Has Frenkie De Jong Been Good For FC Barcelona?

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Has Frenkie De Jong been a good addition to FC Barcelona? Some say he has been. Some argue that he has not been adaptable enough to fit into the manager’s style and system. Others point out that he lacks leadership and accountability. Let’s take a closer look at his attributes. What’s his best attribute? He is a good passer.

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Frenkie De Jong has been good for FC Barcelona

The Dutch international has had a poor first season at Barca, but there was a lot of expectation that he would improve. His skills have been questioned though, and he was signed for a huge transfer fee. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the Catalan side. If he stays at the club and is given time to settle, he could prove to be an important addition to the squad.

The Dutch international has struggled to impress during his time at Barcelona, but has emerged as a key player in Ajax’s Champions League run last season. He has been linked with a move to Manchester United, where Erik ten Hag is now manager. But he has insisted he is not keen to leave Barcelona this summer. The Barcelona hierarchy is under pressure to boost their finances, and Frenkie De Jong has been identified as an asset they can sell.

Despite the lack of consistency, Frenkie has been a good signing for FC Barcelona. The Netherlands international joined Barcelona on July 1 and was rewarded with a contract. He helped Ajax win the Eredivisie for the first time since 2013/2014. He was named the Eredivisie Player of the Season and was awarded the Xavi Award. But the Dutch international’s season is far from over. He has yet to find the right replacement for De Jong, but his presence in the Barcelona midfield has been vital.

Despite the lack of interest in the Belgian international, De Jong has remained loyal to the Catalan club. He has accepted his transfer list status while awaiting for an offer in the Champions League. So far, there is no concrete interest from other clubs, but Manchester United is the only club who can offer De Jong a Champions League spot next season. If he remains at Barcelona, this is a good sign for the club’s financial situation.

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The Netherlands have won the Nations League with the help of a strong attacking line. The Dutch team’s success under Frank de Jong has boosted the club’s reputation as one of the world’s best midfielders. De Jong was pivotal to Ajax’s success in the Eredivisie and the KNVB Cup, as well as the UEFA Champions League. He has been a very good signing for the Catalans, but his future at the club is uncertain.

While De Jong has been a great player at FC Barcelona, he has been unable to replicate his form under Erik ten Hag. Though he has had some good moments, his performances have not been as impressive as they were at Ajax. The Ajax philosophy and style of play are radically different from those of FC Barcelona. That means De Jong may be better off with another team.

He needs to adapt to manager’s needs

After moving to Barcelona from Ajax for a hefty fee, Frenkie De Jong has had a difficult start to life at the Nou Camp. A former playmaker, Frenkie was one of the best in Europe when at Ajax. However, he failed to settle in the Barcelona team and struggled to find a regular position. As a result, he has struggled to make an impression under his new manager, Quique Setien.

The style of football played by Setien is very different from the one played by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at FC Barcelona. His style of play is more controlled and requires players to switch positions and attack space. Frenkie De Jong is a technical and cerebrally sharp player with excellent ball skills. The style of play has changed somewhat, and he must adjust to suit the manager’s demands.

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A good example of this is Frenkie Meyer’s versatility. The stoke-born defender is able to play in several roles in midfield, from driving forward with his progressive passing, to playing in a box-to-box midfield role. He also has the ability to play a number ten role when needed. In Ajax’s senior team, he has broken into the midfield, but has struggled with this role.

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As a link-up man, De Jong has the ability to distribute to attacking players. He is a Dutch international and can contribute to the majority of the pitch’s dynamics. While his role in Barcelona was more of a support role than a striker, he did not have the luxury of playing second fiddle in the side. The Netherlands will certainly miss him if he is able to adapt to the manager’s needs.

The Dutchman has a wealth of talent in his squad. He can carry the ball forward, create space for teammates, and score goals. His first touch and his ability to create space are also strong points, and he knows exactly what to do when the opposition is all over him. However, his physicality could be an issue, especially in English football. The Dutch international does not have the strength to compete with stronger players.

While Erik ten Tag is confident that De Jong will join Manchester United, the Dutch international has yet to settle down at Barcelona. It’s believed that a move to Old Trafford will bring a reunion with former manager Erik Ten Hag. A deal of PS70 million could tempt the Catalans to sell De Jong if a club is willing to meet the demands of the English manager.

