Top 3 Reasons Why You Dislike Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 3 Reasons Why You Dislike Cristiano Ronaldo photo 0

Are you sick of Cristiano Ronaldo? Are you sick and tired of hearing the same old arguments about him? Regardless of your opinion, we’ve got a few reasons to share. The Portuguese superstar is a jerk, a voodoo doll, a nutmeg, and not a team player. Here are our top three reasons for disliking the Portuguese international.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a jerk

The best way to describe Cristiano Ronaldo as a jerk is to compare him to the infamous Perez from the Real Madrid era. Obviously, the latter has a lot to answer for, but the former has a valid point. He is a crazy and sick man. He does not do what he claims to do, and he is not happy at Real Madrid. Those are not qualities I would like to find in a football player, but I have to agree that he is a jerk.

It is hard to disagree with Ronaldo on these points, especially considering his charitable donations and philanthropic efforts. In fact, he’s one of only two soccer players in history to have their own museum. It is ironic that Ronaldo chose a wax sculpture instead of a nude bust. Still, he’s not entirely lacking in jerkiness. Let’s look at his other traits.

If he doesn’t have a sense of humour, then he’s a jerk. He doesn’t talk much, and his marketing pitches are not funny. The best way to describe him is as a jerk. And as for his other attributes, he is a world-class footballer. But his lack of humour is a turn-off for many.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a voodoo doll

A Swedish soft drink company recently released a series of ads featuring a voodoo doll resembling Cristiano Ronaldo. The ads depict Ronaldo being tied to a railroad track and getting a pepsi can smashed in his face. Pepsi is now apologizing for the offensive campaign, which was deemed unintentional but still hurtful to Ronaldo.

Pepsi has apologized for the controversial advert which showed a voodoo doll of Cristiano Ronaldo being tied to train tracks. The advertisement was posted on Pepsi’s official Facebook page in Sweden. The ad featured a photo of Ronaldo tied to a train track and featured the footballer’s number 7 carved into his back. Pepsi also included the caption “Pass over Portugal,” which was aimed at Portuguese fans.

In Sweden, Pepsi’s PR people didn’t make a good impression on Ronaldo fans. The company’s PR people didn’t seem to know how to handle Ronaldo’s image, so they decided to create mock-up images of him that showed him with needles. Pepsi’s Swedish-language Facebook page deleted the images, and the company has since apologized to Ronaldo’s fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not interested in team glory

If there is one thing that Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t interested in, it is team glory. His desire to achieve individual glory has been overshadowed by his need for team glory. His ambition is to achieve individual glory, but his team’s success is even more important. After all, he has six decades of Real Madrid experience and 60 international goals under his belt. Nevertheless, he’s more interested in pursuing the team’s success than team glory.

The documentary does a good job of presenting the narcissistic side of Ronaldo. In one sequence, he talks to a fellow father outside a school. The father makes a comment about the man’s stature, to which Ronaldo responds, “My dad is stronger.” He then asks his son which car is missing. If the latter is missing, he tells him to go and find it.

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The reports that Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Juventus are based on a recent appearance in an Italian match. Although Allegri was quick to deny that Ronaldo was injured, he was on the bench for the match against Udinese. However, media reports indicated that the player simply requested to sit out the match to protect his fitness. And despite his injury, he is clearly more interested in the individual glory.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a nutmeg

Cristiano Ronaldo is a nutmer! He has been nutmegged by more professional footballers than any other player in history. While he is still a good player, he has been known to snare opponents and humiliate them. In a recent Real Madrid match, Ronaldo demonstrated his nutmeg by bringing down a looping spinning ball with pinpoint accuracy.

Against Napoli, Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for a nutmeg against Giovanni Di Lorenzo. The nutmegger felt he was fouled after attempting to play the ball through Giovanni Di Lorenzo’s legs. Ronaldo was upset after being nudged by the defender. This was not the first time he had been nudged by a defender.

