Jorge Mendes Informs Clubs That Cristiano Ronaldo Will Make Major Sacrifice

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There has been plenty of speculation about whether Manchester United or Atletico Madrid would make a major sacrifice to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. Nevertheless, there are a few points of common ground between the two. For starters, both men have the same agent, Jorge Mendes. Aside from that, Mendes’ advice is generally well-received by his clients.

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Jorge Mendes

Whether he is joking or not, a former footballer turned bargaining agent Jorge Mendes has made it clear he will make a big sacrifice to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. Mendes has had a lot of influence over clubs in recent years, and has even been present at the unveiling of Felix’s Atletico debut. But he is clearly not a fan of the Argentine.

A meeting between Mendes and the Juventus hierarchy has been reported as a key step in ensuring Ronaldo’s move. It is rumoured that Juventus are keen to sell the Portuguese star before the current contract expires in June. There has been talk of Moise Kean as a potential replacement, but Manchester United have been reluctant to sell the player. But Juventus have also been linked with Manchester United’s Gabriel Jesus but are not yet ready to sell him.

Cristiano Ronaldo

It is believed that Juventus are the first club to approach Ronaldo. The former Real Madrid player is desperate to leave Manchester United and is ready to accept a massive pay cut. His agent has already approached Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Napoli and Atletico Madrid, but they have not been able to match his wages. As a result, Jorge Mendes has put Ronaldo on the summer transfer market. CBS Sports’ Ben Jacobs has reported that the Portuguese forward has been reduced by as much as 30%.

The Portuguese international has made it clear to clubs that he will make a huge salary cut in order to join them. He is prepared to take a 30 per cent cut in wages to leave Manchester United. It is unclear how much he will sacrifice in return, but the deal is expected to be signed in the next few weeks. Although Ronaldo is open to leaving United this summer, he is still keen to find a new club where his output will not be solely reliant on him.

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Manchester United

Apparently, the Portuguese international is willing to give up a large chunk of his salary to force a move away from Manchester United, but it has been a tough road to get there. Mendes is aware that United are lacking ambition and have not been able to find a suitable replacement for Ronaldo. While it is difficult to imagine him leaving the club without a deal, the Portuguese manager is still hopeful that he will find a suitable club, both sporting and financial.

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United have been lukewarm about signing Nunez, with the Norwegian expressing a desire to move to Spain. However, United’s pursuit was viewed as too slow by many. Despite the fact that Nunez was known to all top clubs in Europe, the Portuguese has never been convinced by the club’s project or direction. Hence, United’s interest in Norwegian striker Erling Haaland waned when Liverpool’s interest in him grew.

Atletico Madrid

Chelsea and Bayern Munich are the two clubs that have been in the forefront of the search for the Real Madrid star. But while Mendes has already started teasing the clubs about the possibility of signing Ronaldo, the two sides have been more reluctant to approach one another. Barcelona owner Joan Laporta has already expressed interest in the Portuguese star, but the club’s delicate financial situation has prevented serious talks about the issue.

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are both keen to sign the Portuguese, but Atleti are adamant that they are not financially ready to move. Despite this, they have been unable to find a replacement for their star. And even if they do, they aren’t interested in re-signing the Portuguese. Despite this, Ronaldo remains interested in a move to Atletico Madrid, a club that has an excellent reputation for retaining players.

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Inter Milan

Juventus have been struggling to win trophies for years with the star man Cristiano Ronaldo. The club is now considering getting rid of the Portugal international due to his astronomical wages. The club has contacted Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes, telling him to begin searching for a new club for his star player. While it’s unlikely he will be leaving Madrid any time soon, it does look as if he’s willing to make a major sacrifice in order to stay with the club.

