How Ronaldo CR7 Still Scores Goals and Continues to Play at a Top Level at 32 Years of Age

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Many of us wonder how Ronaldo CR7 still manages to score goals and continue to play at a top level at 32 years of age. Despite his age, his statistics are impressive, particularly when it comes to goal-to-game returns. The key to his continued success is his commitment to playing as the number one striker. Here are some facts about CR7.

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Ronaldo CR7’s record

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 is set to break the record for most goals scored by a footballer at his age by scoring 118 in just 292 games for Manchester United. He has now scored 450 goals in 438 matches for Real Madrid. And with his new-found form, he may even surpass his own record. The Portuguese legend has already surpassed a dozen of his own records, including the record for most consecutive games played by a player of his age.

CR7’s recent form has been in the spotlight after he scored his eighth treble in as many games for Real Madrid. The Portuguese striker has scored 88 goals and provided 23 assists in 86 UCL games. At 32 years old, he is the first player to score a treble in consecutive UCL knockout stages. He has also scored 21 goals in the Madrid derby, including two this season.

It’s no surprise that the Portuguese striker has set a record for the most goals at an early age. After all, he’s already accumulated millions of euros and a massive contract with the club. And he’s already done so while sacrificing a lot to help his country. He even auctioned off his 2012 Golden Boot Award to raise 1.5 million euros for the people of Gaza.

This Portuguese striker’s hunger for goals has paid off for years. He’s now the only footballer to score in every UEFA European campaign since Euro 2004. This is a feat that is difficult to top. Cristiano Ronaldo has broken several records during his career and remains unbeatable in the Champions League. He has also been the only player to score in three UCL finals.

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At the World Cup in June, CR7 broke a number of records – a record which he still holds. In the past year, he scored in five consecutive World Cup games, the most by an athlete in history. The record for most goals scored by an individual at a Champions League campaign was set by Ronaldo CR7, who was the youngest player at the time.

While his goals scored by a football player are impressive, he is not considered the greatest. Ronaldo’s relentless determination and high standards are unmatchable. His record-breaking ability has rekindled the adoration of United fans. His goal-scoring exploits have once again rekindled United fans’ love for their hero. However, there is no such thing as a perfect player.

As of July 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the all-time senior-career goal scorer title. The previous record holder, Josef Bican, was only 32 years old. This record won’t be surpassed anytime soon, as the only active player in the top ten is Lionel Messi, who is only three years younger than Ronaldo. And, as the greatest footballer of all time, Ronaldo has been recognized by FIFA and many of his achievements are legendary in the world of football.

Ronaldo’s goal-to-game return

At the time of writing, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 147 goals for his club and country. This feat puts him in pole position among the world’s top scorers. Last season, he scored 18 Premier League goals to finish third in the top flight. He also clinched the Golden Boot with his side, Juventus, and finished the season as the top scorer at Euro 2021.

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The move to PSG is the latest domino in an extraordinary transfer window. Former Barcelona forward Lionel Messi joined the French club after his contract expired after the Catalan club couldn’t afford to keep him. In addition to Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku left Inter Milan for Chelsea and Harry Kane failed to force his way from Tottenham to Manchester City. So, where does this leave the club?

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Despite the criticism, Ronaldo has always rebounded from such setbacks. Although he may be in his thirties, his gladiatorial spirit and physique haven’t slipped, and a goal-to-game return at 32 years old is still a remarkable achievement. Regardless of the blemishes, Ronaldo is still capable of scoring in the Premier League. So, the question remains – can he play for another three or four seasons?

Despite doubts about his future with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is in a position to make his mark. He is the first Portuguese player to reach the 100-goal milestone in a single season and is on course to become the first to win the Coppa Italia in 2021. The record he achieved against Porto is only one of many he will have.

Despite the recent flops, Ronaldo is still determined to be number one in the club. He has won 32 trophies for his club and country. At 32 years old, he has only one trophy-less season since 2005. With just eighteen months left on his Manchester United contract, he can still be the first player in history to win the Champions League six times.

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Cristiano Ronaldo equalled Michel Platini’s record for most goals in one Euros tournament. In the final, he was injured and was unable to play the entire game. Despite the injury, he was declared the Player of the Tournament by UEFA and the Golden Boot was won by Antoine Griezmann. With a record goal-to-game return at 32, Ronaldo is in a position to break all previous records and remain at the top of the world league for many years to come.

