What Makes Messi Better Than Ronaldo?

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So, what makes Messi better than Ronaldo? Let’s break it down into two categories: completeness and execution. Messi is faster, and Ronaldo is more complete in the end. Which is better? How does Messi fit into the modern game? We’ll take a look at both players’ strengths and weaknesses, and determine the best player for each team. Then, you’ll have a better idea of who should be the favorite to win the World Cup.

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Messi is faster

If you’re comparing soccer players, you might wonder if Messi is faster than Cristiano. While both players have good acceleration and speed, Messi is arguably faster in short spaces. However, if you take the player’s dribbling speed, you’ll find that Ronaldo is more explosive and can beat Messi when sprinting. If you’re comparing speed, Ronaldo has better acceleration and speed, but Messi is quicker on the ball and has a better burst.

The speed and agility of both players are impressive. Although Ronaldo is an excellent dribbler, Messi is more efficient and effective. His low centre of gravity and ability to find space make him a better dribbler. His goals and assists are often the result of 40-yard runs. Messi is also much better at shooting on goal with either foot. Considering these differences, Ronaldo is a better option.

In a recent match against Monaco, Kylian MBAPPE was recorded running at 38.6kph – faster than Usian Bolt’s 100-metre world record. Despite the speed differences, the two soccer players share mutual respect and admiration. But whether Messi is faster than Ronaldo is a different question. In the end, they are better teammates than opponents. While neither player is necessarily better than the other, they aren’t friends.

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While Ronaldo’s passing and vision may be more impressive, they lack the speed and precision that Messi possesses. Messi’s accuracy and precise passing ability are unrivaled. As an example, he has more opportunities to create chances than Ronaldo does. Messi’s EPM in 2019 was 238 compared to Ronaldo’s 118, which means that he made more good decisions 0.63% of the time.

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As for goals, Ronaldo has more than doubled Messi’s goals in the Champions League and European Cup. Messi averaged 0.79 goals per game, while Ronaldo had one goal for every eighty minutes. Messi has also provided more assists than Ronaldo. Messi has 71 goals in the Champions League, and Ronaldo had 86. If you’re thinking that Ronaldo is faster than Messi, it’s time to consider changing your perspective.

Messi is more of an executor

The comparison between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is not so clear. The Portuguese superstar is regarded as a better scorer, but Messi’s style of play is more like an assistant than an executor. His team-mates are better off under Messi because he is a true leader and he uses his vision to keep them together. While Ronaldo has superior passing power, Messi’s tactical intelligence and ability to find free spaces and lay off to a team-mate build attacks.

Ronaldo is more complete

Both players are equally accomplished, but there are many differences between them. Among these differences are their goal per game ratios. Ronaldo has a better overall goal ratio, but Messi is more complete in his game. Ronaldo holds the record for most Champions League appearances with 69. Messi is currently one behind, but has already surpassed Iker Casillas. While Ronaldo is a great player, he is generally considered an underperformer during World Cups.

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Ronaldo has scored more goals: He has nearly twice as many as Messi, but is a better all-around player. In addition to his goals, Ronaldo has also accumulated more assists in his career. Ronaldo has more assists than Messi, but his assist total is higher. Messi is also a better teammate. Both players have won more titles and have earned more respect among fans and fellow players.

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In addition to his goal scoring prowess, Messi’s accuracy of shots is far greater. While Ronaldo is capable of scoring in any area, Messi is more accurate in the long-range area. While Ronaldo has been a legend in the past, his ability to score from free kicks has fallen into myth over the last few years. Between 2009-11, Ronaldo scored 21 direct free kicks compared to Messi’s three. Between 2017-19, he has only managed to score five, while Messi has 18.

Two legends have fought for the Ballon d’Or year after year, and both have the same record in appearance. The Ballon d’Or barely mentioned either player this year. Their rivalry has become one of the greatest rivalries in sports, and the Ballon d’Or has a lot to do with it. Messi has the better all-round game, and Ronaldo’s ability to score in the finals means he will win the Ballon d’Or in 2020.

In terms of physicality, Ronaldo is more athletic than Messi. He was raised in Sporting CP’s academy and learned how to leap like a salmon under Sir Alex Ferguson. In contrast, Messi developed his athleticism at the same age, and it is this physicality that has earned him a place among the elite of football. Messi, on the other hand, has more strength in all the other areas.

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Ronaldo began his professional career at Sporting CP in 2002. He later joined Manchester United and won the FA Cup with the team. He has been captain of the national team of Portugal since 2003. Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009, and he won 6 Ballon d’Or, 10 La Liga titles, and four Champions League titles. With this impressive resume, he is considered one of the most complete players in football.

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