How Hardworking is Cristiano Ronaldo Compared to Lionel Messi?

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If we compare the two great players on a number of different criteria, we’ll find that Messi is far more physical and intensely trained than Ronaldo, but how much more mentally tough is he? If Messi is the best player of all time, is Ronaldo the best example? Let’s find out! During his career, Ronaldo has worked tirelessly to achieve the same goals that Messi has achieved.

Ronaldo’s hardworking compared to Messi

The best way to compare Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is to measure their hardworking. Ronaldo’s is more impressive than Messi’s, as he trains like a madman. Messi, on the other hand, is a superstar who makes his team better. It’s a good idea to consider both players’ hardworking abilities when comparing them, but which one is better?

One can argue that Messi is a natural athlete, while Ronaldo is a trained product. While Messi may have more natural talent, both players train hard to reach their potential. The idea that someone was born with an uncanny ability or talent is both ignorant and ridiculous. The only thing more insidious than claiming someone was born with innate talent is to call them a genius.

While the statistics and facts about both players are endless, one cannot forget the intangibles. Ronaldo spends 3-4 hours a day training, five days a week, averaging six hours a day. He was often the last one to leave training, which speaks to his hunger and thirst for the game. This type of dedication and drive to succeed is what distinguishes one player from another.

As a marketable player, Ronaldo is better known than Messi, and many big companies prefer him as a marketing opportunity than Messi. Despite their differences in style and ability on the field, Ronaldo is a better sportman. Messi has been forced to retire after losing a match, while Ronaldo has never done so. He’s arguably the greatest player in the history of Portuguese football.

Ronaldo is the better goal scorer, but Messi has more overall success. Messi has more goals per game, but is more efficient at assisting. However, Messi has an upper-hand in overall goal contribution per minute. As for a goal/assist ratio, Messi has the edge in La Liga. A comparison of the two players will give you a clearer picture of which one has the edge over the other.

Ronaldo’s physical training compared to Messi

Many compare Ronaldo’s physical training to that of Messi, but there’s no direct comparison between the two. Both players work out regularly, but Messi’s routine is far more intense. He practices pillar skips, hurdle hops, squats, split squats, and acceleration drills to gain speed. The physical training that both players undergo is based on speed, not strength.

One of the main differences between Messi and Ronaldo comes in their goal-creating abilities. While Messi has more assists, Ronaldo has more contributions in the Champions League. Messi has also excelled at Manchester United and Real Madrid. In a battle of GOAT, the goal-creating ability of the player is an important factor. So who is the better goal-scorer?

Both Messi and Ronaldo have an edge in physical attributes. Although Messi has an advantage in height and top end speed, Ronaldo’s natural agility makes him a better passer and dribbler. In addition, both players have an advantage in teamwork. However, it is not always easy to separate the two in the sport. The first thing to note is that Messi’s height, agility, and low center of gravity are more similar to those of Cristiano Ronaldo than to Messi.

The second difference is in physical training. Messi’s physical training is far more intense than that of Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s contract with Manchester United is similar to that of a slave. But Messi is three years younger. His teammate was booed at Old Trafford, while Cristiano racked up a hat trick. And Ronaldo, who is the better goal scorer?

However, Messi’s goalscoring ability is more consistent. Ronaldo hasn’t reached the 30-goal mark in recent seasons, while Messi has a remarkable goal rate. And the best part is that Messi is expected to continue to improve his goal scoring rate. And his incredible goal rate will help him go far in the future. He has the talent to surpass Ronaldo in this regard, despite his lack of experience at the top level.

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Ronaldo’s dedication to his career

While Messi’s dedication to the game is praised, Cristiano Ronaldo is even more dedicated. According to his former coach, the Real Madrid star used to train alone and eat six times a day. While Messi is famous for his intense training regime, Ronaldo stays dedicated to his career despite his hectic schedule. His former coach, Rio Ferdinand, told the television broadcaster Gary Lineker about Ronaldo’s competitiveness.

Although Ronaldo has surpassed Messi in goals scored, the latter has a clear advantage when it comes to assists. In fact, his goal-creation ability is a major factor in determining the GOAT. Ronaldo also makes a significant contribution to Champions League goals, which is why his career totals are so much more impressive than Messi’s. But a number of people might still be hesitant to rate Ronaldo’s assist totals.

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Nevertheless, the comparison between Messi and Ronaldo can’t be ignored. Ronaldo’s career has spanned more than two decades and has more goals than Messi’s. Furthermore, he has played more games than Messi, claiming the record for the most Champions League appearances, while Messi has only 89. Meanwhile, Messi has been considered an under-performer in World Cups, while Ronaldo has an unmatched ability to find the back of the net.

