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Did you know that The Real Deal? is a media company focused on commercial and residential real estate in New York City, South Florida and Los Angeles? Founded in 2003 by Amir Korangy, The Real Deal publishes quarterly publications and has won dozens of journalism awards. But did you know that The Real Deal is also a popular podcast? Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of The Real Deal?’s most famous stories.

The Real Deal is a media company with a focus on New York City, South Florida and Los Angeles

The Real Deal is a media company with focus on residential and commercial real estate in New York City, South Florida and Los Angeles. It is also a source for other real estate periodicals. The New York Post calls The Real Deal a «hot sheet for NYC real estate professionals.»

It publishes quarterly publications

The Real Deal is a business news and information magazine with award-winning content. Its content is relied upon by millions of professionals. As a digital subscriber, you’ll receive exclusive benefits like insider emails and conference calls with reporters. You can also take advantage of The Real Deal’s corporate subscription program. This will allow you to receive the magazine at a discounted rate. This is especially valuable if you’re in the business of real estate.

The Real Deal publishes magazines in Los Angeles and Miami. They also publish special issues for their respective cities. They also produce a retail issue at ICSC’s Recon conference each year. The Real Deal’s Data Book is an annual reference guide for real estate professionals. The Real Deal covers commercial and residential real estate, including development projects. You can find out what the hottest properties in your area are in the current market.

It has won dozens of journalism awards

The Real Deal is a media company focused on real estate, especially New York City, South Florida, and Los Angeles. The publication serves as a primary source for other periodicals and other publications that cover the real estate market. The New York Post called The Real Deal «the hot sheet of the NYC real estate industry.»

The Real Deal was recognized in multiple categories. Most notable was the «New Voices» award, which was given to a news organization for its reporting in a new and innovative way. It was also recognized as the Best Newspaper and Web Site. The New York Press Club’s «New York Press Club Awards» honors excellence in journalism. The awards are judged in 30 categories, including print and broadcast, and each category has multiple sub-categories.

The Livingston Awards recognize outstanding reporting on looming crises and past misdeeds. The Houston Chronicle’s Alex Stuckey won this award for his story, which revealed an underfunded mental health system and a culture of blame avoidance. This story inspired new laws and state procedures. Among the many awards TRD has received, three were given to The Real Deal. There are a few notable exceptions to the rule of thumb.

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The Real Deal’s newsroom team is no stranger to winning accolades. It has received more than two dozen journalism awards, and the editors at The Real Deal have won over 30 of them. Those awards are an impressive list. And if you’re wondering how they can keep winning, consider submitting your own work to The Real Deal. So far, it’s the best place to get recognition for your real estate stories.

The Real Deal has also been recognized with a number of other awards. The British Journalism Awards honor the best in public interest journalism. The Real Deal was selected as the Best Newspaper by The British Press Gazette in December 2021. Several other City Journalism graduates were also shortlisted and won prizes, including three who won awards and two Highly Commended. It’s no surprise that the Journalism Department is proud of its alumni. The School of Journalism is ranked 1 in the UK for Graduate Prospects.

Randall Shearin, Katie Sloan, Lynn Peisner, Lauren Beale, and Neal Leitereg are among the other winners. The magazine’s editors also share the honor. Editors Eileen Woods, Michael D. Wilson, and Jeff Collins have all won numerous awards for their work. Some of the award-winning stories were written by journalists who worked for The Real Deal and covered breaking news.

A lifetime contract with Nike is worth $1 billion. According to Forbes, LeBron earns $32 million per year from his Nike endorsements. Cristiano Ronaldo has a similar deal with Nike, but he earned much more per year in endorsement money. This leads us to the question of who Nike values more. Among these two stars, Ronaldo is arguably the more valuable player. While both players are incredibly talented, the differences in their respective sports and their personal lives make it tough to decide which one is worth more.


If the NBA is a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s no wonder that Nike values Cristiano Ronaldo more than LeBron James. The Real Madrid star has a lifetime deal with the brand that generates over $2 billion in revenue annually. But does the world value Ronaldo more than LeBron? The new Nike contract makes the Portuguese striker the first non-basketball star to sign a lifetime deal with a major brand.

It’s possible that the $1 billion Nike contract with Cristiano is simply the beginning of the new era for both players. In 2016, Nike was worth $474 million based on posts made by Ronaldo on social media. This means that Nike will be paying Ronaldo millions to be its face on social media and to reap the benefits of his popularity and brand name. And if LeBron is paid millions to play the game for Nike, the same goes for Cristiano.

Although Nike values Ronaldo more than LeBron, the two players’ respective net worths are similar. Both players are icons of their sport and have tens of millions of followers on social media. Both players turned pro at 18 and have won conference championships and countless scoring records. If LeBron is paid $150 million, Ronaldo will make $54 million. The difference in net worth is a matter of perspective.

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Although Ronaldo’s net worth is much higher than LeBron’s, it’s still unclear if he’s a better athlete than LeBron. In recent years, Messi has signed better deals and is expected to earn more money next year than LeBron. And in the long run, Nike will value Ronaldo more than LeBron. And while this seems to be a rumor, a real conversation will follow.

