If Ronaldo Goes to PSG, Who Will Get Number 7?

If Ronaldo Goes to PSG, Who Will Get Number 7? photo 0

If Ronaldo moves to PSG, who will get his shirt number? Real Madrid have shown interest in the youngster from PSG, but have yet to make a move. With Kylian Mbappe’s contract expiring at the end of the season, PSG may be tempted to sign Ronaldo. However, they have failed to sign Erling Haaland last summer, and this could mean that the striker could end up in a Real Madrid shirt.

Ronaldo’s shirt number

If Ronaldo leaves Manchester City and moves to Paris Saint-Germain, what shirt number would he wear? The Portuguese has played with number 28 for Manchester City, which was his number at Sporting CP before moving to Manchester United. However, a move to PSG may change that, as the French side have allocated enough shirt numbers for their star man. There are a few options for Ronaldo, however.

The number nine is a favourite of strikers and might be available for the French club. But there are a few pros and cons to the number nine. It is a good number for a striker, and it may be something Kylian Mbappe wants to do. Mbappe has a strong connection to PSG and is keen to wear the number.

The number seven shirt is also an iconic one for Ronaldo, as he inherited it from David Beckham when he moved to the club. Since then, he has become a global brand with his number, and the number is even featured on many products. In contrast, number 23 has become synonymous with Michael Jordan. Edinson Cavani currently wears number 7 for Manchester United. So if Ronaldo is considering a move to Paris Saint-Germain, what shirt number will he choose?

One reason to buy a Ronaldo shirt is the fan reaction. It is a tribute to the Portuguese winger. Manchester United fans have been waiting in lines outside Old Trafford for the last few days for the shirt number of their favourite player. And this adoration has made shirt sales sky-high! Currently, a few numbers remain available for Kylian Mbappe and Alvaro Odriozola.

If Ronaldo goes to PSG, he will likely be given the number seven shirt. It’s an iconic shirt number, but there is a downside. The shirt number does not come free, so fans may have to choose a new shirt number. However, if PSG offers him a deal for Ronaldo, he could sign for the club, which will give him a place in the team alongside Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe’s future at PSG

In the past few weeks, there have been rumors circulating around the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) forward’s future. While Mauricio Pochettino has insisted that he and Kylian Mbappe are staying put at PSG, Leonardo’s reports suggest otherwise. In addition, Mbappe has been in Madrid this week for talks with Sergio Ramos and Keylor Navas. Whether that deal actually happens or not is a separate story.

While the speculation surrounding Mbappe’s future is unfounded, it is clear that the French international hasn’t forgotten his roots. As a result, he has scored 168 goals in 216 appearances for PSG. Despite the intense interest, Mbappe has yet to publicly declare his plans. The French star is yet to make a final decision and is still in a period of transition.

After signing a new contract with PSG, there are speculations that Mbappe will move to Real Madrid. While Real Madrid fans are confident of a deal, the player himself isn’t. It’s likely that the French star will stay in Paris until a new contract is agreed upon. This move will be a major boost for both parties. And, of course, it will give Kylian Mbappe a chance to prove himself in the world of soccer.

Mbappe’s future at PSP has always been uncertain, but he has been a mainstay for the French side this season. His scoring record of four league goals in nine games is the best in the league, but his lacklustre performance against Rennes demonstrates how he’s improved. But, he has yet to reach the Champions League final. And if he does stay, his future at PSG remains largely in doubt.

Mbappe’s future at PAG has always been uncertain, but recent comments by the player indicate that he’s still not certain that he’ll stay at the club. He also pointed out that “new elements” are now part of the game. Despite the uncertainty, he’s still in his first year and has plenty of time to make a decision. While his future in Paris remains uncertain, Leonardo believes he can stay at the club and develop his game.

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Real Madrid’s interest in signing Mbappe

It looks as if the French winger has opted to stay at PSG instead of joining Real Madrid this summer. Having starred for France at the World Cup, the youngster would be a good fit for the Spanish club. Real Madrid’s interest in signing Mbappe had been growing in recent days and they could have made direct contact with the player himself by now. However, the initial contract was due to expire at the end of this season. In the meantime, the Frenchman’s representatives reportedly asked for more time to securing a deal with Real Madrid.

While rumours have surrounded Real Madrid’s interest in Mbappe, they have remained unconfirmed. The player’s recent public lunches with former PSG players such as Keylor Navas and Achraf Hakimi have cast doubt on the reports of a potential transfer. However, the player has remained steadfast in his stance that he will not move to another club unless he is offered a good deal.

The French president has previously said that Mbappe would make his decision at the end of the season, but it’s not clear if the winger would stay in Paris. It’s possible that the player could move to a new club in the summer, but that would only be speculation. But the French president has expressed his own interest in signing the player. And while his interest in Madrid was not mutual, it was clear that the Spanish club remained keen to sign the player.

