Desperate Cristiano Ronaldo Willing to Take 30 Percent Pay Cut to Force Move From M to Chelsea

Desperate Cristiano Ronaldo Willing to Take 30 Percent Pay Cut to Force Move From M to Chelsea photo 0

There are rumours of a desperate Cristiano Ronaldo looking to leave Manchester United. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are both on his radar, but have they been ruled out? And what about Chelsea? Read on to discover the latest developments. The article also covers the latest developments in Ronaldo’s family life. Hopefully, these new developments will lead to a quick move from the Red Devils to another Premier League side.

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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United

It’s no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United, but there are several factors causing this. First of all, he has just twelve months remaining on his contract, and it has been said that he wants to leave to play for a Champions League contender. United are not even in contention for the Champions League next season, so they need to find Ronaldo a new club. Ronaldo has let United down twice before and is now in need of a new club.

The former Juventus player is yet to travel to Manchester. There are reportedly family problems that have kept him from joining the squad. The former Portugal international has spoken to coach Ten Hag about his future, and he explained his plans. He also made it clear that he hoped to contribute to the club’s plans, but it didn’t change Ronaldo’s mind. The real problem is that time is running out.

In the meantime, the Portuguese superstar has not been able to perform to his peak, and this has hindered United’s transfer business. It has been difficult for the club to compete with top-flight clubs and Ronaldo’s presence has prevented them from competing for the best forwards in the world. In the past few months, the club has failed to compete for players such as Richarlison, Gabriel Jesus and Marcus Rashford. United have been without a top-flight forward since March, and they were unable to qualify for the Champions League. In the coming season, they will be back in the Europa League.

Real Madrid ruled out

The Portuguese star has been linked with a move to Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid. But a tax dispute has put the transfer off. The Spanish giants are only willing to pay PS13m in order to woo Ronaldo. Meanwhile, a US judge cleared Ronaldo of all charges in June. Atletico Madrid would love to have Ronaldo in their dressing room.

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It is thought that Mendes is willing to agree to a 30 percent pay cut for Ronaldo to force his move to Atletico, as a player, he would earn over PS700k a week at Atleti. However, United are not willing to sell their star to another Premier League club, and are keen on keeping Ronaldo. Other clubs in the Premier League have also been linked with the Portuguese star.

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Manchester United have been linked with the Portuguese superstar in recent months, but he has not been able to agree to a move. While he has refused to accept a contract with Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Atletico, Manchester United have resorted to signing an Italian for a much lower fee. In response, Atletico fans have expressed concerns that Ronaldo might make a move to Atletico without a good contract.

Despite his recent troubles, Manchester United have the money to retain Ronaldo for next season. Despite this, the player has let them down twice. The club’s rebuilding plan would speed up if Ronaldo left for a larger club. However, there is no definite reason why United could lose the star in the summer. And the player has already spoken about wanting to play in the Champions League next season.

Atletico Madrid on radar

It has been reported that Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to accept a 30 percent pay cut to force a move from Atletico Madrid. The player, who is on personal leave at Atletico, hasn’t taken part in any pre-season training or tours. Mendes, however, is optimistic that a deal can be made between Atleti and Ronaldo.

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Real Madrid have been attempting to woo Cristiano Ronaldo, but Manchester United have been unable to convince them to make the deal happen. While Real Madrid have reportedly been interested in the Portuguese international, the Red Devils have so far failed to convince them. Mendes has been working to see if Atletico can absorb the cost of signing Ronaldo. If Ronaldo is happy at Atletico, they are expected to sell a number of other players in order to sign him.

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Griezmann is worth PS297,000 a week and has an option to leave Atletico at the end of the season. However, Atleti are expected to pay Griezmann PS34 million. If Ronaldo moves on to Manchester United, the deal could be worth around PS360,000, which would be equivalent to Griezmann’s pay at Atleti.


Reports suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to take a pay cut of up to 30% in order to force a move from M to Chelsea. The former Real Madrid star has told Piers Morgan he is willing to move to the Premier League for the right offer. He wants to move to Chelsea after the club have offered him PS55m for Sevilla defender Jules Conde.

According to ESPN, Ronaldo is willing to take a pay cut of around 30% to get a move to Chelsea. The reports also claim that Ronaldo and Chelsea owner Todd Boehly have held discussions about the proposal. Both players have admiration for each other and have talked about the possibility of signing the star in the near future. However, it remains to be seen how much interest Ronaldo has for Chelsea.

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The reports suggest that Manchester United have not ruled out a deal with Chelsea. However, the club are monitoring United’s stance. If United are unwilling to negotiate, Chelsea are ready to meet them. The two sides may decide to make a deal, but the current situation makes the deal unlikely. There is still plenty of time to make a deal. And with the transfer window closing, it may be the case that Cristiano Ronaldo is willing to take a pay cut in order to force a move from M to Chelsea.

Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid have reportedly approached Atletico Madrid in an attempt to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. The Spanish club is attempting to move the Portuguese international and are willing to accept a 30 per cent pay cut to get him. Atleti have been desperate to sign Ronaldo as they have struggled in the league last season, losing the services of Luis Suarez. However, atleti are confident they can sign Ronaldo and other key players for less than half their current wages.

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Juventus have also been linked with the Portuguese superstar and are keen to land him. Atletico have already turned down a PS360,000-a-week fee from Manchester United and are considering signing another Juventus player instead. If the deal goes through, Atletico will have to sell some of their own players before signing Ronaldo. However, it is believed that Atletico will be able to absorb the full cost of signing Ronaldo if they sell Griezmann.

Atleti fans are concerned about Ronaldo’s move to United. However, they do not believe that United are willing to sell the megastar to a club in the same league. Indeed, there are several other reasons why Manchester United should sell Griezmann. It could also be a case of the manager being too lenient with his players. After all, Ronaldo has always been regarded as a star player and would never be satisfied with a low-paid position.

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Chelsea not interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo

The report suggests that Chelsea are not interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo. The Chelsea ownership and manager Thomas Tuchel have discussed the possibility of the former Real Madrid star moving to the Blues. Ronaldo has reportedly rejected a transfer to Chelsea after receiving an outrageous financial package from a Saudi Arabian club. The report cites an estimated 30 million euros for a two-year deal and a €30 million fee.

The early success of Chelsea is largely down to Costa and Fabregas. With four goals and four assists in three games, the pair have been instrumental in the Blues’ early season success. But it’s not all bad news for Chelsea. Although Hazard and Matic were absent for the game against Everton, Fabregas and Hazard played in midfield. Willian, Ramires and Eden Hazard were among those who played in the absence of their team-mates.

A possible transfer of Ronaldo could also increase Chelsea’s interest in signing the Portuguese international. The Blues are currently in the United States on their pre-season tour. However, Rafa Benitez is unlikely to give the go-ahead for Chelsea to make a move for Ronaldo. Despite the recent speculation, Tuchel and his squad have never worked with Ronaldo. So, if they’re not interested in signing the Portuguese, the Premier League side may have to look elsewhere.

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