LeBron James

Nike values LeBron James more than Cristiano Ronaldo, the best footballer of all time. LeBron James’ lifetime deal with Nike is worth more than $1 billion. According to Forbes, he earns $32 million annually in endorsement deals. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is worth more than $1.2 billion. But there are many similarities between the two players. Despite their differences in ages and styles, they both have similar skills and have great value to Nike.

Juventus keeps $20 million from jersey sponsor Jeep. LeBron James has a three-year jersey patch sponsorship with Wish. While the Lakers receive $3.25 million from the patch sponsorship, it goes to revenue sharing, which means that half of the $13 million goes to the players. LeBron James has also joked about wanting to play in Europe for $50 million a season. For now, he’ll have to settle for that.

If LeBron James is the most valuable athlete in the world, it’s clear that Nike values him more than Ronaldo. While LeBron James is Nike’s highest profile endorser, he’s also a passionate activist. He’s a public figure and has launched an advocacy campaign against police brutality and systemic racism. In addition to launching the campaign, Nike announced a $40 million donation to the black community in the US, and made Juneteenth a paid company holiday. Interestingly enough, Nike also values Cristiano Ronaldo more than LeBron James.

While the Lakers failed to match expectations this season, the eight-time All-Star continued to defy Father Time by registering his second highest scoring average in his career. James’ monetary worth has risen to more than $310 million. And that’s not even including his various other businesses. He owns a pizza chain called Blaze Pizza that has seventeen locations in Florida and Chicago. By 2024, he will earn more than a billion dollars.

While Ronaldo has more money than LeBron, his lifetime contract with Nike is worth $1 billion. If the two players were equally great at basketball, he could easily fetch an uncapped figure. The two players have a lot in common: they are both icons of their sports and are also worldwide marketing superstars with millions of social media fans. In addition to that, they both turned pro at 18 years of age, have set scoring records, and won conference championships.

Lionel Messi

It is not hard to see why Nike values Lionel Messi more than Ronaldo and LeBron, as both players have huge endorsement contracts and lucrative income from the sport. Moreover, Messi is the face of Adidas, earning close to $20 million a year. In addition, he also has lucrative deals with Budweiser, Adidas, and PepsiCo. Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s endorsement deals are worth more than 70 million dollars a year.

As the world’s best soccer player, Lionel Messi is now worth over $990 million, making him the most valuable player to Nike. The price tag on this deal is also higher than LeBron’s. This is not surprising, as Messi is a global superstar with a mountain of trophies and a huge fan base. But while LeBron James is the most famous face of the NBA, Messi is an international superstar who has earned countless millions of dollars from endorsements.

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Both players are valued by Nike for their social media interaction. Ronaldo, on the other hand, has a larger social media following than Messi, earning him a bigger sum. The former Real Madrid superstar, however, has spent most of his career with adidas, despite switching to Juventus in recent years. He has also signed a lucrative contract with Manchester United and a clothing line.

While Ronaldo and LeBron are highly paid, Messi has the highest average salary among all players. He was voted the most valuable athlete by Forbes in 2017, but is now the third highest paid athlete in the world. LeBron James set an NBA record of $96.5 million last year, becoming only the tenth athlete to reach the $100 million mark in one year. Messi, however, has reached this level five times in his career.

Although Ronaldo is a highly recognized sports icon, Lionel Messi is the player Nike looks at more. With his huge social media following, he is able to attract more sponsors than any other athlete. While Ronaldo is still one of the most popular athletes on the planet, he is the most underrated player in sports. Therefore, Nike should invest more in him.

Kevin Durant

As one of the most valuable athletes in basketball, Kevin Durant has reportedly been valued at $33.2 billion by Nike, making him the company’s highest-paid athlete. According to KPMG, Nike values Kevin Durant more than LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo, who each have a deal worth more than $19 million. The company has also invested in Tiger Woods, Ronaldo and Michael Jordan, as well as numerous other sports stars.

The NBA is the highest-paid team sport in the world, and James Harden has surpassed the mark for a single player. While Kevin Durant is $420 million away from the milestone, he is still owed $84 million by the Brooklyn Nets. But that is not all. The star is also expected to make another significant chunk of change this season by signing a shoe contract with Nike, which will generate about $85 million a year until 2024. Durant also has a significant income stream from his Thirty-Five Ventures. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s only a few years away from a $100 million contract with Nike.

The two athletes are closely connected, and Nike is clearly keen on marketing Kevin to consumers. The two NBA stars have long-term sponsorship deals with brands like Wilson, Adidas, Mercedes, Lindt, Moet & Chandon, and Sunrise, and both have endorsement deals with the game NBA 2K. But the question is why Nike would value Kevin Durant more than LeBron and Ronaldo?

The most expensive athlete in the world has been signed to a four-year deal with Nike worth almost $1 billion dollars. Nike’s value of Kevin Durant is higher than that of LeBron and Ronaldo, who each signed multi-year deals worth more than $100 million. And LeBron and Durant aren’t the only big-name athletes with lucrative deals with Nike. But they are still the most sought-after athletes.

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