Lewandowski Vs Higuian – Who is Better?

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Both players are capable of scoring goals, but who is better? That’s a question we’ll answer in this article. We’ve talked to Carlo Ancelotti and have rated Robert Lewandowski as the best player in the world. Higuain is second and is the player Ancelotti would love to coach at Real Madrid. Luis Suarez rounds out the top three.

Both players have scored a lot of goals in their careers. Lewandowski has surpassed Gerd Muller’s Bundesliga goals record this season with 41 goals. Higuian, on the other hand, has scored just eight goals for his club, and is a much more dependable goal-scorer. While both players are good, Higuian has more experience. Higuian’s experience at Bayern has helped him become a better player.

If we were to compare Higuian and Lewandowski, who would be better? Higuain has the more impressive scoring record, but Higuain is more technically gifted. He played alongside Messi and Ronaldo during their time together in Argentina and is now winding down his career in the USA. While Lewandowski is more prolific, Higuian is better for a wide variety of reasons, so let’s talk about their differences.

The debate continues: Who is better, Aguero Suarez or Lewandowski? Both strikers have proven to be prolific and selfless, yet they’re a different breed. The former is fit and a real workhorse. Lewandowski is one of the best players in the world today, and he’s yet to make the three-man shortlist for the FIFA Best Player award.

Aguero Suarez

Aguero Suarez vs Robert Lewandowski: Who has more goals? While the two players have similar stats, they differ in the type of competitions they play. The former has more experience and has played with better teams. The latter has more goals in less games, but has missed more games than the former. Both players have had disappointing international careers due to their nationality.

Recency bias: It’s true that we’re biased in favor of Suarez based on his popularity at a younger age. But the fact that Suarez has duo’d with the greatest player in history has also made him a media darling. The fact that Suarez gets unbelievable media support means he would be seen as a finished farmer if Lewandowski did the same.

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Whether they will score more or less is a question of personal preference. The former Barcelona striker has scored more goals than the latter, but he’s more likely to score in La Liga. He has more goals, so his team might be a little more balanced. But he is still the best. Luis Suarez is the best striker in the world. The former Barcelona player scored 21 goals in 38 games for Atletico Madrid.

The most common stats that compare the two players are goal per minute. Aguero, who has more assists in the Premier League than Lewandowski, has more overall goals per minute. However, his strike rate is less than half of Lewandowski’s, making him the more efficient player. The other player, Lewandowski, is more accurate in front of goal. This difference will make the game a more exciting battle.

Robert Lewandowski

It is not a question of whether Robert Lewandowski is better than Aguriosuerez. This debate has been raging for years. It all boils down to a question of whose skills are better, and who is more talented. Both strikers have their strengths and weaknesses, but there are certain areas where they excel over one another. Let’s explore the differences and similarities of these two strikers.

Both strikers have similar stats and abilities, although Lewandowski has the advantage in goal scoring. The former has more goals and assists, while Suarez has more shots on goal. Lewandowski has a higher career goal contribution, but both strikers have more chances created by teammates. In the 2014/15 season, both players have scored at least one goal. But, while Aguero Suarez may have had a higher number of assists, Lewandowski is a better provider of the ball.

While Aguero Suarez is the better scoring striker in the Premier League, Lewandowski has a higher goals-per-minute ratio. Lewandowski’s 106.9 goals per minute rank is third in the Premier League, and is almost identical to Robert Lewandowski’s. Zlatan Ibrahimovic leads the way in goals-per-minute, while Sergio Aguero holds the record in the league.

After leaving Barcelona, Suarez was seen crying in the phone to his family. It was reported that Suarez’s family had no plans for him in the current Blaugrana squad. However, the striker was still allowed to leave and joined Atletico. He subsequently became the club’s most valuable player. After all, he has already won the European Golden Shoe twice.

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Luis Suarez

In terms of career assists, it’s hard to argue with Suarez. He has more goals and assists, but his average is significantly lower than Lewandowski’s. Moreover, Suarez missed more games than Lewandowski, missing almost double as many. Lewandowski has more assists than Suarez, but not nearly as many.

While Suarez scored more goals than Lewandowski, the Uruguayan had more experience in the Premier League. Lewandowski was signed by Chelsea in the summer after spending a year with Liverpool. In fact, he has already scored more goals than Aguero Suarez, but they’re both behind Lewandowski in goals. Aguero Suarez’s number one award is the Champions League, which he’s won seven times. But that isn’t the only distinction the two players share.

Compared to Aguero and Lewandowski, Suarez has more consistency. He’s the closest to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in consistency. If he keeps playing like this, he may become the 2nd highest goalscorer of all time. Even though he’s 33 years old, his stats are impressive. Lautaro Martinez may have a difficult time keeping up with him if they don’t work together.

Although Sergio Aguero has the same traits as Romario, he is more dynamic. He’s constantly in motion and a good ball-winner. Those who study genetics can’t wait until Aguero’s son Benjamin grows up. He shares Kun’s genes on his dad’s side, and his maternal grandfather Diego Armando Maradona. So maybe he’s similar to Luis Suarez?

While the Argentinean scored more goals for the La Liga club in 2012, he missed five games of the 2013-2014 season due to his twilight re-enactment. This forced him to miss 450 minutes of game time, which equates to an average goal score of 23. So what’s the difference between the two players?

While Sergio Aguero is a better player than Lewandowski, the La Liga team lost a game after they were 1-0 down in the first 20 minutes. In a dramatic final, Angel Correa leveled the score, but Luis Suarez scored the winner in extra time. As a result, the former Barcelona star has now scored 21 goals in La Liga.

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Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero has been one of the best players in the Premier League for the past decade. His 106.9 goals per minute are second only to Luis Suarez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the history of the Premier League. It is unlikely that any player will outscore Sergio in the long run, but there is a clear advantage in his favor.

In terms of assists, the Uruguayan has more in his career. In 116 league games, Suarez has more than twice as many as Lewandowski has. However, the German striker has a slight advantage in this category because of his more impressive finishing. In the Champions League, both players have won the competition once, but Suarez has more assists. This means that if the two players have the same number of goals, this will be an even matchup.

Despite Sergio Aguero’s age, he has already surpassed the 40-goal record of Muller. This strike helped cement Manchester City’s first Premier League title since 1968. Aguero’s injury-time winner in the final game against Newcastle has become a part of English club folklore. And his brace in the last season has earned him a place in the all-time PL goalscorer chart.

In terms of their respective teams, the Uruguayans play in South America, while the Poles play in Europe. The Uruguayans won one Premier League trophy and have seven Champions League goals. But the Germans have been on a winning streak in European soccer. So who will win? Only time will tell. If both players have the same talent, the Premier League will decide! You can see why Robert Lewandowski is ranked above Sergio Aguero Suarez.

Both players are world class. Suarez has won the Champions League with Manchester City, while Lewandowski won it with Bayern Munich in 2020. Sergio Aguero Suarez vs Robert Lewandowski: Who Will Win the Champions League? Who Can Score the Most? It’s a close call, but Sergio Aguero and Robert Lewandowski are both elite goal scorers and have a great chance of doing so.

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