As of December, Ronaldo has scored 320 goals in 356 games for Real Madrid and Manchester United. He also has 450 goals in 586 games for Real Madrid and Juventus. This makes him the top scorer in all three European leagues. If this continues to happen, he’ll likely break Maldini’s record of 36 goals against Liverpool in 2005. But with so many goals in just a year, it’s hard to say what the future holds for the Portuguese star.

Ronaldo’s dedication to being number one

Is it possible for a man of 32 to become number one in the world? The answer is yes. Ronaldo is a natural talent and he got that ambition when he was young. Then, he fine-tuned himself and honed his skills, and he also spent all his money talking to people. Whether they agree with him or not, Ronaldo does not care, and I would argue that if you disagree with him, you are a lifelong loser.

The Portuguese striker’s dedication to becoming number one at 32 is admirable. Ronaldo has won 32 team trophies and is only missing one trophy since the 2005-2006 season. But is he serious about making it big in the US? Clearly, he is. With just 18 months left on his contract with Manchester United, Ronaldo must be worried about his future. In this interview, the Real Madrid star discusses his commitment to becoming number one at 32 years old.

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If Ronaldo continues to stay injury-free, he can play for many more seasons at the top level. Giorgio Chiellini, one of his former Juventus team-mates, suggested that he could play until he’s 40. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, but at least he will be in the top ranks for another decade. If you can’t wait that long, you should get started today!

It’s not an easy feat, but the Argentine superstar has a mental edge that is unrivaled by anyone else. The two are rivals for the number one spot at a young age and have a healthy rivalry that keeps them both better players. Cristiano is dedicated to fitness and has a personal trainer. He also works out at home. And he doesn’t go home after a European game if he’s not feeling well.

As a matter of fact, he’s been a world-class player since he was a teenager. He’s even won the coveted Ballon d’Or seven times. Considering his age, Ronaldo is only 32 years old and still has a chance to win the coveted trophy. So, how can he go on being number one? And, if he does, he’ll win it.

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In the midst of all the drama and glory, it’s hard to imagine anyone else but Ronaldo. His self-belief is undeniable, and he’s always looking out for himself. He carries a luxury car in his garage and a personal plane parked in the garage. This reflects his desire to feel in control and is proof of his relentless pursuit of success. The former Manchester United star seems uninterested in the Manchester United years under Sir Alex Ferguson and simply doesn’t care about it other than as a possible location for more personal trophies.

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A father of four, Cristiano is dedicated to being the best in the world. He has one daughter, Alex, who is nine months old. Another child, Alana, is also due later this year. And, if all of these were not enough to keep him as number one, he might have to take up a sport he loves – he can’t help but be number one.

Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo both grew tall after turning 18. While it is hard to imagine an athlete becoming taller, Michael Jordan did. Michael Jordan’s height increased by five inches after turning 18. And Cristiano Ronaldo was only 18 when he made his first appearance in the national soccer team. Cristiano Ronaldo’s height increased after turning 18 when he joined Real Madrid. But how did he manage to achieve such an incredible growth rate?


Cristiano Ronaldo’s height after turning eighteen is in the spotlight once again due to a recent photo. While Michael Jordan and others have grown tall after the age of 18, Cristiano has been doing the exact opposite. As a teenager, he was ridiculed for being skinny and questioned for his physique. However, the realisation of his true potential spurred him on to join Real Madrid.

Despite being a towering 6 feet 1 inch taller than his team-mate Lionel Messi, Cristiano is still only 17 centimetres shorter than Manchester United team-mate Paul Pogba. Ronaldo has scored more than 100 goals off the head, a quarter of which have been headed. The height he possesses has helped him dominate opposition defenders and make space for his teammates.

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While many of us are surprised to hear that Ronaldo is a tall soccer player, the real question is: how tall is he? The world’s most famous player stands at six foot one inches. Despite his remarkable vertical jumping ability, Ronaldo has a height well above the average male. While he’s only six feet, he’s still about half a meter taller than the average American male.

While soccer players can play at any height, it’s crucial to have a good vertical leap and strong legs. As a player, a soccer player needs to be taller than average in order to make a header. A soccer player must be tall enough to make an incredible header, and Ronaldo is a master at it. So, he has the height and the vertical leap to dominate. The above-mentioned advantages of his height are undoubtedly worth considering.

