How to Get an Agent Like Jorge Mendes If I Am a Footballer?

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You have heard of Jorge Mendes, the top football agent in the world, but have you ever wondered what it takes to work with him? The man is known for his work with superclubs and has been involved in a number of high-profile transfers. Although his methods have attracted criticism, his family-orientated nature makes him a great choice for a football agent.

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Jorge Mendes is the world’s top football agent

A former player, Jorge Mendes has become one of the world’s leading football agents. Having represented over fifty world class players, he has earned the title of the world’s most successful football agent. Born in Lisbon, Mendes has brokered over EUR1 billion of transfers. His clients include Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Costa, Jose Mourinho, and many others. His connections in the industry have earned him praise from Sir Alex Ferguson, who has referred to him as the best agent in the world.

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Jorge Mendes is a man of many talents. He is a talented left winger who has a passion for soccer. In his teenage years, he played for his local team Petrogal and played three-on-three games in the street square. He also worked in a cornetto factory, where his job was to hold a cone at the end of the process. He joked with his friends that this job was the most important job he had.

The Portuguese-born football agent has been described as a “half-human, half-mobile phone”. He has admitted to being on his phone for up to 18 hours a day. His dominance is so strong that few dare criticize him publicly. His recent moves include sealing Joao Felix’s EUR126 million move to Atletico Madrid, a deal that would have cost Manchester United EUR200 million. And he has also discussed whether Lille would be a better fit for Leo Jardim than Rio Ave.

He demands 10 per cent for every transfer

As a footballer, you probably want to get an agent as good as Jorge Mendes. He works on commission, so you will most likely be paying a little over PS1,000 a week. However, you can also expect to make a little more – ranging from PS1,000 to PS11,500 a year. Apart from these salaries, agents can also get you endorsement deals, which allow brands to use your name and face to promote their products and services. In 2018, Juventus and Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo made $47 million from endorsement deals.

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In order to get the attention of top managers and agents, you must be well-connected. You should know that Jorge Mendes has hundreds of clients. As a result, he does not have enough time to attend every training session. If you go to Juventus training, for example, he will be at the training ground with Cristiano Ronaldo, while Famalicao will be a few steps away from him. However, you should not let this discourage you from getting an agent, and should instead be glad you did.

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You may not be familiar with Mendes, but he is one of the most successful agents in the world. The Portuguese entrepreneur used to own a nightclub and eventually worked in the same industry. He eventually climbed the ranks and became one of the most powerful football agents in history. His work with Cristiano Ronaldo and Nuno Espirito Santo helped him gain international recognition and a lucrative contract.

He has been criticized for his methods

Mendes first made his name as a player, but was repeatedly turned down by clubs. After failing to make the cut in Portugal’s top division, he turned his attention to business, opening a video store and nightclub. He then formed an agency and began representing footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nuno Espirito Santo and Jose Mourinho. In the early 2000s, Mendes’ success was rewarded by being named the World’s Best Agent six times at the Globe Soccer Awards.

However, his methods have been criticised in other contexts as well, including the recent transfer of former Chelsea and Benfica players. In addition to bringing Dias and Nicolas Otamendi to Benfica, Mendes also helped bring Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge, bringing a manager with his ties to the Portuguese club. In 2004, Mendes also brought two Porto players – Jose Bosingwa and Deco – to Chelsea. His methods are not elusive, but rather effective, and he is often responsible for supplying a bulk of a team.

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In late 2015, Mendes and a wealthy Chinese investor named Guo Guangchang teamed up to set up a new agency in Shanghai, hoping to cash in on a controversial corner of European football. Among the people invited to the launch of the new partnership were Jorge Mourinho, José Mourinho, and a group of soccer glitterati. Reuters also obtained the documents and published them.

