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Two Brazilian players, Ronaldo de Lima and Cristiano, both played great soccer. But who was the better leader and player? Let’s examine this debate to find out which of them is better. Both players made their mark as leaders, but one is more impressive than the other. Ronaldo Nazario grew up in a poor neighborhood but excelled in his chosen profession. Cristiano is a better footballer, but he is still not at the level of Ronaldo.

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Ronaldo de Lima

The first name of Ronaldo de Lima comes from his father’s last name and the name of President Reagan. He was born in Madeira, Portugal. At the age of 12, he began playing football and quickly rose to stardom. By the age of 15, he had already made his debut for his local club, Sao Cristovao, and he went on to play for Cruzeiro and the Brazilian national team. In his first year of professional soccer, Ronaldo scored 166 goals and was named the top scorer in the city league. This development was essential for his later career and led to his selection as Brazil’s under-17 South American championship team.

The Brazilian legend, known as El Fenomeno, has been playing the comparison game against Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo. In an Instagram chat with Fabio Cannarova, Ronaldo de Lima insisted that Cristiano should not be compared to his career. He said that the real Ronaldo probably felt like a fake at one point in his career, and that he would always be one of the best players of all time, regardless of his nationality.

While playing professionally, Cristiano Ronaldo remained a very popular figure in the world of soccer, and in 2014, he became the most marketable athlete. His plethora of endorsements and television appearances prompted Nike to commission a new series of Mercurial boots named after him. In addition to playing for Real Madrid, he also owns 51% of Real Valladolid. As of December 2021, he will have invested $70 million in Cruzeiro.

After winning the 2002 World Cup for Brazil, Ronaldo returned to competitive play and won the Golden Shoe award. At that time, he also helped his country win its fifth World Cup. His recent success prompted Real Madrid to announce his departure from Inter and sign him to a deal with Real Madrid for $46.3 million. Ramos’ comments have gained a huge following in Spain, as he is a major player and has a large network of supporters.

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Silvestre, a former player for both Ronaldos, believes that Ronaldo is the better player. The Brazilian legend has also become a Leicester City supporter. And if you think the former Leicester City player is a better player than the current five-time Ballon d’Or winner, it’s worth considering. You’ll never know who’s right. So, make a decision based on the facts and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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In case you’re wondering whether Ronaldo de Lima or Cristiano is more talented, consider how Cannavaro’s hat-trick might go. The 2002 World Cup winner was named Salah’s favorite Brazilian player and the greatest inspiration of all time. Both players’ incredible goals in the past ten years made them famous internationally. Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the greatest goal scorers of his generation. Andriy Shevchenko and Raul Gonzalez were also lauded as the best goal scorers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The names Cristiano and Luis Nazario de Lima come from the Portuguese language and are pronounced the same, but the name of the Brazilian footballer is a combination of his maternal and paternal family names. The Portuguese-born Ronaldo is a former Brazilian international footballer who made his name with a string of high-profile goals. His parents separated when he was 11 and he later became the’mononymous King of the World’, a title that he won at the 1994 World Cup.

The real ‘Real’ Ronaldo is not the Cristiano Ronaldo we know and love. The Brazilian football legend is a great fan of Leicester City and the English club Leicester. His 92-year-old club, Real Valladolid, has been struggling to stay in the first division for some time. While his team has a rich owner, it struggles to attract big names. Ronaldo de Lima would have liked to sign Paris Saint Germain striker Kylian Mbappe but is unlikely to get the money.

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Despite their contrasting styles, the Portuguese duo have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award five times. The former is still playing for Juventus and has been rated as one of the best players of all time. In total, he has won 14 major trophies for his club and country. In 98 appearances for Brazil, he has scored 62 goals. But he still rates the Brazilian footballer higher than him.

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The relationship between Ronaldo and Maria Beatriz Antony began in 1999 after the soccer star broke up with former model Raica Oliveira. The couple wed in Sao Paulo in February 1999. However, the relationship deteriorated when a transvestite prostitute revealed her identity. They separated in February 2011 and divorced a year later. In the meantime, Cristiano and Ronaldo de Lima have moved into a lavish penthouse in Sao Paulo.

Despite the difference in age and nationality, the Portuguese soccer legend is the most celebrated player of all time. During his early years, he was unplayable, earning two Ballons d’Or and three FIFA World Player of the Year awards. He played for PSV, Cruzeiro and Real Madrid, where he was considered a genuine superstar. In fact, he has won more trophies than anyone else in history.

In 1994, the Brazil national team selected the youngster and sent him to PSV Eindhoven to train. At PSV, he scored 55 goals in 56 games and helped his club win the Dutch Cup. Later, in 1997, he was signed by Inter Milan, who paid him $27 million. While in Italy, he earned the nickname “Il Fenomeno”. While playing for the Italian club, he became an enduring star, winning the World Cup in 2010 and earning the coveted FIFA Player of the Year award twice.

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The Portuguese player, who was widely considered to be the greatest player of all time, was arguably the best winger in history. He was also synonymous with R9 boots and was the face of Nike’s football range. As a winger, he eventually developed into a complete forward. However, his brilliance made him the face of the R9 football boots and became synonymous with the brand Nike.

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Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario has earned a reputation as the world’s greatest player, with two Ballons d’Or and three FIFA World Player of the Year awards. This is an outstanding record, and the Brazilian was once a star at Cruzeiro, PSV and Real Madrid, among other clubs. While many considered him to be a genuine article, he later suffered from declining powers. The debate between these two stars rages on, and the younger generation is divided over who is the’real’ Ronaldo.

The biggest rivalry in the game is between Ronaldo and Cristiano, two of the most prolific players in the sport. Although the two players are the same age, they are world-class players. Ronaldo Nazario is a 42-year-old talisman who will be remembered forever as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Despite the fact that many millennials haven’t seen too much of him, he stands out as the better player of the two.

During his prime, Ronaldo Nazario was a seminal centre-forward. He was a brilliant goal scorer and a pioneer of direct attacking play. He scored 62 international goals in 98 matches, second only to Cristiano de Lima. During his playing days, Nazario played for PSV, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan, scoring 414 goals in 616 appearances.

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Ronaldo’s relationship with Maria Beatriz Antony has been marred by controversy. He dated the supermodel Raica Oliveira before splitting with her. Their relationship was resumed after clarifications were made. In 2009, Cristiano married his girlfriend Daniela Cicarelli, who gave birth to their first child, Maria Sophia. The marriage lasted for about three months after the extravagant ceremony.

Although both players are considered to be fearsome, they are not equal. Cristiano Ronaldo is still considered to be the greatest player of all time, but R9 was considered to be more dangerous than Cr7. According to Mikael Silvestre, R9 was “the best player of all time.”

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