Against Luxembourg, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first competitive goal and then doubled his team’s lead in the second period. Ronaldo’s assist for the goal sent Twitter into a frenzy. The same day, he had mocked his teammate Cedric Soares’ heading technique. The tweet was quickly followed by a heated argument on social media. After all, he’s only human, so it’s not fair.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a metrosexual

Mark Simpson has dubbed Ronaldo a classic ‘Metrosexual’ in an interview with Catalan paper La Vanguardia. It’s a word that captures the attention of men and makes them look cool. The term is also eye-catching and ham-fisted, which makes it ideal for the shirtless selfie taking athletes. However, it does have an unfortunate association.

Fortunately, there’s a better explanation. The macho disdain for anything gay or effeminate is not new. The Daily Mail’s “Femail” section has devoted over a thousand words to metrosexuals, so perhaps it’s time for the publication to drop the sexist label altogether? Nevertheless, we can’t blame Ronaldo for expressing his homosexuality.

But what exactly is homophobia? Metrophobia is an expression of homophobia. Ronaldo is a man of many faces, but his sex is not a source of his homophobia. The Sun exploits the youth of footballers and their good looks to sell papers. They slander young footballers for making people look, and Ronaldo is no different. It’s just that, for the most part, he seems to be a good person.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not Luis Suarez

Atletico Madrid striker, Luis Suarez, has spoken out in a recent interview regarding Manchester United’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo. The two sides will clash in the Champions League over two legs in February and March. The Uruguayan spoke about his fears of facing Ronaldo at United, and the importance of beating the best team in Europe. Luis Suarez has been linked with a move to Manchester United.

At the 2014 World Cup, Barcelona snubbed their rivals with a 2-0 win. Luis Suarez, who has a close relationship with Lionel Messi, heaped praise on his Barcelona teammate. He was genuinely happy to have won the trophy alongside Ronaldo. When asked about comparisons between Ronaldo and Messi, Luis Suarez was quick to explain that “both players have their own strengths and weaknesses and there is no clear winner.”

While the two players have very similar qualities, Suarez’s DNA is that of a Juventus player. Juventus is already linked with Suarez and Andrea Pirlo. However, Suarez’s contract stipulated that he could not join Manchester United. Juve have the money to compensate for the player’s performance-related bonuses. Suarez will earn PS256,000 per week.

The debate over the statue in Goa is raging. There are supporters and detractors of the statue, and arguments for both sides. In this article, we will consider the criticism of the statue, some of the supporters and detractors, and the reasons for the condemnation from illiterate nationalists. After all, it’s a statue of a soccer superstar, not their national team.

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Arguments against Cristiano Ronaldos statue in Goa

Protesters have been displaying black flags outside the statue erected in honour of the Portuguese footballer. They say that the statue shows insensitivity and disregard for local culture. Goa was a Portuguese colony until 1961 when it gained independence from Portugal. Although the Portuguese were a popular soccer team in Goa, many locals feel the statue is inappropriate. The statue also appears to be a slap in the face to the region’s Portuguese heritage, which many locals feel is an affront to the history of the city.

The controversial statue of Ronaldo has sparked debate in Goa. Protesters point to the statue as an affront to Goan culture. Goa was under Portuguese rule for 450 years before it was freed in 1961. Some Goans argue that the statue is an insult to the Portuguese and their troops. Other locals want to see an Indian soccer hero placed in its place.

Proponents of the statue argue that the monument is a way to celebrate the Portuguese footballer and encourage local youngsters to emulate his success. However, others argue that the statue reflects Goa’s colonial past and does not honour the talents of local footballers. In addition, the statue is not a good way to promote the local sport and encourage youth to play the sport. While the statue is well-intended, many locals are upset with the decision to honor the Portuguese footballer.

The monument was erected at the request of local youth. Although cricket is still the most popular sport in India, football has its fans. In the south, the English Premier League is popular, while Goa and Kerala in the west are amidst the English-speaking world. In addition, the English Premier League is popular in all eight north-eastern states. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular players in history, and there are millions of fans of the Manchester United player.