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Ten Hag knows the Dutchman and is looking to build his team around him. Ten Hag will have time to experiment with De Jong and find out what works for him. The two previously worked together at Ajax. At Ajax, De Jong had a lot of freedom to play and thrived in his position. It was a success that led to his massive reputation in the game. Since his debut, he has worked with 11 different coaches.

He lacks leadership and accountability

Frenkie De Jong is one of the best attacking midfielders in Europe, but the Dutchman’s recent comments on the sidelines have drawn ire from Barcelona management. In his post-match comments, the Dutchman blasted the national team and talked about the problems at the club. Managers believe that de Jong lacks leadership and accountability for FC Barcelona. However, the club is unlikely to drop him.

While Barcelona is well-known for their attacking play, the club needs an authoritarian manager who can get the job done without appeasing the fans. They don’t have Andres Iniesta or Xavi to do this. Arthur is similarly cut from the same cloth as De Jong. Ultimately, however, it is important to remember that De Jong’s lack of leadership and accountability is a problem.

It’s not just in European competition that Barcelona has had meltdowns. While they’ve bounced back from their first defeat to PSG with a 6-1 victory in Remontada, they couldn’t do the same against Juventus. The team suffered a 7-0 aggregate loss to Bayern Munich in 2013 and lost a massive seven-goal lead in the UEFA Champions League. The failure to lead means that Barcelona is not able to keep up with the tide.

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The Netherlands international has made significant strides in his career as a player. Although he has struggled in his time with Barcelona, his emergence has made him a key player in the team’s midfield. At the age of 22, he has already made a name for himself as one of the best midfielders in the world. He played for Ajax under Erik ten Hag, who is currently the manager of Manchester United. In all, he is worth around PS65m.

The value of De Jong is not quite what some would have you believe. The midfielder’s salary at Barcelona and amortizations are far less than the price paid by Ajax three years ago. Yet, De Jong has lived in Barcelona and is enjoying a prominent role at the club. His wages at Barcelona are also far below the average for midfielders. This makes the transfer worth considering, even if Barca paid a high price for him.

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Barca need to reduce Frenkie De Jong’s salary

Barcelona need to reduce Frenkie De Jong’s salary by EUR40 million before they can convince him to stay at the club for a third season. The Dutch defender is currently paid around ten million euros a season, a far cry from the €30 million he is due next season. Although Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said that they will do everything they can to keep De Jong, his entourage has already made it clear that they do not want him to leave the club. Nevertheless, it is not yet clear what the impact of the cut on De Jong’s salary will be in his decision to stay in the Catalan capital.

The Dutchman has already indicated that he is willing to accept a pay cut to stay at the club, but the situation is more complicated than that. The club has a contract with De Jong which would be up until October 2026. In the meantime, if the Dutchman leaves, Barca would have to pay him PS17m immediately. This would leave the club with no guarantee of keeping him, and the wait would be agonising for Ten Hag.

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The Dutch international has been linked with Manchester United and has been heavily linked with a move to Old Trafford. Manchester United have reportedly made offers for De Jong, but Barcelona have rejected them all. Although the deal was said to be 90% completed last week, it has been slow to come to fruition. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has made contradictory statements regarding the situation, but he insists the player is not for sale.

A report in Marca has claimed that Barcelona owe De Jong up to EUR100 million. However, the Dutchman is unlikely to be sold for that amount and will likely remain at the club for the next 25 years. The club sold a ten per cent stake in La Liga for EUR207.5 million to the French club in return for a cash injection. However, the underlying reason is not entirely clear.

Barcelona need to reduce midfielder’s wage demands

A recent report suggests that Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta is trying to convince the Dutch international to cut his wage demands. Although Barcelona has no intention of selling De Jong, Marca claims the club may be forced to sell him because of their financial crisis. De Jong is due to receive PS75m in wages and up to PS12m in performance-related bonuses from 2020 to 2026. De Jong’s wages have already been cut by around half in response to a coronavirus pandemic last year, but his wage demands are due to double before the 2023-24 season.

If De Jong is serious about leaving Barcelona, it is vital that he agrees to a cut in wages. The Dutchman is one of the highest paid players at Barcelona. In addition, he is owed Barcelona’s salary for a previous concession and needs convincing to leave. If Barcelona does want to sell him, they need to reduce his wage demands. There are two ways to convince him to drop his wage demands: either make the move or reduce it.

