Is Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid’s Best Player Ever?

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There are some debates in Real Madrid over whether Cristiano Ronaldo is their best player. His afro, his ability to score goals, and the fact that he’s a Brazilian will all be factors in determining his place. But if we are to consider all of these factors, it is hard not to consider Carlos Alberto Ramos as one of the best players ever. His talent and the direction he set for the institution are unrivalled.

Steve McManaman

Real Madrid fans can be forgiven for thinking that a young England international who came from Liverpool could become Europe’s greatest player. That would certainly be a mistake as he went on to win the Champions League in his first season and again two years later. He also won two league titles, the European Supercup, the Intercontinental Cup and the Supercopa de Espana. He was also a versatile midfielder who played in every position at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid and Liverpool are both looking for a treble this weekend as Liverpool have already won the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup this season. Real Madrid finished 13 points ahead of La Liga after beating PSG, Chelsea, and Man City. Liverpool, on the other hand, beat Benfica, Inter Milan, and Villarreal and reached the Champions League final last season. However, Steve McManaman has his own opinion on Cristiano Madrid’s best players.

Paco Gento

While there are many great players who have played for the Spanish giants, few have played as well as Paco Gento. The Portuguese international came to Madrid at an important time in their history and stepped into the team just in time. He clocked a hundred-metre sprint in eleven seconds during his peak with Real Madrid, and is considered one of the best left-wingers in history.

The Real Madrid legend, Paco Gento, is considered the best left-winger of all time. He has played in over 600 club games and has nearly 200 career goals. Gento is a club honorary president and is also considered Spain’s greatest player. His lightning pace, dribbling skills and pinpoint accuracy of crosses make him one of the greatest left-wingers ever. Gento is also remembered as part of the greatest Real Madrid team ever. Gento was part of the magnificent forward line that won five consecutive European Cups.

Ferenc Puskas

When it comes to the greatest players in the history of the game, no one will ever surpass Ferenc Puskas. Puskas played for Honved Budapest before joining Real Madrid in the late 1950s. He was a key part of the team’s conquest of five consecutive league titles and helped the club win three European Cups and five La Liga titles. However, his reputation didn’t last as he later passed away.

Real Madrid fans remember «The Vulture» fondly as a youngster. As one of the best playmakers of his generation, he managed to get past the big defenders with aplomb. Although he wasn’t the main striker, he was part of Madrid’s illustrious «Quinta del Buitre.» With a team comprised of Martin Vazquez, Manolo Sanchis, and Michel, he led the «Vulture Squadon» to success and 15 trophies.

Paco Gento’s afro

The afro-skinned winger is one of the most important things about this legendary footballer. Born in 1933, Gento was an incredible athlete who developed speed and quickness. When at his peak with Real Madrid, Gento ran the 100 metres in eleven seconds. He is regarded as one of the greatest left-wingers in history. His dribbling, close control, and scoring ability made him a star.

As a player, Gento’s dribbling and slick finishing made him one of the greatest left-wingers of all time. A key part of Madrid’s five consecutive European Cup victories between 1956 and 1960, Gento had the dribbling and crossing skills to be a world-class winger. His brilliant dribbling skills were second to none and he was a vital piece of that winning combination. Moreover, his flawless accuracy of crosses made him a valuable part of one of the greatest Real Madrid teams. He played 88 games in the European Cup, sharing the record with AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

With over 200 goals in his Real Madrid career, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the club’s history. He has won four Champions League titles, three Club World Cups, two LaLiga titles and two Copas del Rey titles. He has won four Ballons d’Or awards, three Golden Shoe awards and two Best Players in Europe awards. Ramos feels that Cristiano is different from his team-mates.

Although Juventus’ Luis Suarez is widely considered to be the best player in the history of European football, Ronaldo is the best player in the club’s history, with more goals than any other player. As the club’s best player ever, Ronaldo is on track to surpass the record of his fellow countryman. While Suarez has surpassed Ronaldo in goals, the Argentine has been doubtful of his future with Real Madrid, citing his knee injury as a cause for concern.

Hugo Sanchez

In the eyes of many, Hugo is already one of Real Madrid’s best players, but who else makes the list? Certainly, Cristiano is a legend, but so is Raul. The two Argentineans are equally deserving of the accolade. Combined, they are a true force to be reckoned with, and each represents their respective sides with different strengths and weaknesses.

Despite his age, Raul’s career at Real Madrid is anything but over. He was only 17 when he signed for the club, but managed to score one goal every other match, and that was enough to make him the third highest goalscorer in the club’s history. The Argentine went on to win six La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues, and was hailed as the team’s captain and leading goalscorer.

