What Can Sporty Hubs Space Offer?

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What can a sporty space offer? Let’s look at what a sky terrace might look like, and why vertical greenery makes sense for a sports-themed space. What do sports pros need from their R&D facilities? And what about on-demand play? Let’s take a closer look at what the sporty hub has to offer. Read on to find out! Here are a few things you might not have known.

Sports Promenade

The Singapore Sports Hub is located on the waterfront and includes racquet sports courts, basketball courts, skate parks, lawn ball areas, climbing walls, beach volleyball, cycling paths, and a visitor centre. The hub is designed to provide maximum flexibility for both world-class sporting events and diverse everyday sports. The podium is composed of three interconnecting levels that create a seamless, human-scale frontage. It also acts as an urban park, connecting various venues and plazas and promoting community participation around the clock.

The Singapore Sports Hub aims to incorporate the community into its design. The precinct is designed to be walkable and is connected to existing public realms, a park connector system island-wide, and to residential neighbourhoods and waterfront destinations. It is also designed to provide excellent connectivity to surrounding waterfront areas and MRT stations. This makes it an ideal location for community gatherings. It also features a waterfront promenade, allowing visitors and residents to enjoy the park while walking or cycling.

The Sports Hub at Sporty Hubs Space also features a public park with an amphitheatre, where spectators can view the live performance of professional athletes. The park also houses a museum, library, and other facilities. It is the premier destination for sports, lifestyle, and entertainment events in Singapore. The sports hub has hosted events such as the 28th Southeast Asian Games, the International Champions Cup, and football friendly matches. The space has also hosted acclaimed international and local artistes, as well as community events.

Sky terraces

The new sky terrace at the Phoenix Tower has undergone a complete makeover as part of Parkway Property Investments’ tenant gathering strategy. What used to be a Jack Nicklaus-designed nine-hole putting green has been replaced with an expansive lawn. Located on the ninth floor of the tower, on Buffalo Speedway, the Sky Terrace is accessible through a sky lobby. The terrace is complete with a cafeteria for tenants.

The Sports Hub precinct was designed with sustainability and legacy in mind. Its innovative design integrates landscape, greenery, and water systems to create a natural setting and waterfront environment. The green ambience and island-wide park connector system create excellent connectivity throughout the site. Sky terraces with planting are a key design feature, integrating vertical greenery into the stadium. Sky terraces also feature the best of both worlds, allowing for a truly tropical experience.

Vertical greenery

This paper explores the potential of vertical greenery as an integrated part of public art and its fit with existing definitions of public art. As an innovative, environmentally conscious and economically sustainable design element, Vertical Greenery demonstrates its compatibility with existing public art standards. The paper explores the benefits of Vertical Greenery and the challenges that promoters face in spreading its widespread use in urban areas. This article aims to provide a framework for the integration of Vertical Greenery into public space and the benefits of public art in urban environments.

Vertical greenery is also an excellent option for workplaces, presenting educational opportunities for employees and fostering a positive, sustainable environment for staff and visitors. Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, Urban Forest’s 30 story building in South Brisbane is comprised of densely planted vertical gardens that exceed green building norms. The vertical gardens on each floor contain 1,000+ trees and 20,000 plants from over two59 native species, and increase the biodiversity of the urban environment.

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The benefits of vertical greenery for mental health and wellbeing are well known, but the NTU research may offer new insights in city planning and design. Researchers will continue to explore how this approach can benefit our mental health. In the future, the NTU research team will use virtual reality technology (VR) to study the effects of natural materials on the human mind. However, there are many challenges with VR as a technology and the research team hopes to make this technology even more useful in assisting city planners.

On-demand play

The Sporty Hubs Space on-demand play system combines state-of-the-art technology with cool sports gear to provide the most popular outdoor games around the clock. Hubs are flexible, adaptable and can be installed in public spaces of all types. Once installed, users can find the Hubs and invite others to play as well. These on-demand play systems are a great way to increase community involvement and encourage active living.


