Roberto Firmino Vs Mohamed Salah – Which Player is Better?

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The Liverpool forwards have a similar number of assists, key passes, and chances. But, their respective pass completion rates make a big difference, particularly in the box of their opponents, where most goals are scored. Roberto Firmino is on 42% while Mohamed Salah is on 54%. To help you decide, I’ve created a comparison chart below. You can read more about their respective strengths and weaknesses below.

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Roberto Firmino

The Liverpool midfielder has been a constant criticism of his teammate Mohamed Salah this season, but Sadio Mane has defended him. Firmino has scored six Premier League goals and provided five assists since joining from Barcelona. But does he deserve the plaudits? Mane believes yes, and here is why. Let’s take a closer look at Firmino’s stats.

Firstly, Firmino is consistently scoring in the top goal-scoring positions. He has made an impact on the build-up and system, and he hasn’t lost his basic striker instincts. He has scored six goals in nine games this season, compared to just nine last season. This makes him a better option in the attacking third of the pitch. But he can’t match Salah’s goalstaging ability.

Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Manchester United showed that there is room for both Salah and Firmino in their team. Although the absence of Sadio Mane and Fabinho raised eyebrows before kick-off, Ibrahima Konate and Joel Matip were included. But Firmino is as certain a starter as Salah, and they even shared the same moment of celebration on Old Trafford.

Mohamed Salah

It is fair to say that Roberto Firmino is a better option than Mohamed Salah, but the former has plenty of benefits. Firmino’s unselfish nature makes him a better option than Salah, as evidenced by his refusal to nick Mane’s opener against Stoke City. Firmino also plays the role of a false nine for Liverpool, where he has scored 75 goals and provided 49 assists since joining the club in the summer. In his Premier League career, Firmino has also played as the lead striker, setting the energy for Liverpool to win games.

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Liverpool are currently in the Premier League and their form is reflected in their results against Watford. Mohamed Salah scored his first Premier League goal of the season against Watford, while Roberto Firmino bagged a hat-trick in the same game. Salah’s goal was a dazzling individual goal, and Firmino’s hat-trick came in stoppage time.

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As an attacking player, Salah has a great reputation. He has already won the 2022 FWA Footballer of the Year award. And he is leading the race for the Golden Boot with 30 goals in 48 appearances. If he can continue to play like this, Salah will be one of the best players in the world. But, for now, it is hard to argue with the Argentine’s current form.

Their roles in Liverpool’s front three

In a side with a talented forward line, a front three is vital. A front three that can play off of one another is a strong attack. Liverpool have a front three that has developed over several seasons. Their front three plays off each other perfectly. Liverpool fans might be asking themselves who’s playing with whom? Well, this front three has an almost telepathic understanding. In fact, no side outside of the Premier League’s big six teams managed to score more league goals than Liverpool’s three.

Suarez and Salah are undoubtedly the best of the three, but their roles in the front three will depend on their form and availability of players. Whether Salah or Luis Diaz starts is another matter entirely. Suarez and Salah can combine to create some good chances and score goals. The three players will make up Liverpool’s first-choice front three. Their chemistry has led to a flurry of goals this season.

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Mane is Liverpool’s most consistent forward and is the most prolific in smarterscout. Both are capable of scoring from distance. Mane’s xG rating in 2019-20 is slightly higher than Salah’s, but neither player is an absolute stud. They take 2.5 shots per 90 minutes, Salah takes four, and Firmino takes three. Their average chance is worth 0.18 xG.

Their strengths

Liverpool’s strikers have a great balance of abilities. Both have scored 54 goals and contributed 54 assists for the Reds this season. In addition to being an attacking threat, they are vital to the team’s play, even when they’re not in possession of the ball. Despite the injury risks, both players have shown incredible resilience. The two have only missed one match this season, but they’re both in top form.

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Both Salah and Firmino have a hard work ethic that is admirable, and Mane has compared them to an animal. Salah and Firmino have been linked together in a formidable front three and have terrorised defenders since their arrival in the summer. They have combined to help Liverpool win the Champions League this season and ended Liverpool’s Premier League drought. However, both players have plenty of flaws, which makes them equally valuable.

Roberto Firmino is an excellent foil for Salah. Salah is not a prolific goal scorer, so he requires a good foil to help him score. Firmino will run for the duration of the match, diverting defenders away from Salah. Salah will credit Firmino for the latter’s strengths. But the former believes he is still in a good position.

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Their weaknesses

Liverpool have a slick attack, but Salah and Firmino have been individual players in recent weeks. The attacking quartet that once ruled club football, trident-style, has split into two, with Salah a central striker and Firmino a winger. Having a trident isn’t an issue if both players are performing to their usual standards. But Liverpool must be wary of losing Salah and Mane.

While Liverpool’s defensive brilliance has protected the Reds from their own shortcomings, this isn’t the case with the attacking trio. Last season, this trio played together in a more natural way, and despite their defensive shortcomings, they rarely struggled to score. Their best performances came in a 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal, and a 4-3 win over Crystal Palace. Their recent performances have been more subdued, with all three players failing to score.

The attacking trio has been criticised recently for their lack of goals and their failure to deliver on their chances. But Mane has defended the midfielder, insisting that Liverpool would struggle without Firmino. He has scored 11 goals in 32 appearances, while Salah has managed to score just four. That means that without Firmino, Sadio Mane’s chances would be reduced.

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Their similarities

When comparing the similarities between Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah, the comparison must be tempered by a few things. Salah has scored four times as many goals as Firmino and has accumulated more key passes than either player. Both have created 57 chances and assisted six goals. While Salah’s pass completion rate is higher than Firmino’s, both players have made more attempts than their opponents. Both players have average pass completion rates of 42% and 54%, which is not too shabby.

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Salah’s goal scoring stats are a good example of their similarity. Both have been prolific in the Premier League and Champions League. Salah scored eight goals in his Champions League campaign, while Firmino has only managed four. In addition to their similarities in goal scoring, both players play in a false nine role, which is a position that resembles that of an attacking midfielder. In addition to scoring goals, Firmino has also assisted 49 goals and led the line with distinction. Firmino has also been a key player for Liverpool, especially in recent years, and Klopp has labelled him one of the best players in the world.

The similarities between Firmino and Salah are more obvious than the differences. Salah has been the first-choice forward at Liverpool for five seasons. But Liverpool have been missing a striker in Sadio Mane, who has rejected a contract with Liverpool. So Firmino is now Liverpool’s fifth-choice attacker, ahead of Diogo Jota, Luis Diaz, and Darwin Nunez.

Their differences

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