Should Cristiano Ronaldo Be Banned For Diving?

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After Real Madrid’s recent defeat by Atletico Madrid, many people are wondering if Cristiano Ronaldo should be banned for diving. The Portuguese footballer was already a five-game yellow card offender due to his diving. But has this “robbery” dive been justified, and should he be banned for diving? Here are a few opinions on the matter. Weighing the pros and cons of Ronaldo’s five yellow cards, we’ll discuss why he should be banned.

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Cristiano Ronaldo dived during Real Madrid’s defeat to Atletico Madrid

During Real Madrid’s recent loss to Atletico, Ronaldo took a shot at the Spanish side for their dreadful defensive performance. The Portuguese international is on a five-match scoring streak and was on a mission to end it. But that didn’t stop him from diving during the game. The two sides met 35 times in all, with Ronaldo scoring 25 goals and assisting nine others.

After a run of 22 straight victories, Real lost a 2-1 loss to Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey on Tuesday. While this loss is disappointing for the club, it does not necessarily reflect their performance in the league. Real had been unbeaten in the Copa del Rey for the last three months, and three of those losses came against Atletico. Real Madrid’s next match against Atletico is on January 15th.

Atletico, meanwhile, has not won the Champions League since 1992, but it has reached the final three times, including twice against Real Madrid. In the last decade, Atletico Madrid has won the Europa League three times and the UEFA Cup three times. In the Europa League, they have also won the European Cup three times, as well as the Super Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s five yellow cards for diving

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been sent off five times for diving, the most recent coming in the Champions League. The Portuguese winger was penalized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) in a match against Barcelona on March 29. He received his second yellow card for diving after a tussle with Barca defender Samuel Umitit in the 82nd minute. The Royal Spanish Football Federation handed Ronaldo a five-match ban, and he was fined EUR3,805 and Real Madrid have to pay the team a EUR1,750 fine.

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Despite the fact that the referee had correctly ruled on Ronaldo’s penalty, the Real Madrid forward has received a second yellow card for diving. Despite the fact that he was clearly felled by a Rayo defender, the referee has ruled that he had dived to win a penalty. Thankfully, Ronaldo was able to appeal the decision, and will be available to play against Eibar on Saturday. The Real Madrid forward will now be able to close the gap on leader Barcelona to one point. Levante, Valencia, and Real Sociedad will also be without the Portuguese winger.

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The suspension will prevent Ronaldo from playing the rest of the Super Cup and will also prevent him from starting the first four La Liga games. The suspension will impact the club’s chances of winning the league and the Champions League. The ban also halts Cristiano Ronaldo’s participation in the Champions League as he is suspended for five games for diving. A red card is a harsh penalty, but the Spanish Football Federation has made a clear example of the repercussions of a player being suspended five games for diving.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s post-goal “robbery” gesture

Many fans have been quick to point out that Ronaldo’s post-goal gesture should be banned for diving. He may appeal the decision, given his storied career and reputation. However, many believe that his reaction reflects how close he is to Jasmine. The incident has become a source of ridicule for years, but it is clear that the Portuguese star hasn’t forgotten it. He’s now concentrating on his career and hasn’t acted in such a way since.

The Portuguese international has numerous friends and follows four Real Madrid teammates on Twitter. They are close friends and share intimate knowledge of one another’s lives. They played together for Portugal and have been friends for years. Their relationship has become so close that they’re both now fans of each other. If you’re wondering if he’s dating another woman, you can find out more about their love life here.

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Many Real Madrid fans are angry over the suspension of the star striker. While the disciplinary reasons are unclear, many Real Madrid fans think that Ronaldo should be banned for a month, which would allow him time to recuperate and be fresh for the Clasico. That said, the player’s actions will affect the club’s standings, but the suspension would be a small price to pay for the roaring fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s suspension for diving

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will miss five games after receiving a five-match ban for diving. He received two yellow cards during a 3-1 win over Barcelona on Saturday. The second yellow card came after the Portuguese defender pushed the referee and dived into the box. He also gave a push to the referee’s back. The RFEF judged that the push was disproportionate and unjustified.

