Manchester United Should Not Have Paid $26 Million For Paul Pogba’s Transfer

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It seems clear that United should not have paid such a high transfer fee to Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola. In fact, Raiola could have made as much as $26 million, which is more than his salary as a restaurant waiter. However, that doesn’t seem likely, because Raiola has already negotiated deals for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan with Manchester United during the off-season.

Paul Pogba’s agent got a 20 percent cut of the transfer fee

Raiola, the infamous agent of Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, is facing questions over whether he received a cut of the transfer fee. The Italian-Dutch agent reportedly signed Pogba as a client at just 19 years old. Raiola then inserted a clause into the 19-year-old’s contract with Juventus stating that he would receive a 20 percent cut of the transfer fee if the player’s future club decided to sell him.

Mino Raiola is reportedly paid $213,000 per week. He makes an annual salary of $11.1 million. He will also get a $4.4 million loyalty bonus in addition to his salary. The agent’s fees could rise to $53 million as a result of a hidden clause. The clause states that Manchester United must pay Mino Raiola’s agency at least four million euros per year for the next five years.

During the negotiations, Mino Raiola and Pogba’s agent received a 20 percent cut of the transfer fee. It is unclear if he got a 20 percent cut of the fee because of the alleged involvement of the agent. However, there is speculation that the agent had a close relationship with Juve owner Daniele Nedved.

Mino Raiola’s attempts to force a deal with Manchester United were futile. He overplayed his hand. If Manchester United did not agree to a deal, the agent could end up with nothing. It is highly unlikely to be an agreement, but it is an important step towards a successful future for the player. There are a few things to keep in mind when negotiating with an agent.

United can’t lower their asking price for Paul Pogba

Manchester United have no leverage in the Pogba transfer saga. The Frenchman has yet to live up to the hype after joining the club. But he’s clearly keen to leave and wants to find a new challenge. But why can’t the Red Devils lower their asking price for Pogba? A lack of competition for the player is one reason for the high asking price.

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Juventus must be aware that Man United cannot lower their asking price for Paul Pogb’s transfer. A free transfer for Pogba means a massive signing-on fee. But a move for Paul Pogba from Juventus will have serious financial ramifications for United. They will have to pay Juventus the right amount to secure the player. However, the general consensus is that the Frenchman will stay at Old Trafford in September. But Juventus can’t lower their asking price because they’ve spoken about their love for Pogba recently.

Mino Raiola, who is the super agent in football, has demanded PS400,000 a week for his client. But Manchester United’s hierarchy are reluctant to pay such a huge amount, and Pogba could be leaving on a Bosman transfer. If United don’t lower their asking price for Pogba, the Frenchman’s agent Mino Raiola is going to try to force a deal with Manchester United. That could mean no deal for the Frenchman.

Mino Raiola is desperate to sell Paul Pogba to a club. It’s no wonder he wants to leave the club, but it’s unlikely he’ll lower it this time around. But Raiola’s tactics have worked before. Often, he moves promising young clients and orchestrates a huge move in their mid-20s. So why shouldn’t Raiola lower United’s asking price?

United want to sell Paul Pogba to Real Madrid

There have been several reports in recent days that Manchester United want to sell Paul Pogba, who is out of contract at Old Trafford this summer. The midfielder has been linked with a move to the Spanish capital, with Real Madrid the latest to show an interest. Manchester United are expected to reject Pogba’s re-signing request, but the Frenchman has hinted that he is open to other challenges. In any case, the club is taking a huge risk by not offering him a new contract. The player may be keen to join a club in La Liga instead, but that could be unlikely.

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Despite Manchester United’s interest in Pogba, there are some serious drawbacks to the move. The Frenchman is widely regarded as the best defensive midfielder in the world, and he could command a fee of up to PS80 million. Real Madrid could be facing a race against time to sign the French international, but they think they are in a strong position in the long run. While Pogba’s departure would benefit Real Madrid, Manchester United are unlikely to allow him to leave without a replacement.

It is not yet clear how much Manchester United are willing to sell for the French midfielder, but they will not let go of him until a replacement is found. According to Daily Mirror, Manchester United will only sell Pogba if Real Madrid make a PS150 million bid, which is considerably more than the current market value. The report also suggests that United are not willing to sell the star player for less than PS150m, and would prefer a player plus cash deal instead.

United can’t sell Paul Pogba to Real Madrid

After the sacking of Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s star player is widely tipped to move to Real Madrid. However, after an incident involving a fax machine, the club kept the Frenchman. Manchester United are unlikely to sell the star player this summer, and are instead assuming he will leave on a free transfer next year. Although United are considering selling Pogba to Real Madrid, the club will not consider a deal until they’ve secured a replacement.

The move could be beneficial for both sides. Pogba has been linked with a move to the Spanish capital in recent years, and could command a fee of more than PS80million. However, a Manchester United player would cost less than a France international. And although Madrid have become increasingly interested in signing young players, they don’t appear to be interested in making a move for Pogba. In fact, they only seemed to be interested in signing the Frenchman three summers ago.

Manchester United have reportedly lost the race for Paul Pogba to Real Madrid. The France international has been linked with a move to Real Madrid in recent months after expressing his desire to leave Old Trafford. The French club value the player at PS180m, but Real Madrid are not willing to pay that amount. Therefore, it’s likely that Pogba will leave Manchester United for free in the summer.

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Manchester United’s star player is set to leave in the summer. The Frenchman’s contract runs out this summer, and it’s expected he will join Real Madrid as a free agent. According to Marca, the French giants have already spent PS275m on Pogba this summer, and could spend even more to sign Neymar. However, despite his recent poor form, the United cannot sell him to Real Madrid.

Paul Pogba wants to move to Real Madrid

Manchester United are not keen on selling Paul Pogba, but the Spaniard’s future may be decided this summer. Real Madrid want to sign the Frenchman in the summer, and the midfielder is on their radar. With the arrival of Kylian Mbappe in the summer, the club is also on the lookout for defensive reinforcements. French midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni is high on the list of potential candidates.

A move to Real Madrid is not the only option available to the midfielder, and the Frenchman is also currently sidelined with a thigh injury. He is expected to be back in action soon. Meanwhile, the contract of veteran midfielder Luka Modric expires at the end of the season. While Madrid are focusing on improving other areas of their pitch, Pogba is also an attractive option for the club. Zinedine Zidane has called on the club to sign him. On his first attempt, however, Juventus refused, demanding at least PS100m. In the end, the Frenchman has chosen to stay with Manchester United and is waiting for a move to Real Madrid.

The Frenchman has spoken to the directors of Manchester United to discuss his future. Although his contract is due to expire in summer 2022, United are willing to let Pogba leave on a free transfer. If Pogba’s desire to join Real Madrid is genuine, the team will do well to give him the opportunity to leave. So, should Manchester United move on, how will he cope with the pressure of leaving the club?

If Real Madrid really wanted to sign Pogba, they would have contacted his agent Mino Raiola long ago. Rather than fighting this battle, Pogba should accept the facts and move on. The situation is too complicated to play politics and be the victim of a one-off. You can never please everyone. So, if you haven’t heard enough about the Pogba saga, stay tuned to these updates.

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