The Sports Hub’s extensive walkable precinct connects to the island’s park connector system and local pedestrian networks. The hub provides excellent connectivity to the city centre, Gardens by the Bay, and surrounding residential neighborhoods. The masterplan of the sports complex creates a sequence of connected public spaces that deliver a high quality experience. There is MRT access throughout the complex, which is also connected to the surrounding road network. The design carefully considers crowd safety, segregation of servicing needs, and ensuring easy access to the space via the MRT.

The Sports, Fitness & Wellbeing Hub is home to an eclectic range of fitness, sports, and wellness activities. Open daily from 09:00 to Midnight, the Hub offers activities for all ages and abilities, including People of Determination. The gym also provides gender neutral facilities and follows strict safety protocols. Although the facility is accessible to all members of the public, booking is necessary. Classes and sessions are subject to availability, so it’s best to reserve your space ahead of time.


The Expo 2020 Hub, adjacent to the Alif Mobility Pavilion, offers a variety of wellness and sports activities. The space is 5400 square meters in size and is open from 09:00 to midnight. The Hub is an interactive and dynamic space that brings together some of the world’s leading sports engineering companies, providing unique opportunities for collaboration and state-of-the-art R&D. Whether you’re looking for a full day of fitness classes or a weekend of billiards, the Sports Hub can offer the perfect venue for your next event.

The Sports Hub has extensive public realms that link to city-wide cycling and pedestrian networks. The integrated park connector system offers excellent connectivity to the city center, Gardens by the Bay, and surrounding residential areas. The masterplan includes a sequence of interconnected public spaces to provide a quality experience and ease of access to the MRT. The masterplan takes care to consider crowd safety and separation of servicing requirements. The Sports Hub also has excellent connectivity to the surrounding road network and expressway networks.

The Sports Hub is Singapore’s newest urban core and plays a critical role in promoting sports tourism and building a competitive advantage for Singapore. It is also a popular destination for sporting events, bringing Singaporeans together in a way that is fun and healthy. The precinct includes MRT connections, a raised sports promenade, and a number of sporting and community uses. The venue also integrates with the recently renovated Singapore Indoor Stadium for a seamless social experience.

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Who is more famous in the world: the soccer superstar or the author? The same question applies to celebrities like Beyonce or Drake. Both have earned a huge amount of money in recent years and their respective followings have risen to unprecedented heights. If you were to look at their earnings and popularity, you’d agree that they both made tons of money, but who’s more famous?

Cristiano Ronaldo

It is a strange question, but is Cristiano Ronaldo more famous than JK Rowling? It turns out that he is. In 2017, Ronaldo was the fifth highest paid celebrity on the planet, just behind P Diddy and Beyonce. He also made more money than the two of them combined in the past year. While there are differences between their fame and fortunes, Ronaldo has managed to rise above his critics and become an instant sensation.

A professional footballer from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is an incredibly marketable and famous celebrity. Forbes ranked him the highest paid athlete in the world in 2016 and 2017, while ESPN named him the world’s most famous athlete. He was included in Time’s list of 100 most influential people in 2014 and was the first football player to earn a billion dollars. However, many question whether he is more famous than Rowling.

According to Forbes, Ronaldo’s salary is a mere US$70 million a year, but he also earns an additional US$50 million a year off the field. Much of his income comes from his CR7 brand, which extends from clothing and accessories to hotels and gyms. Ronaldo also has several endorsement deals with big brands, including Nike and Tag Heuer.

While Rowling is a popular celebrity in the UK, Ronaldo is far more popular in Europe. He is currently the holder of the Ballon d’Or, and is a heavy favourite to win it again this year. His $93 million earnings last year put him ahead of rival Lionel Messi, the top soccer player in the world. Apart from Ronaldo, only Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale are on Forbes’ list of highest paid athletes and celebrities.

