but locals feel the decision is insensitive and a hangover of Portuguese rule. Activists have argued that the statue is not representative of Goa’s rich history, and it will cause ‘disrespect’ for the indigenous population.

Football fans

The recent installation of a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Goa has sparked a lot of debate and controversy. The statue, which was previously displayed at the airport of Madeira, was mocked by local residents for not bearing a resemblance to the Real Madrid star. Despite the widespread public support for the project, some residents are against it. This article explores the pros and cons of installing the statue in Goa.

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The controversy has been sparked by the statue’s erection, which took place during the 60th anniversary of Goa’s independence. Goa was freed from British rule six decades after the rest of India. As such, many Goans have relatives in Portugal and are proud of their national team. However, some locals feel that installing the statue during the 60th anniversary of Goa’s independence, which marks the year the state gained independence from Britain and Portugal, is disrespectful.

However, there are other reasons for erecting the statue. Local government officials say that the statue in Goa is intended to motivate young people to take up the sport. Goa is a football-crazed state, which is why the statue should be placed in a prime location. In addition, it will give a great example to youngsters who are interested in the sport. However, some believe that the statue’s erecting location will only make the problem worse.

The monument in Goa commemorates the Portuguese football legend. The statue was unveiled in Calangute, Goa, to celebrate the player’s achievements and inspire youth to pursue their dreams. It’s no secret that the Portuguese superstar is one of the most popular and most revered players in football, and a statue dedicated to him in Goa is a wonderful way to promote the sport. However, the statue is not a particularly striking representation of the Manchester United superstar.

In the end, Lobo’s opinion is that Goa needs good trainers and coaches. He also recommends appointing former Goa players as trainers and coaches. These people can help the state progress in sports. This is particularly important as India trails other countries in football. He added that Goa is home to many talented football players. It is a positive sign that a local football team is paying attention to the city’s football teams.

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The controversy surrounding the new statue of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in Goa is not the first time it has caused such an uproar. Residents are upset that their state’s new landmark honors a foreigner. While the statue is meant to encourage local youngsters to play football, there is also some concern that it could remind them of their country’s colonial past. Goa was ruled by Portugal for hundreds of years before becoming independent 60 years ago.

Many protesters were outraged at the inauguration and installation of the statue, pointing out that it was an insult to the Portuguese people who ruled Goa for centuries. It is also ironic that the statue was erected during the 60th anniversary of the Portuguese occupation, when Goa and the rest of India gained their independence from British rule. However, the statue’s erection has caused more confusion than it has helped.

The 400-kg statue is a major eyesore in Goa, and it’s hard to miss it. The statue’s unveiled date is a good example of this. The 60th anniversary of Goa’s independence from Portugal is coming up, and the statue is one of the newest tourist attractions. But some Goans are still unsure about the statue’s meaning.

The controversial erection of a statue of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in Goa has stirred up controversy and anger among locals. The statue was meant to inspire local youth, but some residents have interpreted the statue as disrespectful to the Portuguese troops who ruled the state from 1510 to 1961. Some residents even waved black flags at the statue’s inauguration.

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