Exercise routine

If you’ve been following Cristiano Ronaldo’s career, you’ve probably noticed how tall he is. The real-life soccer star was 5ft 10″ when he was just 18 years old. Now at age 25 and 34, he stands at six feet and 1.5 inches. While the majority of soccer stars have been naturally tall, Ronaldo’s remarkable height increase came from an exercise routine.

The secret to Ronaldo’s success is consistency. While it’s not possible to become Cristiano Ronaldo overnight, he did reveal a few fitness tips that can help you achieve the same goal. First, don’t skip a warm-up; it decreases the chances of injury and increases your performance. And, of course, don’t forget to mix it up. By mixing cardio, weights, and stretching, you can make your workouts unique and effective. Moreover, you’ll be working different parts of your body and build muscle mass.

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Moreover, don’t overlook the power of eating the right foods. Healthy foods contain low calories. Eating fish is good for you – try bacalhau a braz, a traditional Portuguese dish of cod, onions, and potatoes. Protein shakes are a perfect accompaniment to your meal plan. You can even indulge in a birthday cake now and then. As long as you’re getting plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates, you’re on the right track. And if you want to stay fit, try a workout partner.

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Apart from his diet, Ronaldo also practices a rigorous exercise routine. His fitness regimen is not complicated, but it’s effective enough to boost your body’s performance and appearance. He works out 5 days a week, with only 2 days off, alternating between cardio and strength training. And he even exercises on rest days. The secret to Ronaldo’s incredible height? He spends two hours in the gym every day, and it’s definitely worth following.


Did genetics help Cristiano Ronaldo grow taller after 18? A recent study by a consortium of scientists has revealed that he is not the only soccer superstar with impressive height. A 28-inch vertical leap is just one example of his impressive athletic ability. Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus, is 2.56 meters tall and possesses a remarkable 71 centimeter height. He is also an excellent soccer player with a high jumping capability of up to two meters.


According to the latest reports on the diet of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid star eats six small meals a day and does not drink sugary beverages. He also avoids high-calorie drinks and sugary foods. Instead, he eats a lot of fish, olives, and eggs. The Portuguese star is not alone in his diet: other footballers such as Lionel Messi have achieved remarkable height after following the same diet.

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The Portuguese football star is a big fan of fish dishes, and his favorite meal is bacalhau a braz, a mixture of cod, onions, thinly sliced potatoes, and scrambled eggs. He also consumes plenty of fruit and lean proteins, and rarely orders greasy or frozen food. He also doesn’t consume alcohol and carbonated beverages.

In addition to his diet, Ronaldo also works out wherever he feels like it. He has a personal dietician, and he eats six small meals a day, one every three to four hours. He also follows a strict schedule of exercises, including sit-ups. Besides exercising, the footballer avoids sugary foods and eats smaller meals often to keep his metabolism high. He also relies on supplements to boost his recovery time, and his supplement stack includes a protein powder, joint support, and multi-vitamins.

His mother wanted to have an abortion while Ronaldo was pregnant, due to extreme poverty, alcoholism, and fear of having too many children. However, doctors refused to perform the abortion, and Cristiano’s mother was left to run around desperately hoping that Cristiano would die inside her belly. But luckily for him, he was born healthy. This diet plan has helped him grow taller after 18 and has been a secret of the football legend for years.

Growth hormone deficiency

There are many factors regulating height, and there are no magic formulas or exercises that will make you grow taller. Genetics are the most important factor, but there are other factors that can influence the growth of your height. Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer player from Portugal, is six feet tall. He did not do any special growth hormone supplements or exercises in his early life. In fact, he only began playing soccer when he was 16-17.

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There are many theories regarding the cause of growth hormone deficiency. Sometimes, a deficiency develops alongside another condition. In many cases, however, a deficiency of growth hormones can result in a person being short or even dwarfed. Some people believe that Cristiano Ronaldo was born too short, while others believe he grew taller after he turned 18.

The growth hormone used to treat Messi was banned by most sports. But there is an exception rule for use of banned substances when they are medically necessary. But the World Anti-Doping Agency only started testing Messi in 2004 and 2002. Nevertheless, the treatment costs $900 per month. It’s not easy to get signed to a team that won’t pay for his growth hormone medication.

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