Messi has the more impressive trophy tally. Both have won multiple titles and countless individual awards, such as the FIFA World Cup and the Champions League. Moreover, both have led their countries to the finals of the Champions League in recent years. And while Messi has dominated the Premier League, Ronaldo has been equally successful as an individual. He has won everything in La Liga, and has collected four Ballon d’Or awards.

Aside from playing for the best club sides in the world, Ronaldo also puts in enormous effort and dedication in training. This is necessary to maximize his potential. His style of play requires him to have an extremely high level of fitness to perform any skill with accuracy. Messi has a similar level of fitness, but it is a little difficult to execute a high-tech skill if one is fatigued.

Ronaldo’s mental toughness compared to Messi

The two most dominant players in world soccer are Ronaldo and Messi, but the question is: do they have the same mental toughness? Considering their recent El Clasico match, the difference between them may surprise you. Both players responded well to the pressure of being compared to their rivals, while Messi was able to maintain his high level of performance, arguably even becoming more brilliant than usual. Ronaldo, on the other hand, knew that a win against Valencia would erase the sting of losing to Barcelona in Camp Nou and was largely peripheral for the match. Unlike Messi, however, Ronaldo’s mental toughness may not be as well-known as Messi’s physical prowess, but he did score a goal against Valencia despite being out of the match for much of it.

Although the two players have similar game styles, Ronaldo has more experience. While Messi is a more natural goal scorer, his first major competition was the Spanish La Liga, in which he scored eight goals in seven games. Both players had to adjust to new situations, and the pressure of a final against Greece was especially difficult for them. They both had to adapt to their new environment, and that meant that their mental toughness has been tested in difficult conditions. However, the fact remains that Ronaldo is much more mentally tough than Messi.

Both players have great athleticism, but Messi is the better all-round player. He has better jumps, stronger shots, and a faster sprint. However, he has the edge in dribbling and is much faster when receiving the ball. Additionally, Messi’s agility makes him unstoppable when he has the ball. And Messi’s tenacity when tackling is underrated. Messi’s tackle against Venezuela ended some players’ careers.

Neither player is particularly gifted at taking penalties. While Messi is capable of taking penalties, he always seems to doubt his ability to convert them. Ronaldo, on the other hand, has converted 48.9% of his penalties. Messi, however, is not a keeper’s dream. It’s not clear why Messi has a greater mental toughness, but his consistent performance is a good sign of mental toughness.

There are many best seasons in the career of Cristiano Ronaldo, but which one is the most significant? The answer depends on your definition of best. Some people will say that season 2011-12 was the best season because it was when all of his traits were at their peak. Others will choose season 2007-08 over season 2009-10. But whatever your criteria, the season 2011-12 is the season of his greatest performance.

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Despite his ill-fated season in the 2010/11 campaign, Cristiano Ronaldo had his best season in 2011/12. In La Liga, Ronaldo scored 48 goals and provided 17 assists. This was his best ever season. In 35 games, he averaged two contributions. In the Champions League, he scored five goals and assisted six others. He also won the Champions League and European Super Cup.

In a number of interviews, Ronaldo has spoken about his ‘close friend’ Jasmine. According to the Portuguese forward, the ‘female version of the Real Madrid captain is a big influence on the team’s success. The ‘female’ version of Cristiano Ronaldo has been compared to Mary Kom in recent years. Despite the ‘gender-bending’ nature of the sex, the player has been a major star in his club’s success for several years.


In terms of goals and the Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo’s best season was the 2007-08 campaign. Only a handful of athletes are able to produce a 12-month run of brilliant play. Cruising at such a high level consistently is the hallmark of a true great. It would be unfair to compare Ronaldo’s best season to Mo Salah’s. However, the former Real Madrid man is still a player worth watching.

This season was the first time that he scored as many as thirty goals in one season. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 31 goals in 34 games and finished seven goals ahead of Emmanuel Adebayor and Fernando Torres. In fact, his haul of goals is the fourth highest in EPL history. It is difficult to compare Cristiano Ronaldo’s season with that of Argentine star Lionel Messi, but it’s still an impressive feat.


It’s hard to argue with Cristiano Ronaldo’s stats from the 2008/09 season. The Portuguese superstar won the Ballon d’Or that season, scored 42 goals, and led Portugal to their first major tournament title. Not only that, he also won the Premier League and the Champions League, as well as the Club World Cup. It’s hard to argue with his recent form, especially given that he has only started one game for Real Madrid this season.

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The Portuguese star joined Manchester United from Sporting CP in 2003, but didn’t really light up the Premier League until the 2007/08 season. Although he had a modest scoring record prior to this season, he went on to win a hat-trick of trophies in a row. His best season in the EPL was the one he won with Manchester United, scoring 26 goals in all competitions that season. Ronaldo’s game has matured over the years, as he’s now a combination of pace and skills. He has also added power to his game, which he incorporated into his game during the 2008/09 season.