The Spanish giants have a number of options available to sign the Portuguese international. Real, Juventus, PSG, Manchester United, and Atletico are among the most popular options. But, the move will not be easy. Atleti aren’t in a financial position to let their star leave. Also, the Spanish club are unable to afford to lose Bernardo Silva, who will cost more than a hundred million euros. This could be the reason why Ronaldo is refusing to leave Barcelona. However, if Real and Atleti don’t sign him, it could be a message from the Portuguese president to clubs.

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Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea are among the Premier League clubs vying for the services of the Portuguese superstar. However, while these clubs have a history of signing world class players, the fact that Chelsea have shipped out Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan and are preferring strikers such as Kai Havertz could make the prospect of Ronaldo’s transfer to Stamford Bridge seem unlikely. Furthermore, PSG could be forced to sell Neymar, who would command a huge fee.

Manchester United have informed Ronaldo that he is keen to leave the club and several top European clubs have already started circling. Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain are among the potential suitors. Mendes has also had talks with Barcelona president Joan Laporta and Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel. However, it is unlikely that the new owners of Tottenham Hotspur will allow Ronaldo to leave their club.

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Real Madrid

Manchester United are in no rush to sign Ronaldo as the Real Madrid star has been told to stay at the club until the end of his contract. But United would like to see the player get the best support possible from other clubs, and that is not easy, given his age and the amount of money he is worth. So the club has told Ronaldo that he will have to make a major sacrifice if he wants to stay at the club. But if he does leave, United will be in a position to pay a fee for his services.

The former Portugal international scored 32 goals in two seasons for Braga. He even earned a spot in the post-World Cup Portugal squad alongside Cristiano. But he did not stay in the country, so Mendes moved him on to Shenzhen FC, in China, where he scored eight goals in four games. The deal was signed on August 1, and the pair will have a year to build up their financial nest egg.


A new contract has opened up for Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, and his agent, Jorge Mendes, has informed clubs that the world star will make a major sacrifice to join the team. However, the future of the Portuguese superstar remains uncertain. The club he joins isn’t the only club that’s willing to make a big sacrifice to get the world star.

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Real Madrid and AC Milan have held talks on Ronaldo’s future. The Portuguese ace is under contract for a further five years, and is expected to cost Milan a combined PS161 million if he leaves Madrid. But it’s unlikely he will leave Madrid anytime soon. The two sides met in London on Tuesday to discuss the future of Ronaldo, but there’s no sign of an imminent transfer.

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Real Betis

Super agent Jorge Mendes has informed clubs that Cristiano Ronaldo will be willing to make a major sacrifice if they wish to sign him. The world’s most expensive player has made it clear he wants to leave Manchester United and sign for a new club, but the club has publicly ruled out signing the Portuguese international. Bayern Munich have also closed the door on Ronaldo, while Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has confirmed he will not sign the star. In case they do, Manchester United may not want to lose their star player and may be willing to make a huge financial sacrifice to sign him.

However, it’s difficult to imagine a world where men aren’t a part of the process. Jorge Mendes is a professional and he’s used to demanding a percentage of the transfer fee. Nevertheless, he’s been successful in sealing a deal for Joao Felix to Atletico Madrid, which is a massive EUR126 million. In addition, he’s discussed Lille as a more suitable fit for Brazilian goalkeeper Leo Jardim than Sporting Lisbon.


Despite the recent success of his Real Madrid team, the future of world-class forward Cristiano Ronaldo remains uncertain. After his contract expired, the Portuguese coach has been in talks with Roma and its manager, Jose Mourinho, about the possibility of signing Ronaldo. In addition to bringing in a new coach, Roma can also take advantage of favourable tax laws in Italy. The club has also been in talks with Sporting Lisbon.

It is unclear whether Milan will accept the request. Milan have not contested Serie A for many years and are a non-factor in Europe. The team is in a rebuilding phase and will likely place more emphasis on signing young talent, especially given the club’s rich youth department. Ronaldo is expected to retire in Madrid or go to MLS. Nevertheless, it is difficult to imagine a scenario without him.

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