Should LVG Be Sacked?

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Should LVG be sacked? is the question on every manager’s lips. His lack of vision, style of play and media conferences are not only frustrating but also damaging for the team’s reputation. What about Jose Mourinho’s interest in the role? Does the manager’s style of play suit the team’s needs? The answer to this question is complex, but the following are some of the most important considerations.

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Van Gaal’s style of play

Whether or not Louis van Gaal’s style of play should be slashed is a matter of personal opinion, but I have a feeling that the Dutchman should be sacked. Van Gaal’s constant emphasis on possession football seemed ineffective and even led to mutiny rumours. Nonetheless, his team still lacked a cutting edge and deserved to be sacked.

In his time at Barcelona, Louis van Gaal sported a style of play based on Ajax and Barcelona. In his two years in the Spanish capital, the team shamelessly mimicked the Ajax academy. The Dutch have always favored slow, methodical possession over riskier but more effective approaches. This philosophy has cost them a number of key players. That is why it is crucial for Van Gaal to be sacked.

LVG’s transfer history has also been controversial. Some critics point to players such as Marcos Rojo, who simply do not fit the club’s style of play. Others point to the signing of Angel Di Maria in 2014, only to see him depart for Paris Saint-Germain in 2015. Interestingly, Di Maria himself cited strange instructions from the Dutchman as one of the reasons for his departure.

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Those who question the manager’s style of play may also want to take the criticism of the players from the media, but that’s not necessarily a reason to sack him. Rather, the criticism of Van Gaal’s football style comes from fans and players alike. While the manager may think his team is playing boring football, the team’s poor results and lack of bombast justify this reaction. However, at Old Trafford, the style of play can make the manager unpopular.

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The manager’s failure to win the Premier League this season has created a bizarre impression. His style of play is uninspired and disgusting. No successor will play that way. In addition to this, Van Gaal’s attacking players are less inventive than under Van Gaal. The team’s decision-making instinct has been reduced. Therefore, his reign is becoming a tragedy on par with Hamlet.

His media conferences

The Manchester United fan base isn’t very pleased with the latest media conference from Louis van Gaal. The Dutchman has promised to make history in Manchester, but the results have not followed. United have been terrible in the league and have dipped in recent weeks. They have lost to two newly promoted teams, and have crashed out of the UEFA Champions League. While they have improved their league form this season, LVG has failed to impress since taking over at Old Trafford.

The Dutch manager has already been booed at the press conference after claiming he would only speak to journalists if they did their job properly. He was even attacked by some of them when the media questioned his methods. Despite his claims, Van Gaal isn’t going anywhere. And he is being linked with a replacement, Jose Mourinho. Is this the right move?

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Manchester United fans don’t deserve another lousy manager. Louis van Gaal should be sacked for this latest lapse. The press conference was the most gripping five minutes of the season. Despite his efforts to save his job, the club’s football remains uninspiring. Just four weeks ago, Manchester United were top of the Premier League. The fan base has no patience for lousy football, and Louis van Gaal should at least apologize for this.

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After three consecutive defeats, Manchester United fans have been calling for Louis van Gaal’s sacking. After the 2-1 loss against Norwich City last weekend, they will be desperate to win the next match to avoid another humiliation. After the Stoke City game on Boxing Day, it will be clear whether Van Gaal will remain at Old Trafford. And if he fails to do so, it will be a good sign for Jose Mourinho.

His players’ limitations on the pitch

The Dutchman has already made headlines for his controversial sex quotes and dive at Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. Fans chanted ‘Louis van Gaal’ outside Old Trafford after he rebuked the Frenchman for the team’s play-acting. And he forgot his own name during the press conference, so he was later known as ‘Mike’. Despite all this, though, there is still hope for the Red Devils, thanks to the new summer signings.

Jose Mourinho’s interest in succeeding him

It is a matter of debate whether or not Jose Mourinho has a genuine interest in succeeding LVG. The Portuguese coach has a history of leaving management jobs on a sour note. He was dismissed from Tottenham Hotspur in front of the team, the first time he was ever sacked in public. And while the former Chelsea boss is keen to continue the rivalry with Barcelona and Pep Guardiola, the Inter experience will stand out as his most defining period.

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Chelsea, however, are a different story. Mourinho has previously worked at Inter and has recently left the club, with a four-year contract. But he has been linked with several top jobs, including the role at Manchester United. And he was even linked with the role at Real Madrid in 2008.

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There are some aspects of his CV that are worth investigating. While his reputation as a braggadocious braggart has earned him plenty of clout in the media, Mourinho isn’t averse to controversy. The Portuguese is a former Barcelona assistant and is also known as the “Special One”. In fact, Mourinho has been critical of Van Gaal’s work at United since his appointment.

The manager’s passion for a player’s talent isn’t all that surprising. A young, proven A-list player with great potential would have a strong chance of succeeding LVG. The manager’s interest in the young midfielder may also be a good thing, but the future of the team remains uncertain. There are several risks with hiring Mourinho. In addition to the above-mentioned issues, his interest in becoming a United manager is a clear sign of an aspiring manager.

Mourinho’s CV is full of references to his success in other management roles. His CV, however, contains answers to all questions put by the press. It was the same story at Manchester United. However, if he had to be asked by the press, he would likely choose the latter. It would be a mistake to assume that Mourinho’s CV is sufficient to answer all their questions.

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