When it comes to scoring goals and passing the ball, Messi and Ronaldo are undoubtedly better. But their assist records aren’t as impressive. The Portuguese has a lower assist record than his Barcelona counterpart, who has made 109 attempts. However, his defensive record is still far superior. While Ronaldo has been less effective in recent seasons, he is still a deadly threat. His lightning-quick feet make him difficult to beat in the air, and he’s always on the ball, even when he’s being kicked or hacked.

Both Messi and Ronaldo are prolific goal scorers, but Messi is more prone to fouls. The former has been accused of faking injuries and going down too easily to help his team. However, there is no doubting the passion that both players have for the game. Both players are driven to win, and their close battles in the final scoreline is a testament to that.


In the 2010-11 season, Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed his best season since signing for Real Madrid in 2009. He scored a record 61 goals in all competitions and had his most prolific campaign ever. In the LaLiga, he averaged 5.6 shots per game and scored six trebles. The season ended with Real Madrid finishing as runners-up to Barcelona, but Ronaldo led the team to the UEFA Champions League final. He also helped the team to win the Copa del Rey and the European Super Cup.

At 6 feet and a half, Ronaldo was an intimidating presence on the field. Originally a right winger, he developed into a powerful forward. He had an amazing talent for finding gaps in opposition defences, and his dribbling, free-rein style eluded defenders. The goal-scoring prowess of Ronaldo was unbeatable, and he continued to develop and mature as a player.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s best season in the 2011-12 season was his second best in all of football. His tally of 50 goals was the best in a single season, and his best moment came against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey. Ronaldo also won the European Golden Shoe and the Club World Cup, two titles that would have seemed impossible a few years ago. The season was also notable for other reasons.

That season, Ronaldo became the most followed person on Instagram. He helped Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid win the La Liga title with 100 points. The Portuguese international netted 46 goals and assisted 19 others. Despite his remarkable stats, it seemed that he was playing on another planet that season. He was playing against the likes of Lionel Messi, and it was a season like no other.


If you’re looking for a way to quantify Cristiano Ronaldo’s season, you should start by assessing his goals. His season was marked by a string of hat-tricks. He scored five against Espanyol and three against Celta Vigo. He scored 36 league goals, which was an incredible return for such a young player. While Real Madrid were beaten by Barcelona in the La Liga title race, the Portuguese superstar’s goals were crucial in winning La Liga.

The Portugal forward made his senior debut in 2003. He helped his country win the European Championship in 2016 and the UEFA Nations League finals this year. In September, he broke Ali Daei’s world record for goals scored in men’s international matches, extending his record to 115. This is a season to remember for fans of the Portuguese superstar. But what if he had not made this remarkable season? The best season of his career has yet to come.


The Portugal international had a fantastic year at Real Madrid in 2014. After a slow start, he scored a whopping 34 La Liga goals. That includes two hat-tricks against Barcelona and Sevilla, and a hat-trick against Galatarasay. He also led his team to the La Liga title and the Champions League title. While he was quiet in the group stage, he exploded into the Champions League with seven goals and four assists in his last six games.

After a slow start, Ronaldo’s form returned in earnest in 2015, scoring an impressive 61 goals in 51 games. While his total goals were down from the previous year, he still surpassed his previous high of fifty-four. In particular, he scored five goals in nine games and registered career-highs in chances created for teammates. But his best season may be yet to come.


Although his season began slowly, Cristiano Ronaldo soon exploded with the pace of a cat. In just 36 league appearances, Ronaldo scored 35 goals, including hat-tricks against Alaves and Atletico Madrid. He also led Real Madrid to the La Liga title and the Champions League. In the Champions League, Ronaldo scored twice in six group-stage games and burst onto the stage in the knockout stage, where he won the tournament with a hat-trick.

Although Ronaldo has a long and successful career, the 2015-16 campaign was the one that helped him reach the top of his game. As a result, he topped his goal scoring totals in one calendar year and beat Gerd Muller’s 40-year-old record of 91 goals in 69 appearances for both club and country. In terms of total goals, Ronaldo is the most prolific goal scorer in history and is likely to continue to set unbreakable records for his entire career.


The Portuguese superstar’s first full season with Real Madrid ended in a flurry of goals for the defending Champions. After a slow start, Ronaldo struck six hat-tricks in La Liga, including a quintuple against Granada. He led Real Madrid to the title, but fell short of Barcelona’s title-winning exploits. The Portuguese forward’s impressive season continued into the Champions League, where he bagged 10 goals in 12 games. The season was crowned by his hat-trick against Bayern Munich, but was denied a place in the final by the German club.

In Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo’s season was marked by a number of firsts. He scored seven league titles and one Champions League title, achieving milestones and breaking records. At 33 years old, he was considered to be past his prime, but his performances in the Champions League made him a superstar. The Portuguese international scored 38 goals for Real Madrid in the 2016-17 season, an incredible record.

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