Is Mo Salah Better Than Robert Lewandowski?

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The comparison between Robert Lewandowski and Mohamed Salah has been widely debated. Both players have shown impressive scoring records in the league, but is Mo Salah better than Lewandowski? Let’s take a look. The German has 183 goals, with 171 of those coming from inside the penalty area. In 2017/18, he scored 29 goals, compared to 107 for Salah.

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Robert Lewandowski

According to Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski is the better footballer than Mohamed Salah. Lewandowski has already beaten Salah to the 2021 Ballon d’Or and was a worthy winner. Lewandowski’s remarkable season for Bayern Munich in 2020-21 is a testament to his exceptional talent. The Pole has scored 41 goals in 29 games, and he has netted 48 times across all competitions. As of writing, he is four goals behind Salah, despite playing two fewer games.

The comparison between the two players is quite clear. Mo Salah is at the peak of his career, but Lewandowski is still more prolific than the Egypt international. He has scored 21 goals and made two assists in 15 matches compared to just seven for Salah in the same amount of matches. Lewandowski has also had more chances to score, having accounted for three more than Salah.

The three players are regarded as attacking all-rounders, but they are very different in certain areas. Messi plays in a deeper role, while Salah is more of a winger. As a result, the two players are far more similar in terms of style. Lewandowski is the better finisher in the midfield and Salah is the best in midfield. However, Xavi believes that Lewandowski is more appropriate for La Liga and feels that he can win the Ballon d’Or in Spain.

If you want to be able to determine who is better, look at the stats. Lewandowski has won the FIFA Men’s Player Award in 2021, while Messi has won the award twice. Lewandowski is tied with Messi for the most goals in a season and finished second in the previous one. However, it is still difficult to compare Salah with Messi in any area, so consider your preferences when comparing the two.

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Mohamed Salah

In the race for the Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year, Salah is neck-and-neck with Lewandowski and Messi. While Lewandowski won the award last year, Salah finished third, and will be in the running for the same award in 2020. Both players have scored more goals than Salah this season, but Salah’s record at Anfield means he’s in a slightly better position.

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In terms of individual goals, Robert Lewandowski is the better player. His eight Premier League goals and four assists in eight World Cup qualifying matches are far more impressive than Salah’s sixteen Premier League goals so far. But Salah’s more impressive individual statistics are not enough to match Lewandowski’s tally. In total goal involvements, Salah has twenty-six goals, while Lewandowski has just two.

The difference between the two players comes down to statistics. Lewandowski is a better scorer, with five more goals than Salah in a season. Lewandowski has also had fewer missed opportunities in his career, with just three goals in seven matches. While Salah has fewer shots on goal, he was still able to make four key passes for teammates. The difference in pass completion rates is glaring in comparison to Lewandowski, as most goals are scored inside the opponent’s penalty box.

Among the other nominees for the Best FIFA Player of the Year award, Salah beat out Cristiano Ronaldo, the man voted as the best player in the world in 2021. His teammates, however, voted for Lewandowski instead of Salah. But Lewandowski did win the award last year, while Salah was runner-up in the vote for the award.

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Kylian Mbappe

When it comes to the Premier League, it is hard to predict who will win the game between Kylian Mbappe and Mo Salah. Both players have made an impact this season, but it’s hard to pinpoint who will emerge as the winner of this match-up. Salah led Liverpool to third place this season, and he became the first player in the Premier League to score 20 or more goals in three successive seasons. Mbappe, meanwhile, scored 27 goals in his last 31 Ligue 1 appearances, finishing as the top scorer for the third consecutive year.

The Egyptian international joined Liverpool from Roma this season, and while he has the same number of goals, Mbappe has a better all-round game, and is far more technically gifted. However, his contract is up at the end of this season and he has been linked with a move to Real Madrid. Despite the potential move to Real Madrid, the Premier League giants have chosen to remain in the meantime.

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While Barcelona and Real Madrid are both looking to sign Mbappe, Real Madrid have a greater interest in signing Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian has been consistently impressive for Liverpool since his arrival in 2017 and his value has risen since then. He signed for PS43 million, but is now worth over double that. His contract runs until June 2023, so he could very well be worth more than a PS50 million.

The current dispute between the two players has become a point of controversy. While Mbappe has become a household name, Salah has become the focus of controversy and speculation. However, both players have the potential to improve their careers. And, despite their differences in experience and skill, Salah remains Liverpool’s best option. But which player is the best? And who will make history?

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Lionel Messi

In the recent Pepsi advert, the pair of Liverpool midfielders are pictured fighting for a can of the soft drink. In the advert, they face off in an open/close gas station. Messi pings the ball at the open/close sign while Salah sprinted towards the fridge. The latter is ultimately the winner, but it’s not clear whether the latter will retain his title.

Liverpool midfielder Mohamed Salah is a potential rival to Lionel Messi at PSG. The Egyptian has cemented his status as an Anfield legend, helping the Reds win the Premier League and Champions League in recent years. He has also been in outstanding form this season, scoring 30 goals in all competitions. In the past few seasons, the Egyptian has been compared to Messi, who won the Ballon d’Or seven times.

While Messi dominates the goalscoring charts in the Premier League, Salah is proving to be the most consistent striker in the Champions League. In the Champions League, he has nine goals and eight assists. Similarly, Salah has scored 16 Premier League goals in the current season. Despite being the better player on an individual level, he has not been able to match Lewandowski’s output in the same season.

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Both players were highly rated in the ‘Best Player’ awards. In the summer, the competition was open for votes and the winner was announced by FIFA. However, the controversy was largely over a social media post by the captain of Nicaragua, Jose Barrera. Barrera said he did not vote for Messi, but his comments led to the selection of the Barcelona forward ahead of Sadi Mane, who was then followed by Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Both have won numerous individual and team honours throughout their respective careers. However, Salah’s sack is already filled with individual accolades. He has been a prolific goalscorer in Italy and England and has also won several European Cups. However, Ronaldo’s career has been a far more successful one. He has won four league titles and five Champions Leagues and has also been a four-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Ronaldo’s record in the Premier League is more impressive, although Salah has more assists. Both have scored a total of 88 goals in a season, though Salah has been denied the golden ball twice. But who is the King of the wing? This comparison highlights the differences between the two players. This matchup will reveal which of the two can be considered the better player. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make an informed decision based on your own personal preferences.

While Ronaldo has the higher goal scoring record, Salah has been more consistent. Both have scored in their last ten Premier League matches. While Salah has reached double figures in the Premier League just nine games into the season, Ronaldo has scored in each of his last 10 matches. Therefore, we should expect a close game. Just don’t forget to watch the match! There are many ways to compare the two.

Liverpool vs Manchester United is the battle of the two best players this season. Man Utd has been dominated by the mighty Manchester United but have come from behind to defeat Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final. The game will air live on Sky Sports Football. During the match, both players will try to score in the dying minutes of the match. With the help of Sky Sport PL, you can witness many emotional moments as the new season begins.

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