Regardless of the controversy over the statue, the debate has been fought for years. It has been discussed on social media for years, but many locals and supporters have spoken out against the controversial decision. While there are some valid concerns and opinions, the issue is more complex than that. The statue costs around 12 lakhs, and some locals have argued that it is not the right choice for Goa.

Criticism of statue

There has been considerable debate about the statue’s erection in Goa, with some locals unhappy about the statue’s presence. Although Portugal was once the colonial power in Goa, many people are proud of their country and love football. However, some have argued that the statue is insensitive, especially given the history of the Portuguese in Goa. In a recent debate, some Goans argued that the statue should be dedicated to another prominent Indian soccer player.

The controversy over the statue’s placement has touched on a political issue. While cricket remains the most popular sport in India, football is growing in popularity in some areas of the country. For example, the English Premier League is popular in Goa, Kerala, and all the eight north-eastern states. A statue dedicated to Ronaldo in Goa has provoked criticism in many places, including among local football players.

While the statue was welcomed by many locals, some have expressed their disappointment. In their view, the statue was not appropriate because Goa deserves a statue of an Indian football player. It was also noted that Ronaldo had received criticism elsewhere, including in Madeira, where he had a bust installed. After a year, the bust was removed and replaced with an Indian football player instead.

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Although critics have argued that the statue is not appropriate, local officials have defended the monument. The statue is meant to inspire local footballers, but some have argued that the Portuguese nationality of Ronaldo reminds people of the colonial era. Nevertheless, it remains a controversial issue. A new statue in Goa has already provoked a backlash, but officials in Goa have defended the project.

The critics have pointed to Ronaldo’s background and his struggle against poverty. The alcoholic father of his children and his childhood were not well-off, and he later became the first footballer to earn $1 billion. There has been similar criticism of other public figures in India that have received statues. For instance, the bronze of Diana with three children had a faint resemblance to Theresa May, but that is no reason to disregard an Indian footballer.


Thousands of supporters of the Portuguese footballer converged in Panaji on Wednesday to mark the unveiling of a 415kg-weighted statue of the Real Madrid star. The statue aims to promote football as a sport and inspire youngsters to take up the sport professionally. According to local politicians, the statue will also inspire youngsters to play football. But many people have doubts.

There are two main sides to the debate – those in favour of the statue, and those opposed to it. Supporters of Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue in Goa claim that the statue is about the player’s achievements and will motivate young people to play the sport. Opponents say the statue does nothing to promote football, but it may be an important symbol for the state’s tourism sector.

Some people in Goa have been critical of the statue’s location and the statue’s construction. Local lawmaker Michael Lobo tweeted a picture of himself standing beside the statue. The statue was built over three years at a cost of Rs 12 lakh and had to wait until the end of the summer to be installed. Although locals are against the statue, it has sparked controversy among residents. Supporters of the statue claim that the statue was built in response to a demand by youth.

Goa is the only state in India where football is the official sport. In fact, there are several top football clubs in the state, including Churchill Brothers Sports Club, Dempo Sports Club, and Salgaocar Football Club. Supporters of Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue in Goa hope to create a permanent reminder of the football legend. There are also other reasons why the statue is important to the state.

Condemnation by illiterate nationalists

The controversy erupted over the erection of a statue of Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo in Goa is far from over. The statue was supposed to inspire local youth to play football and emulate the Portuguese maestro. But it has sparked a raging debate with locals and the Portuguese government. State minister Michael Lobo said the statue was meant to promote football and inspire young people to take up the game.

The controversy erupted when a protester held a black flag in opposition to the inauguration of the statue of the Portuguese footballer. Despite the popularity of Portuguese football in Goa, some locals feel that the statue is insensitive. Others feel that it is disrespectful to install the statue during 60th anniversary celebrations of the year that Goa and the rest of India were freed from Portuguese rule.

A local Bharatiya Janata Party lawmaker, Michael Lobo, has tweeted a picture of himself with the statue. The statue was erected by the youth after they petitioned for it. Though cricket remains the most popular sport in India, football is a popular choice for locals. Goa and Kerala in the south are major football-playing regions. And the eight northern states also have popular teams. In Goa, the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as one of the best players in history.

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