Is Cristiano Ronaldo Popular in the Philippines?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Popular in the Philippines? photo 0

Is Cristiano Ronaldo popular in the country? That is the question we always hear, but is he really that popular in the Philippines? After all, he is a tall player who played for the Philippines national team. And most Filipinos aren’t even familiar with Ronaldo, despite the fact that he has 460 million followers on social media. However, this article will provide some background information about the Portuguese footballer and his fan base in the country.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Popular in the Philippines? image 0

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t popular in the Philippines

Real Madrid, the club that produced world-famous player Cristiano Ronaldo, has not gained popularity in the Philippines. The country is relatively short, and Cristiano Ronaldo stands one-and-a-half meters tall. That is slightly short of the average height, and not as tall as Gianluigi Donnarumma or Thibaut Courtois, who both stand over two meters.

Though football isn’t as popular in the Philippines as it is in Europe, Cristiano has managed to make himself a household name. Though there are seven professional football teams in the country, most Filipinos can’t name even one of them. And even though many former managers have made the country their home, most of them have failed to inspire the country and are now trying to rebuild the country. Yet, despite the lack of interest in football, many Filipinos admire Cristiano, and his 460 million followers on social media are proof of his popularity.

In the Philippines, there are still plenty of players who are better than Cristiano. But the most successful Filipino player is Paulino Alcantara, who is currently the 7th highest goalscorer for FC Barcelona. He ranks above Samuel Eto’o and Rivaldo. It may be hard to break into the football world, but Filipinos do make it work. In fact, they are proud to have a Filipino player who has been successful in international soccer.

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Cristiano Ronaldo was a tall player in the Philippines

Despite being six feet and one inch tall, the Portuguese football superstar is no pushover. With a 91 rating and six foot one-inch frame, he is among the tallest players in the world. Originally a right-sided midfielder, he grew into a forward and displayed impressive athleticism. His free-reined attacking style allowed him to hypnotize opponents and make space for openings in the opposing defenses.

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Although he is considered a tall player in the Philippines, he is a little bit short in the United Kingdom. His height is just under average, though he is still a bit under 84 kilograms. His weight is 185 pounds / 84 kg, and he alternates between football practice and cardio exercises. Regardless of his weight, he is taller than the average football player in the Philippines, so you can bet he’ll be the biggest player in the world.

A big fan of Ronaldo isn’t the only person who admires him. A look at the Portuguese football star’s physical attributes will make you wonder how he can fit into the European soccer team. He has an athletic build, and his shoe size is a US 10.

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