Did Cristiano Ronaldo Sexually Assault Kathryn Mayorga?

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Did Cristiano Ronaldo sexually assault Kathrin Mayorga? This is the question that has been plaguing the soccer star. She was hospitalized for sexual abuse, and a medical exam revealed sodomization and anal contusions. While in the hospital, a nurse chastised Mayorga for accusing Ronaldo of sexual assault and warned her against making false accusations.

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Does Cristiano Ronaldo sexually assault Kathryn Mayorga?

The allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo have made headlines all over the world, and this latest case is no exception. A Brazilian model and former school teacher named Kathryn Mayorga claims that the Argentine footballer sexually assaulted her in a nightclub in Las Vegas. While she worked at the Rain nightclub, she met Ronaldo and was photographed with him. On June 13, 2009, she reported her rape to Las Vegas police. During her visit, she received a medical exam, antibiotics, and a hospital visit.

The alleged rape, which took place in 2009, was covered up by a hush money settlement, which prevented Mayorga from filing a criminal complaint against Ronaldo. However, the alleged incident could not be easily dismissed, even with the aid of a police report, because Mayorga did not file the lawsuit until a year later. As such, the case may still end up in court. However, the hush money settlement could be overturned if the rape is proven.

According to the report, the alleged assault allegedly took place in Las Vegas and was made public in September 2018. The case was opened after the soccer player’s lawyer, Carlos Osorio de Castro, contacted the police in the area and confirmed the criminal investigation. The investigation, however, is still ongoing and Mayorga has yet to contact Ronaldo. A lawyer for the footballer, Carlos Osorio de Castro, contacted Ronaldo’s team on his behalf.

Since then, the relationship has been kept private. In response, the soccer star has hired an attorney, Mary S., who is not her real name. She has also contacted representatives of the football club and hired “personal reputation protection specialists.” According to the report, Ronaldo’s lawyer said that he has no qualms about the matter and that the player’s lawyers have promised not to name him.

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A federal magistrate recommended that the case be dismissed. The judge accepted this recommendation because of the misconduct of the soccer player’s lawyer. Although the case has not yet been heard in court, the dismissal means that a fair trial will be impossible for Ronaldo. Meanwhile, the footballer’s lawyer cited leaked documents that showed his rape victim’s testimony was fabricated.

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A German magazine published an article on the incident, which allegedly occurred in April 2014. The article stated that Ronaldo cheated on Mayorga in her hotel room. While she was not underage at the time, she was reportedly on medication at the time of the incident. A private detective spied on her, gathered details about her life, and spent hours with her. However, the bill for her services was tens of thousands of dollars. She was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement and agreed to a settlement, which included a requirement to permanently delete all evidence of the incident.

After the initial report, the German news outlet Der Spiegel published a video of her son, Cristiano, Jr., shooting a penalty shot like his father. This video was viewed 12 million times. Ronaldo’s social media accounts have over 121 million followers. This new video has further fueled the allegations against him. The case has already reached the federal court level. The verdict was a blow to the soccer star and his team.

While it is not clear what exactly caused the incident to happen, the details surrounding the police encounter are still sketchy. Although Kathryn Mayorga’s parents both agree that a police presence was involved, they cannot agree on what actually happened to her. Mayorga, who was 15 at the time, claims someone carried her clothes out of the house. The woman told her mother about her encounter with the footballer.

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Despite the settlement, the allegations against Ronaldo have resurfaced once again. A story published in the German newspaper Der Spiegel referred to the case. In a recent interview with Der Spiegel, her attorney, Mark Stovall, claimed that Ronaldo had violated the NDA by leaking information to a German newspaper. The story also referred to the settlement and his lawyer, Michael Stovall, denied the allegations.

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Does he sexually assault her?

The sexual assault allegations against soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo are not new. European newspapers have published stories about Ronaldo’s past behavior, including one about an incident involving Kathryn Mayorga. In Der Spiegel, a story called “Cristiano Ronaldo’s Secret” referred to this specific incident. Kathryn Mayorga’s lawyer, Mark Stovall, filed a civil lawsuit on her client’s behalf and interviewed Ronaldo for the story.

The case against the soccer star has been dropped after the Las Vegas police said that “no charges will be filed.” In June, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office investigated the allegations and concluded that the allegations are not beyond a reasonable doubt. Despite the allegations, Mayorga has changed her attorneys. She is still refusing to identify the man in the video. But she is not giving up hope, as she’s been questioned by police several times.

In 2009, a Spanish court ruled that Mayorga was not of legal age when she signed a non-disclosure agreement with Ronaldo. As a result, the case has never been prosecuted. Although the two-year-old incident was covered by a non-disclosure agreement, there are other possible factors that make the case even more complicated. The first possibility is that Mayorga didn’t know who the suspect was. Secondly, the case could have involved a “falsehood” or a falsehood.

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In June 2009, Mayorga filed a lawsuit claiming that Ronaldo sexually assaulted her in Las Vegas. The soccer superstar denied the charges and maintains that the encounter was consensual. She initially reported the incident to Las Vegas police, but the case was dropped because Mayorga didn’t identify the attacker or provide a location for the incident. Ultimately, she was able to secure a $375,000 settlement with the footballer after a confidential agreement.

Although the case is a complicated one, the jury must determine whether or not the claim against the soccer star is believable. While the accused is unlikely to win, the victim may be entitled to compensation. If she is proven to be right, the soccer star could be sued for $75 million. If she wins, she will get her 75 million. The alleged assault left Mayorga in an emotional state and may face financial repercussions.

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The allegations against Ronaldo were exposed in the Soccer Leaks document, and were first reported in Der Spiegel in 2017. The football player’s lawyer, Rui Pinto, told the publication to stop publishing the documents. The documents contained confidential and privileged information, which were passed on to Stovall. The hush money settlement was ultimately declared void by the judge. The soccer star may appeal the decision to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court in San Francisco.

According to the allegations, Cristiano Ronaldo sexually assaulted Kathryn Mayorga in 2009 while playing for Las Vegas. She later sued him, and received PS305k ($375k) from him in a confidentiality agreement. Although the case against Cristiano Ronaldo has been dismissed, the soccer player has denied the accusations. The settlement was reached despite the fact that Mayorga was not of sound mind when she consented to the settlement.

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At the hearing, the court was faced with a plethora of questions. The first was whether Mayorga was able to understand the settlement agreement. The second, which concerns undue influence, involves unfair practices. Courts are more likely to recognize undue influence when an individual is vulnerable or impaired. In this case, Stovall cites emails that indicate that Ronaldo’s attorneys were aware of Mayorga’s health problems and discussed how to help her overcome those issues.

The third issue concerns the police. Although Kathryn Mayorga’s parents try to reconstruct the police encounter, they are unable to reach a consensus. Kathryn Mayorga claims that someone carried her clothes out of the house. Then she finally confessed to her mother what happened. The case was later dismissed. There are countless other questions that remain unanswered.

Police initially declined to pursue the criminal case after a friend referred the case to them. However, after a year of waiting, the Las Vegas police reopened its investigation. In July of this year, the Clark County district attorney’s office decided not to pursue any charges, citing a lack of evidence. There are also no criminal convictions against Ronaldo as of yet.

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