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If you’re interested in the world of real estate, you’ve probably heard of the media outlet The Real Deal? This website focuses on residential and commercial real estate in New York City, South Florida, and Los Angeles. The Real Deal was founded in 2003 by Amir Korangy and covers commercial real estate and residential real estate trends. While the company focuses primarily on commercial real estate, you can find some information on both on its website.

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Theo Banks is a boyfriend-for-hire

Theo Banks is running from his past for several years, but he is close to clearing all of his debts. As an actor, he knows how to slip into character and hold April’s heart. But pretending to be April’s new beau will be no easy feat. In this hilarious comedy, Theo pretends to be April’s boyfriend to get her into trouble.

The real story behind Theo Banks’s fictitious boyfriend-for-hire gig is that he is a professional who vets his clients. Herson has a misdemeanor theft charge on his record from his past but it has been sealed in his juvenile records. Theo makes sure to explain his job before he starts chatting with her, and her response to Theo’s advances is heartwarming.

April thought that Theo was an actor. She thought that he was doing this job to make money and keep his acting skills up to par. April has an overbearing family that wants to set her up with every guy in town, including Theo. But April has a secret past and doesn’t want it to come out. So she hires Theo as her fake boyfriend-for-hire.

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In the new episodes, Theo is having a hard time. He has a crush on Natalie, his neighbor, and his tech-exec father. He also has a crush on a new neighbor. His life has become a mess. And he’s a tool for Love and her husband, as he’s a boyfriend-for-hire. So what’s a guy to do?

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Lauren Blakely’s The Real Deal

The Real Deal is a romantic comedy novel by Lauren Blakely. The main character, April Hamilton, is twenty-eight and dreading her annual family reunion. When she sees an ad for a body painter on Craigslist, she responds. Little does she know that Theo is the nerdy co-worker who is planning to propose to April. But as the two meet and fall in love, things get more complicated than expected.

While The Real Deal had some cliches and predictable characters, its romantic tension was sweet and fun. Theo never kissed a client in the mouth, and April’s boyfriend options were suggestive, but they had a great deal of dirty talk. Ultimately, it was a good read for lovers of contemporary romances. And if you’re a fan of contemporary romance novels, you’ll want to read The Real Deal!

The Real Deal South Florida

The South Florida real estate market is heating up. Join leading brokers and experts at The Real Deal South Florida Showcase in November for this year’s real estate event. Learn about the hot new trends and hot spots in the region. Plus, get some great tips for riding the market waves. Listed below are some of the highlights from this year’s event. A few tips for real estate professionals:

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Diamonds aren’t fake

While older generations might prefer natural diamonds, millennials are all about lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds aren’t fake, either – they are real and look just like mined ones. In fact, lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as their mined counterparts. And the best part is, they are produced without the need for mining. As such, they are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Unlike naturally-sourced diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are grown within months rather than millions of years.

To create an HPHT diamond, carbon is heated to high temperatures in a chamber. When this occurs, the carbon forms a crystal that looks exactly like a diamond. General Electric produced the first man-made diamond in 1954, which was used for industrial purposes, such as lasers and abrasives. Afterward, the company produced the first gem-quality HPHT diamond in the 1970s. It’s important to remember, however, that diamonds are not fakes.

To test the authenticity of diamonds, use a jeweler’s loupe. It’s worth the time to check each stone for minor imperfections. Real diamonds are likely to have flecks of minerals, small bubbles, or slight color changes. If the diamond is perfectly flawless, it’s probably a fake. But lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a real diamond or a lab-grown gem is a personal choice, a question that the seller should be prepared to answer.

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The easiest way to tell if a diamond is a fake is to use a black light to examine it. If it doesn’t show a faint blue hue under a black light, it’s probably a fake. You can also test a diamond’s density by placing it under a pool of water. If the stone sinks, it’s probably a real diamond. Then, you’ll know for sure if it’s a fake.

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A diamond grade is important, especially if you are buying a large stone. A diamond grade of X, for example, will have a higher density than a diamond grade of A. However, the diamond grade J will be yellower and more yellowish. But most lab grown diamonds don’t use GIA to grade their diamonds, making it difficult to compare the two. But these diamonds will cost significantly less than natural diamonds, which can save you money.

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