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He has been linked with cycling

Having represented the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho, Portugal’s former football manager Jorge Mendes has now entered the world of cycling. Founded in 2007, Polaris Sports is the exclusive representation company for athletes from the sport. They will be promoting the likes of Portuguese cyclists and cycling teams. As a result, Polaris will gain exposure for these Portuguese athletes. In addition to promoting the cyclists, the company will also work with two other Portuguese professionals. The agreement will also include the representation of two brothers in F1 racing.

The Corso Cycling Team is already represented by several prominent cyclists, including 2019 world road champion Mads Pedersen, powerful time trialist Mikkel Bjerg, and the Portuguese Rui and Ivo Oliveira, who are still in their teenage years. The new partnership with Mendes’ Polaris Sports will help the Corso Cycling Team promote up-and-coming Portuguese cyclists such as Rubin Guerreiro and Joao Almeida.

A Portuguese cycling megastar has already become a part of the football world, but this is not yet a certainty. He has been linked with cycling since January 2021, and will surely gain more prominence in the sport as time goes on. After all, he is a football superstar. If the Portuguese continue to make their mark in cycling, we can expect a huge amount of money. The sport is set to grow as a result of Mendes’ efforts.

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He has been a jack of all trades

In the world of football, Jorge Mendes has proven to be a jack of all trades. In his career, he has worked with a wide range of teams and players, from Braga to Barcelona and Dinamo Moscow. The Portuguese businessman has also managed a number of big name football clubs, including Manchester United, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, and Besiktas. As a manager, he has been a master of many trades, but his true calling has been as a footballer.

The Portuguese manager has had an eventful career. His connections at Manchester United have helped him facilitate four major transfers last year, including those of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. He has also helped several players gain lucrative contracts, including the likes of Paulo Ferreira and Jose Bosingwa. Whether Mendes has helped Mourinho’s career or his personal life, his influence on the game cannot be underestimated.

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The Portuguese football world has been reshaped by Mendes. His contacts with Paul Stretford have benefited his career and he has landed several big deals for Portugal. In fact, he has helped Portuguese players land big deals, including Hugo Viana, who was sold to Newcastle for PS10 million in 2002. As a result, Mendes is now one of the leading names in European football.

He was a jack of all trades

As a footballer agent, Jorge Mendes has a varied history. In 2014 alone, he arranged four major transfers for four different players, pocketing PS30 million for his efforts. In his career, Mendes has moved from representing struggling clubs to representing cash-rich ones. His career has spanned both Europe and the United States, and he has worked with both high-profile and well-known names.

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After working in Portugal, Mendes moved to the United Kingdom. He met Nuno Espirito Santo in a nightclub and arranged a deal between the young goalkeeper and Vitoria de Guimaraes. Since then, he has expanded his client list to include the Premier League, and is currently working on a deal for Benfica striker Carlos Vinicius.

A jack of all trades footballer agent, Mendes has been involved in some of the biggest transfer deals in recent memory. He has also been involved with major transfers involving some of the world’s best players and superclubs. But the man behind the scenes is a family man who is known for being a jack of all trades. But he has always been open and honest and his transparency and professionalism have earned him a place in the world of football.

He is a jack of all trades

As a sports agent, Jorge Mendes has an impressive portfolio of clients. He has worked with Diego Costa, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Fenerbahce and Atletico Madrid. But it doesn’t stop there. As a former player, he managed the stadium advertising for his club, earning a cut of the revenue. His ‘jack of all trades’ strategy helped Braga become more renowned than many of their peers.

He has represented both cash-rich and financially struggling clubs and has worked with many superclubs in the game. While many football agents have been a jack of all trades, they are not as omnipresent as Mendes is. His business is a jack of all trades if you are a footballer. This enables him to close deals and empower players.

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In the summer of 2002, Mendes made his first inroads in England. He helped sell Hugo Viana to Newcastle for EUR12 million. Then, in September 2002, Veiga’s wife, Maria Dolores Aveiro, a former player with the Portuguese club, left her position at Veiga and moved to Mendes’ team. Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent, Mendes, was now the new manager at Newcastle.

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