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One way to convince him to drop his demands is to offer a higher salary. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has repeatedly stressed that he does not want to sell Frenkie de Jong, but a transfer fee could help pay off the player’s wages. The Dutch international has also been linked with Manchester United. But the two sides have yet to meet in person. In any case, Frenkie de Jong would prefer to stay at the Camp Nou and is unlikely to accept a pay cut.

It is a well known fact that Barcelona’s financial problems have forced them to sell players. The Dutch club has already sold a tenth of its television rights and are having trouble signing other players. They have also been unable to sign Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessie, two players who were free transfers, as they cannot afford them. Hence, a loan move seems more likely if the Dutch international agrees to cut his wage demands.

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Barca want to reduce midfielder’s wage demands

Barcelona are keen to cut the wage demand of the Dutch midfielder, who is owed more than EUR100 million by the Dutch club. The Dutch club is considering selling De Jong to Manchester United, where the Dutch international would earn a lot more than at Barcelona. The club recently sold 10 per cent of the TV rights of La Liga for the next 25 years, which has resulted in a cash injection of EUR207.5 million. However, this could put Barcelona at risk of paying the Dutch midfielder’s wage demands immediately.

The Dutch international is expected to earn about ten million euros per season, which is far more than Barcelona’s new wage scale. However, Barca are banking on De Jong’s repeated commitment to stay in the Catalan club next season. They believe that De Jong will accept the cut, in order to regain around 85 million euros. This move could lead to an agreement with Tottenham.

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In the meantime, Manchester United are reportedly keen on a reunion with Frenkie De Jong. The Dutchman has played with Erik ten Hag at Ajax, where they forged a great partnership. The pair are keen to work together again, after enjoying a fruitful spell together at Ajax. And, with the current situation between Barcelona and Manchester United, it seems that both clubs will do all they can to keep De Jong.

Manchester United and Barcelona have been negotiating over the transfer of Frenkie de Jong for years. The Spanish club has repeatedly said that De Jong is not for sale, despite the fact that they agreed to pay an initial fee of EUR65 million, with additional add-ons of PS17million. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the deal, Manchester United has been unable to complete a deal until they clear the deferred payments.

In the meantime, Besiktas are also keen to extend Pjanic’s loan spell at the club. However, wage issues mean that Barca are unlikely to complete a deal. Meanwhile, Azpilicueta’s wage demands are reasonable given his long experience at the Chelsea club. This has prevented Barcelona from making an offer for the player.

Barcelona want to sell Frenkie De Jong to Manchester United

Despite a recent report suggesting that the Catalan giants are close to completing the signing of a Dutch midfielder, it appears that a deal with Manchester United has stalled due to a dispute over De Jong’s wages. According to reports, Barcelona and United have reached a preliminary agreement over De Jong’s transfer but the Catalan giants will not cough up the PS24million transfer fee, despite Manchester United’s refusal to accept this sum.

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However, the talks between United and Barcelona are still ongoing and the Catalan giants appear to be prepared to make a deal as long as they agree on a fee for the Dutch midfielder. Although the United chief executive Richard Arnold has reportedly stated that the deal is still a long way off, Cope believes that the Catalan giants are determined to sell De Jong.

Despite the recent reports, Barcelona have no intention of selling Frenkie De Jong to Manchester United. However, it has been claimed that the two sides have reached an agreement over the transfer fee. According to Sky Sports News, the fee was worth EUR65 million (PS56 million), and performance-related add-ons will add another £20m to the cost. However, a move for De Jong is far from certain given Barcelona’s financial situation.

Another reason why Barca are interested in selling De Jong to Manchester United is the potential to bring in Bernardo Silva. Both sides have shown interest in the Belgian but Silva’s role at City makes it difficult for Barca to secure the deal. In such a case, City will only accept a massive bid for the Belgian. It is also thought that the deal with De Jong will allow the Spanish giants to make a EUR100m profit on Bernardo Silva.

Despite De Jong’s recent transfer to the Premier League, the club are aware that Barcelona will sell the midfielder due to their financial problems. As a result, they will likely be forced to sell the player in order to clear the squad. With this in mind, United will have to look elsewhere to find a midfielder. If De Jong is indeed sold to Manchester United, it will be a relief for Erik Ten Hag.

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