The French international has been linked with both Real Madrid and PSG, but he’ll be a free agent come June. Real Madrid will have to work very hard to land the France international. Besides, Bale is expected to leave the club this summer, while Hazard is still a part of Carlo Ancelotti’s plans. It’s also worth noting that the French forward has already been in the talks with the English powerhouse Manchester City.

In addition to Mbappe, Real Madrid also want to sign Erling Haaland. The Swedish midfielder will provide a good complement to Benzema. Real Madrid are also in the market for centre-forwards, so they could sacrifice one of their existing players to get the French striker. The Swedish winger could also be an option to sign for Real Madrid, but it’s not a sure thing.

Ronaldo’s move to PSG

There are many reasons to believe that Juventus are considering selling Cristiano Ronaldo and the French giants have their eye on him. However, there is no clear cut answer for the question of who will get the number seven. The club are big spenders outside of England, so it makes commercial sense to try and reunite Ronaldo and Messi. They have already tied Kylian Mbappe down to a massive new deal, and they are also tying up their Brazilian forward Neymar with a long-term contract.

Juventus are reportedly considering selling Cristiano Ronaldo to PSG, and the move seems likely to happen if they don’t sign Kylian Mbappe from Manchester United. The French champions are expected to pay around EUR150m for the France international, which would allow them to sign the Portuguese striker. The move to PSG would free up funds for signing Ronaldo, who will be 36 years old. Last season, the forward scored 29 goals in 31 league starts for Juventus, and ended up as the league’s top scorer.

While the number seven jersey is synonymous with Cristiano Ronaldo, the number 7 jersey has been the number 7 shirt for years. This jersey was also worn by his former club Manchester United. And now that he is heading to PSG, Kyllian Mbappe will be happy to wear it. After all, he was inspired by Ronaldo as a teenager. But who will get the number seven jersey at PSG?

The French giants want Cristiano Ronaldo to partner Lionel Messi. The pair would work well together as a combination. PSG will also look to sign Kylian Mbappe, but it is unlikely that they will get him for free. PSG have already failed to sign the German striker Erling Haaland in the summer. But they are open to offers for the Danish international.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent has visited both PSG and Manchester United. Both have expressed an interest in signing him, and he would prefer a big European club. In the end, it is all down to the fate of Kylian Mbappe, who will be his replacement at Juventus? It is a highly complex situation, but it is one that must be resolved. If you are in the market for a new striker, don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities for you to sign a player.

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The most common question posed by aspiring players is: How much do football player agents earn in Europe? There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, they are often underpaid. Moreover, the money they earn from player agents is often dependent on the type of agent that they choose. Some agents work exclusively with one club, while others are affiliated with a variety of clubs. The money they earn from agents varies from country to country, but the average agent makes between £30,000 and £100,000 per year.

Jorge Mendes

The number of super specialists in the field of football is high, thanks to their success in acquiring a large clientele, arranging the most lucrative exchanges and gathering the best players. One recent BBC report showed that the costs of representative expenses for English clubs jumped 38% in a single year. What is amazing is that FIFA is powerless to stop this situation from occurring. But there is no reason why the situation can’t continue.

While some agents receive astronomical fees for their services, others earn almost nothing. Some are completely free, representing up-and-coming players with the hope that their client’s talents will one day make big. The truth is that the majority of football player agents do not earn a penny. So, how do football player agents earn in Europe? Fortunately, the answer is much lower than you might think.

While some agents are paid according to their representation contracts, others are paid by the players themselves. In the Premier League, players may also pay their agents when they finalise a transfer. This practice is uncommon, but if it happens, the player will be required to pay their agent five percent of his gross basic wage. In this way, the agent’s salary will be around PS100,000.


How much do football player agents make? They typically work on a commission basis, earning between PS1,200 and PS550,000 for every Premier League client. With several clients, it’s not unusual for a football player agent to make millions of pounds a year. Another source of money for football player agents is endorsement contracts, in which brands pay them to use the footballer’s name or face. Portugal and Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo made $47million in endorsements in 2018 alone.

The increasing revenues from television rights have enabled football’s elite to pay their agents astronomical fees. Big clubs are eager to sign the best players in the world, and they’re prepared to spend a significant amount of money to acquire them. But to get these stars, these clubs must go through football player agents. These agents are highly paid and represent the best talent on the market. But the ethical debate over the role of agents in the transfer of football players is not over.

Some agents start out as interns before becoming full-time representatives. Many of the most successful agents start out as juniors and work their way up. But after gaining experience and a reputation, many choose to go it alone. Jorge Mendes, for example, is one of the most famous agents in world football, with clients like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, and Fabinho. His firm, Gestifute, has negotiated over $1 billion in active contracts.