JK Rowling

Both are famous, but who’s more famous? According to Forbes, JK Rowling is the world’s highest-paid author, ahead of James Patterson, Stephen King, and Jeff Kinney. The success of her books and movie franchise are likely responsible for her rise to prominence. Her most recent book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, based on her 2001 novel, earned her a billion-dollar worldwide box office.

The author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, earned $95 million from June 2016 to 2017 alone — enough to reach third place on the list of highest-paid European celebrities. She also makes more than half of her money from children’s novels. Her books were popular enough to be staged, and the recent re-interpretation of the Cursed Child has made her a global household name.

Although JK Rowling is more famous, her fans are still divided on who makes more money. According to Forbes, the British writer made $95 million in 2017, beating Ronaldo’s 95 million dollars. Rowling’s earnings topped those of Coldplay and Gareth Bale. Rowling is the only woman on the list. This is an indication that the public appreciates her books more than she pays them.

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Forbes’ annual list of highest-paid entertainers has ranked singer Beyonce higher than Cristiano Ronaldo and sports star Harry Kane. The singer earned more than $US130 million ($NZ180 million) last year. Her successful «Formation» tour and album helped her increase her wealth. Jay-Z is 55th and earns most of her money from the premium music streaming service TIDAL. Rapper Drake is fifth with $93 million. JK Rowling, Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo round out the top five.

The wildly successful «Formation World Tour» helped Beyonce earn more than $105 million in 2016. Her record-breaking Lemonade album made her the highest-paid female in history. She also owns a stake in Tidal, a music streaming service. Sprint invested $200 million in Tidal in early 2017. And while Beyonce is on hiatus while welcoming twins, rapper Sean Combs is making over $70 million from a clothing line. He earns another $500 million each year from his tour and partnership with Ciroc vodka.

According to Forbes, Beyonce is the highest-paid entertainer in the world. Her Lemonade world tour and album earned her $105 million in 2016. JK Rowling, on the other hand, did not make the list last year. Her hit movie «Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find?» ranked third, earning $95 million. If you want to see the full list, check out the list.

According to Forbes’ most recent list of highest-paid celebrities, Beyonce earns more than Cristiano Ronaldo and JK Rowling. However, Rowling and Ronaldo aren’t the only stars on the list. Both of them are popular in their own right, but Beyonce is still ahead. She makes more money than Ronaldo and JK Rowling, who are the highest-paid sports stars.


With record breaking streaming figures and endorsement deals, it’s easy to see why Drake is more popular than Ronaldo, JK Rowling, or Cristiano. The Weeknd uploaded his first music video to YouTube seven years ago, but since then, his music has been streamed more than 5.5 billion times. Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer star, repeats the top ten most-paid athletes list for a second year, with $93 million earned in 2013. Meanwhile, Toronto native Drake has made more than $94 million during his world tour, which began in January 2017 and ends in late March 2018.

The Real Madrid football star drops a spot on the list, despite his lifelong partnership with Nike. Meanwhile, JK Rowling, a novelist, has made his way back into the top 100, thanks to the success of her recent Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play. The Weeknd has also broken into the top 10, and his album, «Vice,» has become the third-most-sold album in the US in 2016. The weeknd has collaborated with Lana Del Ray on a duet, Lust for Life.

However, neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor JK Rowling have surpassed the list of richest people, with the former being the fifth highest paid person on the planet. P Diddy, aka Sean Combs, earned $130 million last year. Drake was fourth on the list, and Beyonce and JK Rowling ranked third. The Weeknd, on the other hand, ranked sixth.

While JK Rowling is the best-paid European celebrity, the British author is the highest-paid athlete in the world, earning $95 million. Despite his high profile, the soccer superstar remains the highest-paid athlete on the continent. JK Rowling, meanwhile, is the highest-paid author in the world. The youngest member of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, is the second-highest-paid woman, followed by Beyonce.

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