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Many fans are disappointed with the way Ronaldo responded to the ban. His close relationship with Jasmine has brought ridicule to the relationship. Even though the incident happened many years ago, it seems that Ronaldo has not forgotten it and is focusing on his career. However, many fans feel he should appeal the ban. There are many reasons why he may not appeal the ban. If you’re a fan of the player or think he’s guilty, then you should know that the suspension is not permanent.

Although the match resulted in the penalty, Ronaldo’s reaction to the punishment was not entirely appropriate. It appeared that Ronaldo was attempting to buy a penalty and his reaction is not acceptable. The incident may have been a dive, but the behavior he exhibited is not indicative of a dive. It is clear that he’s unhappy with the lack of punishment he received. The incident was not caught on video, and the repercussions of his actions could be long-lasting.

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Riyad Mahrez and Dele Alli have committed diving offences

While the allegations of the Leicester City duo involving dives may be shocking, they are not the first incidents to involve the two players. Riyad Mahrez has been sent off for two diving offences in four months, while Alli has three in four months. However, despite the claims of a dive, the two players have still managed to reach the top of the Premier League.

Both Riyad Mahrez and Dele Alleli have reportedly been fined a total of PS230,000 for the offence. Everton have also released a statement apologising to Dele Alli and the club. The two players have since been reprimanded. In the meantime, the Premier League has moved to apologise to both players.

While both Riyad Mahrez and Dele Alliant have been cited for diving, it is unclear whether the incident involving Alli was a case of red card versus booking. While Tottenham were in the lead at the time, Raheem Sterling was awarded the penalty after his misjudged long kick. Both players were booked but VAR was unable to overturn the decision.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s reputation precedes him

At the time he played for Manchester United, Ronaldo was notorious for diving in the air. While the act was not as common in the early part of the 2000s, it quickly became the poster child for foreigners infecting English football. As the transfer from Manchester to Real Madrid went on, the Portuguese forward continued to dive in the air, earning fouls and making himself look foolish. This practice cost him numerous appearances in the Premier League and earned him the nickname “cod” by former Millwall player Eamon Dunphy.

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In the first place, he must not be blamed for the current behavior of his teammates. As one of the most talented players in the world, Ronaldo is bound to attract attention from defenders. While he should be less inventive and more tactical, he must also know that heavy challenges are acceptable in England. If Ronaldo is unable to take these challenges, he should not play. However, injuries are a natural part of football, and the Brazilian player should be aware of the potential consequences of such a mistake.

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However, the recent media scrutiny of Ronaldo’s incident will not stop fans from complaining. In the meantime, the footballing world will be forced to make a difficult decision about the future of the sport. The question is: Will Ronaldo get another chance in the Premier League, or will his reputation continue to precede him? The former Real Madrid player has a reputation for diving and has lost the benefit of the doubt in the past, and this will probably not change any time soon.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Monaco

The top comment on a Reddit thread titled “Cristiano Ronaldo should be banned for diving” suggested that the Portuguese superstar could move to Monaco and send 18-year-old Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid. This would net Real Madrid EUR230 million, more than Neymar’s price tag. It’s difficult to see how Monaco could resist signing the 18-year-old sensation, but it would certainly benefit Ronaldo’s career.

In addition to receiving huge salaries, the two-time Ballon d’Or winner could get married to the next head of state of Monaco, Carlota Casiraghi. The Monaco government can’t charge Ronaldo with tax fraud in the principality, which makes his move to Monaco an attractive proposition. After all, Monaco’s owner is a billionaire Russian and they can afford to make a huge transfer.

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Juventus have defended their signing of Ronaldo. However, the player has been banned twice for diving. He was also banned for three games after being sent off for headbutting a Portsmouth midfielder during their 1-1 draw with the Portuguese club. Despite this, he was able to score two goals in the derby against Aston Villa. The Portuguese player received a second yellow card, this time for a tackle on Aston Villa defender Andy Cole in the final minutes. Sadly, the Portuguese international ended his Juventus career in tears after the game.

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