Triple S Sports and Entertainment

Three football player agents are paying attention to the scandal. Zoran Savic, Serbian-born, is one of the most prominent representatives of football in Europe, representing several players and coaches. Pini Zahavi, an Israeli agent who handled the transfers of Rio Ferdinand, Yakubu, and Carlos Tevez, is another representative. English-based Bila Kanza runs Lonrisk International Management. And Paul Stretford, who left the Proactive Sports agency in 2009, has set up Triple S Sports and Entertainment Group.

As a potential agent, you should have a good understanding of the business side of the industry. There is a wide variety of work in this field, from marketing a player in the media to negotiating endorsement deals. Agents must understand and be comfortable with a wide range of legal issues and must also be adept at networking. You should look for internships with leading sports agencies and aim to gain full-time positions within them.

Stellar Football

Soccer players earn millions of dollars each year. Football agent commissions can range from PS1,000 to PS550,000 per Premier League client annually. These agents also bring in cash from support contracts. These contracts allow brands to use a footballer’s name and image. Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes, both of Portugal’s national team, earned around $47million from such contracts in 2018.

However, Stellar’s profits were falling before the COVID-19 strike hit the football world. They made PS11.5 million in profit in 2018, but only PS5 million in 2017. But one or two big deals can move the needle. Last year’s return of Gareth Bale to Tottenham could have brought in a decent sum of money for the player agent, who would have also received a decent commission. However, FIFA are working to restrict the amount of money that agent’s earn from transfers. A website set up by a Portuguese hacker called Rui Pinto, Football Leaks, has spurred FIFA into action.

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While the NFL and NBA are the most common target for sports agent firms, Stellar has also made a name for itself in other fields. According to Forbes magazine, Stellar represents seven current members of England’s squad. The agency has also made inroads into other sports. ICM Partners represents Samuel L Jackson, Chris Rock, and Beyonce. Despite the competition, Stellar is able to earn a large part of its income by selling high-profile players.


How much do football player agents make in Europe? While salaries vary wildly between agents and clients, the average agent earns around PS120,000 a year. In Europe, the Premier League alone paid agents PS174 million last year. These payments come from a percentage of the footballer’s yearly salary, and agents also receive payments for helping their clients negotiate new contracts. While the money is significant, some see it as a rip-off and even the former FA chairman David Bernstein has called this practice immoral.

To be successful in this field, football agents need to be outstanding communicators and obstinate. They must know how to present their clients in a personable way to the media. They must also have extensive knowledge of contract law and business management. Although FIFA does not certify football agent specialists, they must be registered with the national association in which their clients play. Having a number of clients means different enrollments.

Those interested in becoming a football agent should be aware that they may have to undergo a rigorous application process and it may take several years before they get big clients. To get started, agents should look for new talent and work with undesirable players to gain experience. These opportunities can help agents develop their skills and network, which can open doors in the future. In addition, football agents must have excellent communication skills and be knowledgeable in contract law and the specifics of the international football market.

FIFA plans to cap agent fees at 3 percent of a player’s salary and 10 percent of a transfer fee

Agents have long complained about the unfair commissions and fees paid to them by clubs and players. The new rules, approved by FIFA’s ruling council in October, will limit these commissions to three percent of a player’s salary or transfer fee. The proposals will take effect in 2020. The new rules will also make agents more transparent.

The proposed caps are the first step in regulating the fees paid to agents. The proposed caps will apply to all transfer-related payments, including commissions. However, the proposed caps do not cover the corresponding fees paid by the agent acting for a player’s buyer. A 3% cap would affect agent fees charged by super-agents, a small subset of the total number of football agents.

The proposed levy would raise about $215 million for clubs and training clubs. It would also reduce the amount of commission paid to agents, which are notorious for overcharging. In addition to this, agents would no longer be allowed to act for a player on both sides of a transfer. A three-percent cap is an excellent measure for football’s agents, but the new cap may not be enough.

Problems with football player agents

Soccer fans are not alone in their concern over the fees paid to football player agents, which are far higher than the average wage. FIFA has identified three major economic inefficiencies with football agent fees. The first is known as the “hidden information problem.” This problem arises when agents use their knowledge of the market to influence player salaries, pocketing the difference in the form of large service fees. Another problem stems from the fact that agents tend to take a higher share of younger players’ salaries.

A Dutch player agent named Jeroen Hoogewerf recently confirmed that he had signed a contract with Internazionale. According to the contract, he earned 12 percent of the signing fee and was not employed by the club. He is no longer an agent with SEG, and refused to comment to FTM. But his agent has a reputation for working with players who are less than loyal to their agents.

Among the most prominent players who are not happy with their current agent are Jose Mourinho, David Manasseh and Jonathan Barnett. Last year, Stellar was sold to the US agency ICM, and their clients include Jack Grealish, Luke Shaw, Ben Chilwell, James Ward-Prowse, Kieron Pickford, and many others. Some players do not trust their numbers, so the agents help them negotiate contracts.

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