Marseille Fans See the Funny Side of the Ronaldo Transfer Saga

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After a tense day in the French capital, Marseille fans have finally seen the funny side of the Ronaldo transfer craze. The ultras in Nice have been accused of seducing the former Real Madrid and Manchester City superstar. Now, they are blaming one another. A disciplinary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, where both clubs are expected to receive harsh punishments. In the meantime, Messi has yet to make his Ligue U debut, and the controversies surrounding him have only made things more ridiculous.

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Marseille fans seduced Cristiano Ronaldo

Fans of Olympique Marseille are planning a big-time seduction campaign to convince Cristiano to sign with their club. One supporter even posted a montage of Ronaldo wearing the OM shirt with the hashtag #RonaldOM. The hashtag quickly became the most popular one in France. The joke is so funny that fans are even mocking the press, who are supposed to be the people responsible for announcing the transfer.

It seems that a lot of Marseille fans have been swayed by the rumored interest in Ronaldo. The fans of the French club have been imagining the Portuguese superstar signing the five-fold Golden Ball. The rumours are starting to gain traction, with fans taking to social networks to express their desire to sign the superstar. But it seems like the rumours are true: there is no real reason why the Portuguese superstar should not join Marseille.

Nice ultras relegated Leo Messi

If Barcelona fans were really as vocal and incensed about the relegation of Messi, they would have jeered the entire team at a home game. That would have been insulting enough for the players, but what about the fans of the French club? Have they ever booed Messi? Have they screamed abuse at him? These questions have been on the minds of football fans since the relegation of PSG and the consequent demotion of their star player to second division?

The situation was so bad that PSG fought against the relegation until the end of the 2007-08 season. After some poor results, the fans of the French team erupted into a full-blown riot. They smashed cars and even prevented the players from leaving the training ground. Leo Messi, the world’s most-capped player, was not happy to hear the boos. When he returned to the team, the PSG fans cheered him wildly.

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Manchester City tried to sign Ronaldo

There was a period in the summer transfer window when Manchester City were in the hunt for a striker. However, when Manchester City failed to sign Ronaldo at Marseille, there were reports that Juventus were in discussions with the player and had made an agreement with the club. According to the report, the transfer fee between Manchester City and Juventus was EUR25 million, but Manchester City were unable to meet the demand. Despite this, the deal was eventually completed between the two clubs and Ronaldo ended up moving to Manchester United.

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There is speculation about Ronaldo’s future, but it remains to be seen if he will stay at Juventus. Manchester City have been linked with the Portuguese striker since he left Marseille and is keen to leave Juventus. Although Ronaldo is currently playing for Juventus, he has expressed his desire to leave the club and join Manchester City. This is the reason why Manchester City have been trying to sign him, but so far have failed in signing Harry Kane from Tottenham. However, a move to Man City would be a good move for both Manchester clubs.

Real Madrid tried to sign Ronaldo

After spending nine seasons at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to move to Juventus for PS105 million. While his relationship with club president Florentino Perez has been rocky, he may have found a new home in the Spanish capital. This will mark the first time the club has enquired about signing the Portuguese star. But will he ever make the move? Will his new contract in Madrid be as lucrative as the one he signed with Marseille?

The Portuguese player is a popular choice for Real Madrid, and the Spanish club could be willing to pay a huge price to land him. Real Madrid have been linked with Neymar, but the Brazilian has reportedly been unhappy at Marseille. But Perez also admitted that a move to Real Madrid is necessary to win the Ballon d’Or. It would also mean a boost for the team’s image, as the aging Ronaldo would not want to tarnish his reputation by leaving the club early. The team will have to be careful with their financial fair play policy, however.

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Manchester United tried to sign Ronaldo

While most Manchester City fans are disappointed at his decision, they do see a silver lining in the saga. While they would have loved to see the Brazilian back at Old Trafford, the club is unable to afford a fee of PS13m ($18m) for him. Although the return would have been romantic, it would also have been a marriage of convenience. Ronaldo has previously declared that he would never play for Manchester United.