Alfredo Di Stefano

Some say Di Stefano is the greatest player in Real Madrid history and I tend to agree. Di Stefano was a true all-rounder who helped cement the link between Real Madrid and the Champions League. He was a prolific goalscorer and played in every position, including midfield and defense, and ended his career with two Ballon d’Ors, five European Cups, and eight La Liga titles.

In addition to being a top goal scorer, Di Stefano also became the club’s Honorary President. His achievements helped propel Real Madrid to the top of the European game. A true legend, Di Stefano was a symbol of the club, becoming Honorary President of the club in 2005. His name is etched in the history of the sport and his impact on the game will be felt for generations to come.

Ivan Zamorano

If you are wondering which player is best at Real Madrid, you may want to check out Ivan Zamorano. Known as the «+» in between the 18 squad number digits, Zamorano has been a mainstay for the club for over two decades and has won numerous trophies. Listed here are the best players at the club, in no particular order.

In his time at Sevilla, Zamorano scored 34 goals in two seasons. His performances on the international stage were also exceptional, with his performance against the United States earning him a bronze medal. He also scored six goals at the 2000 Olympic Games. His last international game was against France. In total, he was capped 69 times for Spain and scored 34 goals. During his playing career, Zamorano scored 101 goals in 173 matches for the club.

Vicente Del Bosque

When considering the best players in Madrids history, it is hard not to consider Vicente Del Bosque. The Spaniard is an all-time great and one of the best managers in the world. The legendary Spanish midfielder was an attacking force with great team organisation skills. The 1st Marquess of Del Bosque had a reputation for being very humble, but he embodied everything that Spain stands for. The respect he earned worldwide is unmatched.

As the team’s manager, Del Bosque was a master of the human elements and made players feel comfortable and happy. Vicente Del Bosque fostered an environment without ego or pressure. He emphasized team over individual in a philosophy known as Tiki-Taka. He won everything that was worth winning. He was understated and avoided the limelight. Cristiano Madrid would not have reached the heights of success without him.

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Many have speculated that the reasons behind Ronaldo’s departure may not be what they seem. According to Ramon Calderon, the former Real Madrid midfielder was angry at the club’s recent Champions League victory and wanted a raise after the arrival of Brazilian superstar Neymar. Other reasons cited are Ronaldo’s desire to become the greatest player of all time and his tax fraud, which earned him a prison sentence.

Ronaldo felt Real Madrid didn’t do enough to keep him

While Ronaldo’s World Cup hat trick against Spain may have saved Portugal a 3-3 draw, he felt Real Madrid didn’t do enough to retain him. In an open letter on the club’s website, Ronaldo thanked fans, teammates, coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, and directors. He acknowledged that he felt the time had come to move on and start a new chapter in his life.

Considering that he is a Ballon d’Or winner, it is no surprise that fans of Real Madrid would want their man to stay in the Spanish capital. While it’s understandable that fans want more from their team, it’s unfair to belittle the man who has dominated European football for a decade. Despite the fact that he is a fan favorite, he also feels that he’s underrated. The team’s fans have a tendency to whistle at players, and Ronaldo has been a victim of that at times.

While Ronaldo’s stated reasons for leaving Real Madrid are largely uncontroversial, the truth may lie somewhere else. Ramon Calderon, a Real Madrid player, told Radio Villa Trinidad that Ronaldo wanted a pay rise after the Champions League. He was also angry at Neymar’s arrival, and felt that he didn’t get a pay rise for his efforts.

After the 2008-09 Manchester derby, Sir Alex Ferguson was particularly tough on Ronaldo. During the game, he was frustrated by his substitution just before the hour mark. He was only two or three weeks away from leaving United. It wasn’t the right time to walk away, but Ronaldo’s loyalty must have been rewarded. The ‘Hairdryer’ treatment he received from the manager was enough to make him feel like he wasn’t appreciated at Manchester United.

Ronaldo’s contract was worth less than those of his fellow superstars

Cristiano Ronaldo has a contract with Nike worth over a billion dollars and it was renewed around the time of his last deal extension with Real Madrid. The deal is a second lifetime deal for the Argentine star. Nike also offered the same terms to three-time NBA champion LeBron James. While the contract is not public, it is widely believed that the deal is worth over a billion dollars.

Juventus and Real Madrid both moved their Champions League odds from 12 to seven, but Juventus remain favorites to win the tournament. Juventus were the first team to be given better odds than Real Madrid to win the Champions League next season. Real Madrid were previously six-to-one favourites, but are now at seven-one odds to win the Champions League. Manchester City and Barcelona remain the two favorites.

