Facts You May Not Know About Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianluigi Buffon

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been unforgiving against Gianluigi Buffon. This is evident from his goals in every Champions League final and Peace Cup semi-final. However, it is still a mystery why Ronaldo is so cruel against the Italian. Here are some things you may not know about Ronaldo’s record against Buffon. The list includes:

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Ronaldo has scored every time he has faced Gianluigi Buffon

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a fixture on the Juventus goal for years. The Juventus goalkeeper has never given Cristiano Ronaldo much trouble, and the Portugal superstar has scored five goals in five meetings with Buffon. He has also tallied six goals against Bayern Munich. Read on for more facts about Ronaldo and Gianluigi Buffon. The former Real Madrid and Juventus keeper has won three Champions Leagues and four La Liga games.

While Buffon is expected to retire at the end of this season, the Argentine has been in top form so far. The Italian international has a strong influence and a great deal of experience with Juventus. With Ronaldo’s scoring, Buffon will benefit. But he will have to be at his best against this Brazilian. If Buffon can keep up, he will continue to win the Champions League.

Juventus lost their DNA when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo. Buffon, who had won the Champions League with Real Madrid, said that Juventus had no DNA after signing the Portuguese superstar. Buffon argues that Juventus lost their identity after signing Ronaldo in 2018.

A player two inches taller than Ronaldo, Manuel Neuer has only kept one clean sheet against Ronaldo. Buffon is Italy’s most consistent goalkeeper and has a storied career. In fact, Buffon has only been beaten by Ronaldo once. He also had one clean sheet against Ronaldo in the World Cup in 2004. In the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich, Ronaldo scored in every game.

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Ronaldo has scored in every Champions League final

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in every Champions League final. He’s won three, tied one, and scored one against each of his former teams. Cristiano has also scored in every final since joining Real Madrid, including two against Chelsea and one against Atletico Madrid. Against Buffon, Ronaldo has an excellent record, averaging more than one goal per game. In fact, he’s managed to score in all three of his previous finals against the Juventus goalkeeper.

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Juventus and Real Madrid share the same Champions League group. During this time, Juventus scored three goals in three finals, and Real Madrid won four. The players also shared the group stage, so the match between the two sides was a rematch of the 2009 Copa Del Rey semi-final. However, in the 2017 Champions League final, Ronaldo scored twice. He made a spry sprint to get to the ball and tapped the ball into the net.

Juventus are one of the biggest sides in Europe, with a renowned goalkeeper in Gianluigi Buffon. Juventus were beaten 3-0 by Netherlands in the 2014/15 final, and were unable to stop Ronaldo’s goals in all three semifinals. But Cristiano Ronaldo has a history against Buffon, having scored in every final against the Italian giants.

After Buffon’s ejection, Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded a penalty. The Spaniard hit an unstoppable penalty kick past Wojciech Szczesny, and ran to the corner flag to celebrate. The goal was Ronaldo’s 120th in the competition, and he became the first player to score in 11 consecutive Champions League games.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has averaged 47 goals per season in his career. He tied Alfredo Di Stefano’s record of seven in Euro 2008 European Qualifying. In FIFA matches, he is the most prolific goalscorer with 815 in 81 games. And he is the only player to average 47 goals per season. If he plays in the Champions League final again, it’ll be a record for him.

Ronaldo has scored in every Peace Cup semi-final

Juventus Turin shocked Real Madrid 2-1 in the semi-final, to advance to the 2009 Peace Cup final. The Italian club had a shaky pre-season but has since exploded in the Peace Cup, beating Sevilla 2-1 and Seongnam Ilhwa 3-0. Real Madrid will be up for a fight, though, considering the history between the two clubs.

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The Portuguese star is desperate to be fit for the final, and has suffered a dislocated shoulder in training. He is the second Villa player to sustain injury this tournament, after Stiliyan Petrov was forced to withdraw from the competition. However, his injury has been more serious than the other two. The injury he suffered in training is not the only blight on his World Cup campaign.

In the 2010 Peace Cup, Ronaldo started the game against Sergio Ramos, but it was Spain’s turn to dominate the match. But he had a difficult time influencing Portugal’s fortunes against a top team. Portugal had just 39 per cent of the ball in Cape Town, and managed to manage three shots on target, with only Cristiano Revero sending off Ricardo Costa in the dying minutes.

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During the 2012 UCL semi-final against Buffon, Ronaldo became the Public Enemy No.1 after a stamping on Ricardo Carvalho. Ronaldo then went on to score the winning penalty in the shootout. After a goalless first half, the game went to penalty shootout, where Ronaldo was the only one to score.

Before halftime, Buffon had a quiet evening. However, after the penalty was awarded, Ronaldo had already netted in all previous semi-finals against Buffon. After conceding the penalty, Buffon dived to the left and was denied from scoring. Later in the game, Buffon failed to make a simple catch, which Ronaldo tried to capitalise on. Although Buffon made a superb save to keep the game a level playing field, he was a definite nuisance and failed to provide any kind of protection for the team.

When the 2006 World Cup rolled around, Ronaldo was a young player and was still making his name. At age 25, he had already become one of the most expensive players in the world, signing with Real Madrid for EUR94 million. He was Portugal’s captain and was the most expensive player of that year. But his time in South Africa was limited as he failed to score in the World Cup qualification matches.

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Ronaldo is merciless against Buffon

Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has been a hero of the Italian football team for almost two decades now. He was able to defeat Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid to claim the Champions League in 2016. But is he still a better player than the Italian? Buffon has been in the spotlight lately due to his recent poor form. Despite this, Buffon has been praised as a great goalkeeper.

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When it comes to the Ballon d’Or, many people have argued that Buffon should be one of the front runners. Despite what Buffon did with Juventus this season and overall, he simply cannot compete with Cristiano and Lionel Messi. But the Italian goalkeeper is a legend in his own right. And that is the kind of success Buffon deserves. The Italian is truly an inspiration, and he deserves the honour.

Besides his five goals against the top six, Ronaldo is merciless against Buffon. He’s never conceded a goal against Buffon, and he’s only been beaten by Sergei Ryzhikov four times. Compared to other goalkeepers, Buffon has kept eight Clean Sheets in 26 matches. Sergio Aguero, meanwhile, has nine goals against Buffon. The Argentine also holds the record for goals against the Italian.

The Italian football world has yet to see a similar performance to Ronaldo’s. Buffon has been the best goalkeeper in club competition for over two decades, averaging 0 goals in 14 games. But Buffon’s record of nine defeats against Ronaldo’s 20 goals is unsurpassed. That’s what makes Buffon such a good goalkeeper. With this pristine record, Buffon will be able to make some history of his own.

After a successful first spell at Juventus, Ronaldo joined Manchester United in the summer. He scored 101 goals in 135 appearances and won the Serie A twice, but couldn’t lead the club to Champions League glory. Juventus lost in Cardiff to Real Madrid in 2014, but that shouldn’t discourage any team from trying again. With Cristiano Ronaldo as a star, they should be able to make it to the final of the Italian Cup, where they lost to Atalanta in the last eight.

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