Cristiano Ronaldo’s Three Reasons For Wanting to Leave Man Utd For Atletico Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Three Reasons For Wanting to Leave Man Utd For Atletico Madrid photo 0

If you haven’t yet heard of the rumours surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s potential move to Atletico Madrid, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers three of the key reasons that the Portuguese star wants to leave Manchester United. He wants to compete for trophies, play in the Champions League, and reduce his wages. Read on to discover the truth behind the rumours.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to compete for trophies

Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken about his desire to win trophies at Atletico Madrid, and his desire to be part of a trophy-laden club is understandable. Despite being reviled by the opposition’s supporters, the Portuguese striker gets on well with the players of Atletico. The former Juventus star has a normal relationship with Diego Simeone and Lionel Messi, despite being a notorious marketer.

Despite being’receptive’ to a move to Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo has not been offered a contract with the club. Bayern Munich and Chelsea have already rejected his move to the Spanish club. He thrived at Real Madrid and wants to compete for trophies in his last years. After all, he only has a few good years left. Nevertheless, Atletico Madrid is reportedly the club he is most interested in moving to.

The former Juventus star has a track record of scoring against Atletico Madrid. In the 2010-11 season, he scored a hat-trick. He has also scored against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League on several occasions, including the final in both the 2014 and 2016 seasons. However, despite his record against Atletico, he is yet to win a trophy against the club.

It is not surprising that a player with Ronaldo’s pedigree wants to join a European club with a strong trophy cabinet. His move to Atletico would put him in the Champions League and Europa League, and would allow him to compete for trophies alongside Cholo and Simeone. The two are highly competitive and passionate about the game, so a move to Atletico Madrid would be a perfect match.

Atletico Madrid have a history of playing hard and well on the pitch. Despite being a relatively young side, they have had some great success on the pitch, and Ronaldo has the experience to compete for the Champions League. Atletico is yet to win the Champions League, but Ronaldo is still a big part of their success. The Portuguese striker led Atletico Madrid in scoring in the Champions League for five seasons in a row. In the last game, he scored the winning penalty in the shootout.

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He wants to play in the Champions League

The Portuguese ace, who has rejected offers from the likes of Bayern Munich, has made it clear that he wants to play in Europe’s premier competition this season. But his super-agent Jorge Mendes has been unable to secure him a move to a club in the Champions League. Although he was a major asset for Real Madrid last season, he has struggled to find a club with which he can compete in the Champions League.

It has been reported that the Portuguese star wants to join Atletico Madrid this summer, but the move has yet to be confirmed. Although Manchester United are expected to keep Cristiano Ronaldo, he has said he would prefer to move to a club in the Champions League if he could play in the competition as part of the final. While many have speculated about other teams, Atletico are among the most realistic options.

Moreover, Atletico are preparing a bid for Ronaldo after they failed to sign him for Real Madrid. Ronaldo has a connection with Atletico as Simeone is a close friend. The Argentine’s desire to work with him has also captivated the Portuguese superstar. Hence, it is no surprise that he wants to join Atletico Madrid, which would be an excellent opportunity for the Portuguese player.

The Portuguese star has already faced Atletico Madrid twice in the UEFA Champions League: once as a player with Juventus and once as an Atletico player. The former Juventus player scored a hat-trick in the second leg of the 2017/18 Champions League. The two sides were eliminated from the competition, but he scored five goals in six games against both Atletico and Sevilla.

Although Atletico have turned down the deal, it is believed that there are several other clubs who are interested in signing the Portuguese star. In addition to Atletico, Juventus have reportedly made a bid for Cristiano Ronaldo. The deal is unlikely to happen, however, as both clubs would have to offload other players. Assuming Atletico accepts the deal, Atletico would have to sell two players – Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata. Barcelona are not willing to terminate Griezmann’s loan. In return, the club would have to pay Barcelona EUR40 million. Despite this, ten Hag has claimed that Ronaldo will still have a place at Manchester.

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He wants to cut his wages

The agent of Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed that the Portuguese striker is willing to take a pay cut at Atletico. According to Mendes, the Portuguese superstar would accept a 30% wage cut if the club offered him a contract. Although Atletico are not in a position to offer a deal of this size, the player is still keen on a move to the Spanish club.

According to reports, Ronaldo is willing to cut his wages at Atletico Madrid if he is allowed to leave Manchester United. His agent, Jorge Mendes, has been in talks with a number of elite clubs about a possible move. However, Atletico are now distancing themselves from Ronaldo, despite his interest in joining the club. The Spaniard’s wages are too high and it is not possible to convince the club to sign him for such a high wage.

A recent report has suggested that Ronaldo’s agent has had talks with the new owners of Atletico Madrid, whose new owner Todd Boehly was also convinced to pursue the Portuguese striker. While Man United and Chelsea are said to be keen on acquiring the Portuguese star, it seems unlikely that either club will sell their prized asset. But if this is indeed the case, the transfer would not be as easy as it initially appeared.

Despite the fact that Atletico are desperate to sign the Portuguese striker, they are unlikely to be able to find someone better than him to replace him. Manchester United have a number of other options for scoring. Anthony Martial has been impressive in pre-season and is expected to win the Premier League’s Golden Boot in the coming season. But if Manchester United want to sell Ronaldo, they will have to do something drastic.

Real Madrid are unlikely to make any offers for Ronaldo at this point, but they are keen to keep Griezmann. In addition to this, the Spanish champions will have to move Griezmann on loan to a team that can afford the player’s wages. And if that doesn’t happen, then it is likely to mean that Atletico Madrid will have to sell one of their forwards. After all, Atletico cannot afford to pay two forwards at once.

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He wants to leave Manchester United

Despite reports to the contrary, it seems as if Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United and join Atletico Madrid. The Portugal international has refused to train with the Red Devils in pre-season and did not attend United’s recent pre-season tours of Thailand and Australia. Despite his exemplary performances this season, it was a disappointing end to the season and he has not yet won any trophies.

There are some rumours claiming that Atletico Madrid have been in talks with Manchester United over a possible move for Cristiano Ronaldo, but they have failed to agree a deal. The Spanish giants would have to sell the Portuguese superstar for more than forty million euros before they can afford to sign him. As such, Manchester United are unable to sign Cristiano Ronaldo for a significant fee.

According to reports, the Portuguese star is considering a move to Atletico Madrid, if only because it would put him in the Champions League and Europa League, where he could compete for titles. Atletico Madrid would be a great home for Ronaldo and Cholo, two highly competitive individuals who have a passion for football. In addition to that, a move to Atletico would also allow Ronaldo to stay at United for a long time to come.

Ajax have also made an offer for Juventus winger Antony, who is wanted by Manchester United. Those offers would be more than Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary. However, if he joins Atletico, they’ll need to sell a big name player and convince the fans of the new club to sign him. And the club’s new manager Thomas Tuchel would have to agree to the move, as he did when he was at Inter Milan. The move is unlikely to go through, but if it does, it would be a great moment for Manchester United.

While United are willing to sell Ronaldo this summer, the club also want to extend the Portuguese superstar’s contract. This would ensure a Champions League run next season and a return to Old Trafford at the end of the season. Alternatively, the club would allow Ronaldo to play out a one-year loan at Atletico M and activate a one-year extension of his current deal.

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