What Are Your Favorite Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo?

What Are Your Favorite Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo? photo 0

If you have a favorite Ronaldo photo, it is probably one of his family photos. Then there are the selfies, his 760th goal, and His early career. And of course, there is the footballer himself. There are many more that you may not have noticed. Take a look through these galleries and find your favorite one. Then, share it with us! We’d love to see it!

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s family

While many people may know about Ronaldo’s family, few are aware of his personal life. Although he is a billionaire soccer player, he still has a loving family at home. His mother and younger brother have become a part of the soccer world. His older sister, Katia, is 11 years older than him. She cared for him as a child and is now a pop star.

As a child, Ronaldo was known for acting giggling and crying in front of his parents. His older siblings often took the blame for his misdeeds, but he had to meet their expectations. He also grew up in poverty, sharing a room with his siblings. He later decided to pursue semi-professional football, but was expelled from school because he once threw a chair at a teacher.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s family is quite large. He is married to Georgina Rodriguez and they have four children. In addition to his wife, he has two sons. He also has a son named Mateo, who is a boy. As of this writing, he has not been married before. However, he was reportedly in a relationship with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk from 2010 to 2015. The couple’s family is one of the most important aspects of his personal life.

The Portuguese-born footballer has a large family. He has two sisters, Katia and Elma Aveiro, who are very close to him. Elma Aveiro is his eldest sister and his younger sister is a businesswoman. Elma Aveiro describes herself as an “enterprising woman”.

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His selfies

Cristiano Ronaldo is the master of the Instagram thirst trap and his latest vacation snaps are no exception. The soccer player has been spending time with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, enjoying a luxury waterside destination. During their vacation, the couple have taken numerous selfies while snuggling on a small yacht. Cristiano has been teasing his fans with his latest vacation snaps, turning the heat on purpose.

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With the introduction of an app that allows users to take their own selfies, the football star is making the world’s selfies more popular than ever. In addition to taking selfies with Ronaldo, the app will help to raise funds for children’s charities. The CR7 Selfie app is available for Android and iOS devices and features 68 photos of the Real Madrid star. Users can share their photos on social media and even send them to Ronaldo himself.

His 760th goal

Cristiano Ronaldo is now the all-time leading goalscorer in soccer. He scored his 760th goal against Napoli on Thursday to equal Josef Bican’s record. Bican scored 759 goals from 1931 to 1955, but some sources claim he scored 805 goals overall. Juventus won the game 2-0, with Alvaro Morata securing the win in the second half. Juventus’ victory over Napoli was the first trophy under manager Andrea Pirlo.

Ronaldo became the all-time top goalscorer on Thursday, scoring a brace in Juventus’ 2-0 Italian Super Cup victory over Napoli. This is the most career goalscorer in European football, passing Josef Bican’s 759 goals for Austrian club Vienna. This is also the most goals scored by a Portuguese player, as he has scored 85 goals for Juventus and 450 for Real Madrid.

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The record is not a clear one, as the Czech Football Association disputes the Juventus striker’s claim to have surpassed Bican’s record. The Czech association has yet to make an official record, but there’s no doubting that Ronaldo has reached an all-time high in goals. Although the record is contested, the fact is that Ronaldo has a very determined personality and a long list of accomplishments. And he’s got plenty of competition to keep that record.

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With a 76th goal for Juventus, the Portuguese star has equalled Josef Bican’s record. The match was also Juventus’ first trophy under Pirlo. The Serie A champions also won the Coppa Italia, and now sit fifth in the table. There’s just one more match left before the end of the season, and Juventus have reached the coveted fifth spot.

His early career

As a young boy, Cristiano Ronaldo went to school at Escola Basica e Secundaria Goncalves Zarco in Funchal, Portugal, but didn’t care for school. Instead, he went to the local football club, the Andorinha, with his father, Jose Dinis Aveiro. Although he didn’t do his homework, he accompanied his father to the soccer field and started playing with the team’s youth academy. By the age of eight, Ronaldo signed with the Andorinha football club.

Despite his diminutive size, Ronaldo was an exceptional athlete. His powerful right foot and long legs made him a formidable presence. In fact, the former Manchester United player was originally a right winger, but eventually shifted to the forward position. His free-reined style of attacking allowed him to mesmerize his opponents and exploit any gaps in the opposing defense. However, his style of play was not for everyone.

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As a child, Ronaldo was born the last of three children. His parents were military officers, so he had to leave school at an early age to help support the family. His brother Jose Dinis Aveiro, who played in the Portuguese league, grew up in the same neighbourhood and later joined a church. Both of them were active in the local community, and both men were devoted to their family.

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If you haven’t seen them yet, make sure to share them with us! We’d love to see what other people thought of him. Cristiano Ronaldo’s early career is truly special. There are so many photos to choose from, it’s impossible to choose just one! So let’s start with some of them:

His return to Manchester United

The Portuguese star’s return to Manchester United has been announced on the club’s official Twitter account. The tweet, which stated that the Portuguese star had signed a deal worth EUR15 million plus EUR8 million in add-ons, has already attracted over one million retweets and 600,000 likes. The announcement has received praise from both the fans and the media. It’s clear that the return of the Portuguese international is highly anticipated by many fans.

While the players at Manchester United have mixed reactions, many have defended the Portuguese international and praised his commitment to the club. The United dressing room has also responded positively to Ronaldo’s comments. A senior player who works in the coaching staff has been praised for being nurturing to the younger players and believes that Ronaldo is living up to his end of the bargain. Ultimately, despite all the criticism, United are looking for a long-term solution to their ailing team.

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The team’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: “Cristiano is a great human being. It takes a special person to have that desire to play at the top for a long time.”

In addition to being a marketing and commercial juggernaut, Ronaldo’s return to Manchester represents a chance for fans to believe that the past is still in the present and that Manchester United can be great again. He is too big for most games, but that is no reason to doubt the club’s heart in bringing him back. It’s a risk that the Portuguese star will be a distraction for the team.

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