It’s also unclear why Real Madrid would accept a bid of less than PS80 million for Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Real Madrid’s stance on the matter is a significant positive step for football fans. They should now be able to enjoy the star’s talents as a Madrid player. The new manager, Florentino Perez, will be able to give Ronaldo a new contract that is far more lucrative than his previous one.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent career has been full of high-profile contracts. He has a $1 billion lifetime contract with Nike. The contract with Nike has been renewed twice. His contract with Nike is worth about PS21 million annually and he earns about PS365,000 a week. A contract with Nike will last forever and will be worth several times more than his contract with Real Madrid.

While it’s difficult to imagine a player’s contract worth less than his peers’, it is difficult to deny that Ronaldo has increased the value of his club and the team. His star power means he’s far more marketable than any other player in the sport. Until Ronaldo arrived at the club in 2009, Real Madrid was in a crisis and struggling to reach the semi-finals. Nonetheless, despite his success at Real Madrid, the club’s finances were at an all-time low.

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Ronaldo wanted to go down as the greatest of all time

It may be surprising that Ronaldo wanted to leave Real Madrid, but he did for personal reasons. Having won the Champions League with Real Madrid in 2016, Ronaldo wanted a pay rise. He also was upset with Neymar’s arrival. Ramon Calderon, the Real Madrid general manager, told Radio Villa Trinidad that Ronaldo was angry and wanted to go down as the greatest of all time.

The Portuguese footballer began his career with Sporting CP and later joined Manchester United. He won the FA Cup in his first season and later went on to win three successive Premier League titles and the Champions League. He also went on to win the FIFA Club World Cup. At the age of 23, Ronaldo won his first Ballon d’Or, one of the most prestigious awards in football. He eventually won 15 trophies with Real, becoming the club’s all-time top goalscorer.

After leaving Real Madrid, Ronaldo took to social media to slam the fake news that was swirling around him. He accused his critics of trying to ruin his career. Madrid president Rafael Perez, however, dispelled the rumor that the reason behind Ronaldo leaving Madrid was linked to a tax case. Perez told the Onda Cero newspaper that the tax case was not real.

Despite his controversial decision to leave Real Madrid, the Portuguese star has already set a new record. With 534 goals in the Champions League, he became the first player in history to win five. But despite his record-breaking season, his future at Real Madrid is uncertain. In his new club, Barcelona, Ronaldo will surely be the greatest of all time.

The Portuguese forward helped the club reclaim its title as one of the most dangerous on the continent. His presence in the sideline helped them win the Champions League for the first time in twelve years. In addition to this, he led the club to three consecutive European Cup victories, taking their tally to thirteen European Cups. Ronaldo and Rodriguez have been together since November 2016, and their relationship has been public for several months. They welcomed twins via surrogate. The first child, Cristiano Jr., was born with a former girlfriend.

Ronaldo’s tax fraud warranted a prison sentence

The tax fraud case against Cristiano Ronaldo has been causing quite a stir across Europe. The Real Madrid forward, who has been banned from playing football in Spain for the next three years, has been accused of evading tax on 14.7 million euros between 2011 and 2014. The soccer star is accused of setting up a company in the British Virgin Islands to manage his image rights and then transferring them to another company in Ireland to avoid Spanish taxes.

However, despite the alleged crimes, the Portuguese captain has reached an agreement with the Spanish tax authorities that will spare him from a prison sentence. The two-year prison term and $22 million USD fine are both aimed at deterring Ronaldo from evading taxes again in the future. The fine and prison sentence will also be suspended until he completes his probationary period.

While the fine for Ronaldo’s tax fraud is not steep, the prison term does not reflect the severity of the crime. A prison sentence of less than three years is not uncommon for first-time offenders. However, in the case of Ronaldo, a prison sentence may be appropriate if he is a first-time offender. A sentence of up to three years may not be a good idea for such a high-profile soccer player.

The trial against Ronaldo was suspended last week after the court magistrate said that he should pay back his taxes. His fiancee, Georgina Rodriguez, was also present. Xabi Alonso also appeared in the same court on Tuesday, despite being in Spain for a separate tax fraud case. The public prosecutors are seeking a five-year prison sentence and a fine of 4 million euros.

The Portuguese soccer star wore sunglasses and a black sports coat. He also wore black pants and white tennis shoes. He was escorted by his attorneys, who defended him. The court has ordered a retrial and is expected to issue a sentence in due course. However, this case will likely drag on for a while. It will be interesting to see if the case goes any further.

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