Jorge Mendes Convinced That Cristiano Ronaldo Will Join Atletico Madrid

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Is the Portuguese superstar set to join Atletico Madrid? Is he ready to demand 10 per cent of the transfer fee? Does the superagent believe Ronaldo will sign a deal with Atletico? Read on to discover my take on Jorge Mendes’s latest transfer rumours. Here’s why I like him so much. Read on to find out why he’s convinced CR7 will join Atletico Madrid.

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Jorge Mendes is the go-to agent for every big transfer

Jorge Mendes is the go-to agent of every big transfer, and his firm GestiFute has been responsible for some of the biggest transfers in football. Mendes brought Ruben Dias and Diogo Jota to Manchester City, helped bring James Rodriguez to England, and even convinced Wolves to swap Matt Doherty for Nelson Semedo. While this might sound like a lot, it’s actually not so surprising, since he’s been involved in every big transfer in Europe for almost two decades.

Mendes’ clientele include Jose Mourinho and Ronaldo. He is also a major part of Chelsea’s appointment of Portuguese head coach Jose Mourinho, and has been involved in numerous transfers of Portuguese players to the Blues. His firm GestiFute agency is the main avenue through which he brokers transfers, but there have been accusations that he moves in on clients without the proper channels and imposes third-party ownership on players. But regardless of these concerns, Mendes has earned over EUR100 million over his career.

Before he became an agent, Mendes played for the Portuguese national team, and was involved in several notable transfer deals. His work with Ronaldo brought him fame and money. Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria, Diego Costa, and Pepe, all signed with his agency, and the Portuguese businessman has influence over dozens of top clubs. But the biggest transfer of all, however, was a result of his own talent and hard work.

The Portuguese striker Jota was one of Mendes’ first big transfers, having scored a brace in his home debut for Liverpool. His relationship with Mourinho and the board at Molineux has improved since his arrival at Spurs. Meanwhile, Fabinho was a huge success for Everton after Mendes orchestrated his PS32 million deal for the Reds. It’s worth noting that the Portuguese coach has close relations with the club’s board, and the Portuguese striker also scored in the FA Cup win against Chorley.

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He demands 10 per cent for every transfer

Many experts fear that Jorge Mendes’ influence extends much further than the player’s financial situation. In fact, he has been associated with Felix’s career for most of it, having been at the unveiling of his Atletico debut. But, there is another reason for his reputed high demands. He is the agent of David De Gea in Madrid, Angel Di Maria in Paris Saint-Germain, and Anthony Martial in Manchester United.

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In his native Portugal, Mendes’ network is the key to his success. He has built a powerful network in Portugal and has a deep connection with the country’s powerhouse clubs, such as Sporting and Benfica. During the last decade, his network has played an important role in paving the way for plenty of players to move on to bigger clubs abroad. Between 2001 and 2010, the Mendes network handled 68 per cent of Sporting and Benfica transfers, respectively.

His influence stretches across Europe and is largely responsible for the rise of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese forward is valued at $95.6 million, with contracts worth a combined total of $956.4 million. Despite his success, he has remained fiercely loyal to his clients and remains close to them. His relationships with Chelsea, Manchester United, and Juventus have proved highly beneficial to his clients, as have close ties with Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City.

Aside from his alleged influence on the player’s performance, Jorge Mendes also has an influential relationship with Peter Lim. After all, the Portuguese superagent helped Leeds connect with Valencia and arranged the PS27 million deal for Rodrigo. The Valencia president, Anil Murthy, has responded to the criticism of Mendes. If the former Real Madrid boss wants his clients to become superstars, he must have a high fee for every transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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He is convinced Cristiano Ronaldo will join Atletico Madrid

On the sporting and economic front, the links between Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo are difficult to understand. The Portuguese forward defined an era for Real Madrid and has been a major source of controversy. While Atletico’s office remains pessimistic about a Ronaldo move, the manager’s agent, Jorge Mendes, remains positive. If Atletico do sign Cristiano, they will likely have to sell off Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard would also need to pay Barcelona EUR40 million for the services of Griezmann, a player who has been linked with a move to Atletico.

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While Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus are all interested in signing Cristiano, Atleti are not financially prepared to lose their star player. Furthermore, Atleti have failed to sign a replacement for Ronaldo and have not been able to convince him to stay. Despite the problems Atleti have had in the past, the former Manchester United man is still strongly linked with a move to Atletico. And while this may be a long shot, at least he’ll get the chance to play in the Champions League once again.

Atletico have reportedly made plans to sign Cristiano Ronaldo for the 2021 season, but there’s a possibility that it could change. Ronaldo is said to be keen on working with Diego Simeone, who was his coach at Real. The club could also raise EUR40m in sales to finance the deal. It’s worth noting that Manchester United’s reaction to Mendes’s Ronaldo move last summer was negative.

He is the best agent I’ve dealt with

If there is a single agent who can persuade Cristiano to leave Juventus and join Atletico Madrid, Jorge Mendes is it. Ronaldo has been linked with a move to Juventus for the past year, but the club has distanced itself from the player due to his wage demands. If Ronaldo is keen on moving to the Spanish capital, he must be willing to accept a 30% pay cut to join Atletico Madrid.

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Although Mendes counts Ronaldo among his clients, it is impossible to monitor every player closely. While he may attend Ronaldo’s training session in Turin, he won’t be able to attend Famalicao’s. This is partly because Mendes has never met many of his clients. The former Manchester United striker didn’t feel comfortable with Mendes not meeting him before a final agreement was reached.

Atletico Madrid’s links to Ronaldo are baffling on both a sporting and economic level. While the Atletico office is gloomy about a Ronaldo move, Mendes is optimistic that the former Manchester United striker will move to Spain. He has suggested that the club sell high earners to make way for Ronaldo. Antoine Griezmann and Saul have been suggested as replacements.

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In addition to arranging the move to Atletico, Mendes also negotiated the contract between the former Manchester United player and his new team. As a result, the deal with Atletico is based on the possibility of Ronaldo playing in the Champions League. With the Champions League on the horizon, Atletico are a top destination for the world’s best player.

He is still trying to convince Atletico Madrid to welcome him

The link between Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo is intriguing, both on a sporting and economic level. Ronaldo defined an era at Real Madrid, and the link between Atleti and the Portugal international seems to be going nowhere. But Jorge Mendes remains optimistic about bringing Ronaldo to the Spanish side. He is also suggesting selling some of the club’s high earners to make way for Cristiano. Antoine Griezmann and Saul have been mentioned as possible targets, but this move will require the club to part with money that would otherwise go towards Ronaldo’s salary.

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Although he is not back in Manchester United training, the Portuguese winger is keen to leave the club this summer. His agent, Jorge Mendes, has been in contact with the Portuguese midfielder in order to persuade him to move to Spain. It’s thought that Mendes has also been in contact with Manchester United coach Simeone. However, Mendes has not convinced Ronaldo to join Manchester United, who finished sixth last season and will play in the Europa League next season.

While the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo continues to dominate headlines, Mendes is confident that the Portuguese forward can continue playing at a high level for another nine or ten years. Ronaldo’s incredible work ethic has allowed him to stay at the top of the game for a decade and a half, but he has not been able to maintain that form for more than a couple of seasons. As a result, Atletico Madrid are now likely to sell a number of players ahead of the 2022/23 season.

Although it is hard to know whether Ronaldo is willing to leave Manchester United for Atletico Madrid, the Portuguese international has made it clear that he is keen to move to a club in the Champions League next season, but that he is also willing to accept a lower fee. Despite the lack of urgency to join a Spanish club, the head coach of Manchester United is not willing to sell the club’s top star.

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