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While Manchester United’s fans are frustrated with the lack of transfer interest from the Portuguese international, the French side are also pleased that the Portuguese star hasn’t moved to another club. A number of teams have expressed an interest in signing the former Real Madrid star, but several clubs have ruled out the move. In fact, PSG, Manchester City and Bayern Munich are believed to have no interest in selling the 30-year-old. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid and Sporting Lisbon are reportedly interested in signing the midfielder, but Manchester United have said that they would prefer to keep him.

Real Madrid turned down Ronaldo

The rumours are back. Real Madrid turned down Ronaldo’s transfer request to Marseille fans because Florentino Perez, the owner of Marseille, found Ronaldo a traitor. The Portuguese star wanted to return to his native Madrid and was willing to offer a large transfer fee, but the club refused to do so. The rumours were widely reported and may have blown up in Ronaldo’s face, but there’s no doubting his love for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid’s manager, Erik ten Hag, has made it clear that the Portuguese international will not leave. The Ligue 1 champions have no space for a forward, after signing Vitinha and Nuno Mendes. Also, the club have renewed the contract of Kylian Mbappe, who reportedly rejected Real Madrid’s offer. And, although it would have been nice if Real Madrid could offer Ronaldo a contract, the situation is too complicated.

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Manchester City turned down Real Madrid

The Portuguese superstar has been linked with a move back to Manchester United and his super-agent Jorge Mendes was reportedly in the market to sign the Portugal star. City and Juventus were reportedly interested in a potential deal, with the former looking to avoid a transfer fee loss. However, Manchester City were not prepared to pay the fee, and it is believed that the Portuguese star was more interested in joining a club that would offer him a higher salary. The Manchester clubs were keen to sign Ronaldo, but the Portuguese striker has stated in the past that he would never play for Manchester United.

While Manchester City’s refusal to sell the Portuguese star could seem a bit harsh, some fans are taking it as a positive sign. The fans of Marseille are hoping to sign Ronaldo in the summer, and they have even started a Twitter trend with the hashtag #RonaldOM. For a short period on Tuesday evening, the hashtag became the most popular in France. After announcing the refusal, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was spooked into a move to Manchester United. In a nutshell, the fan reaction was both humorous and unintentional.

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Manchester City tried to sign Ronaldo earlier in the window

Man City have made the decision to reject a last-minute deal to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portugal international is keen to leave Manchester United, but is not yet convinced he can stay at Old Trafford. City have been in contact with Juventus to try and lure Ronaldo, but have failed to convince them to part with the EUR25m they want. Moreover, the ‘Real Madrid’ winger has been adamant in the past that he would not leave United.

Aside from relegating a deal, a rumoured move to Real Madrid is also unlikely to go ahead, but Man City were interested in signing Ronaldo earlier in the window. The Portuguese superstar won the Golden Boot at the Euros, so they may be tempted to move for the former Manchester United winger. However, City were unable to shift any attackers on short notice.

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Manchester City tried to sign Ronaldo before Real Madrid

Despite the fact that he won the Golden Boot at the recent Euros, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was concerned about signing the Portugal star. Guardiola questioned Ronaldo’s tactical fit in the Premier League, and doubts remain over his age. Real Madrid have several players who could replace Ronaldo. It is also unclear whether Real Madrid can afford to lose the club’s top goalscorer.

According to sources close to the Manchester City hierarchy, Ronaldo has made contact with his teammates at the Etihad in an attempt to cement a deal. The Portuguese international has been in contact with City officials since the summer and is confident of striking a deal before the transfer window closes on Thursday. Manchester City have yet to respond to the contact and are instead focusing on their pursuit of England striker Harry Kane.

Real Madrid tried to sign Ronaldo before Manchester United signed him

In 2009, Real Madrid came knocking on Manchester United’s door and offered to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite their attempts to sign the forward, they were unable to stop them. Sir Alex Ferguson, who had spent a decade as the top dog in the Premier League, was understandably frustrated. Ronaldo had just begun to make his name at Old Trafford when Real Madrid tried to sign him.

When reports about Real Madrid’s interest in signing Ronaldo surfaced, Juve made contact with him. While Ronaldo made no sign of wanting to leave Juventus, the club’s president Jorge Mendes said there was interest from other clubs. Mendes revealed that interest in Ronaldo hinged on the situation of Kylian Mbappe, the team’s current star. Juve consulted Massimiliano Allegri on the matter to ensure that the move would go through.

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