What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Weakness?

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We’re all aware that Cristiano Ronaldo is a goal scoring monster, but what is his weakness? Let’s examine a few of his weaknesses, including his obsession with goal scoring, his dribbling, and the pressures on his family. Let’s also take a look at his attacking ability, as well as some of the reasons for His lack of defensive contributions. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand Ronaldo and his game.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s obsession with goal scoring

There’s no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo has a natural passion for goal scoring, and he’s no different when it comes to football. The Portuguese international gets frustrated when he misses a goal or fails to pass the ball in a goalscoring opportunity. The obsession with goal scoring is a characteristic of great strikers, and he embodies it. He’ll analyze every missed opportunity or missed goal with the same intensity.

It’s no secret that the Portuguese international is highly regarded. The ‘tactically toxic’ CR7 has been criticized for taking the focus off other, more tactically aware players. The only players in the world who can compete with him are Javier Hernandez, Lucas Leiva, Philip Cocu and John Obi Mikel. But if this obsession with goal scoring has cost him a spot in the team, a player who’s unable to be content with that role is unlikely to be considered good.

The Portuguese player has been accused of having a hunger for goal scoring in recent matches. In a recent Champions League match, he scored a header after assisting Alvaro Arbeloa. The goal ended a three-match goal drought for the Portuguese international. But despite the criticisms, Javier Hernandez has defended the Portuguese’s ‘insatiable’ hunger for goals and sees it as a positive trait.

Although the obsession with goal scoring has been a defining characteristic of his game, he doesn’t always play with simplicity and directness. In some cases, he overcomplicates his play with unnecessary flair and the bigger picture attack. Many young talented players fall into this trap, thinking that they’re too talented and need to beat defenders. They end up opting for the one-on-one option or a simple through ball instead.

His dribbling

The first thing to note about Cristiano Ronaldo is that his dribbling has degraded considerably with age. As a result, he is slower and his reflexes are not as quick as they once were. Still, this has not detracted from his overall game. This is a very minor issue, as he has developed to become one of the best players in the world. His dribbling is probably his biggest weakness, but it is far from his only flaw.

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In comparison, Figo was much better at long dribbles from his own penalty area to the opposition’s box than Ronaldo is. His dribbling ability was better, but he was not as good as those players who came before him. Compared to them, he was better at dribbling through midfield and assisting, but he wasn’t as good as those who scored goals, like Zico and Baggio.

Another area in which Ronaldo needs to improve is his pressing. While it’s true that pressing is one of the most important aspects of attacking the opposition, the Portuguese striker is not quite there yet. As a result, Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick has had trouble implementing his style of play. However, despite this, Cristiano Ronaldo has started every Premier League match since he took over from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In the last two games, he has made two goals, and has been praised for his performance.

As a teenager, Ronaldo is in the Sporting Lisbon squad. His dribbling is a weakness, but he has high Long Pass Accuracy and speed. His overall rating has increased to ninety-seven. His passing and shooting have also improved. However, he has become a little slower than he was in PES 2004. He is one of the most popular and expensive players in FIFA 11.

His pressures

“Cristiano Ronaldos weakness is his pressures”, the recurring motif across the pages of respected media. But ignoring the mental component of success would be a grave injustice to the man. As the aforementioned statistic suggests, Ronaldo is less than half as good at pressuring opponents as any other forward. This fact is troubling and deserves further investigation. It may even be possible that the man’s pressures are his greatest weakness.

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In the last season, Ronaldo’s pressures per ninety minutes are one of the lowest amongst top-level European forwards. Last season, he ranked in the bottom one per cent. That said, his playing profile is similar to that of his former club Juventus. He scored 70 goals in Serie A last season, compared to 86 before Ronaldo joined. And he was the most prolific goalscorer during his time at Juventus.

The decontextualization of statistics is another common mistake made by people who want to make profit from Ronaldo’s stats. While it is possible to make a case for the lack of pressuring, it is also unprofessional. Although Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Haaland rank in the top ten percent, they are not scourges of the modern game. Similarly, Kylian Mbappe is in the bottom 90 percentile this season.

While a great mind is essential to winning games, a strong body cannot achieve this without a powerful mind. By concentrating on the mental side of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo can reach his full potential. And while he is obsessed with being the best, his pressures can hinder his confidence. So, while it’s true that it’s impossible to develop the skills of confidence overnight, it’s possible to learn how to boost your confidence level and become the next Cristiano Ronaldo.

His family

If you’ve seen any of the Ronaldo documentaries, you know he has an incredible talent, but his family is his Achilles heel. His parents were heavy drinkers and his father died in 2005 from alcoholism. Ronaldos family has struggled with substance abuse and he had to have his mother sedated to watch him play. Even though his father was a star, the family was never a priority for him, and his mother has a difficult time accepting the role of a father.

When asked about his family, Ronaldos son is clearly close to him, but he is also close to his father. When asked about the missing car, he tells his son: “Daddy is stronger!” He then asks, “What’s the car you’re missing?”

The documentary also focuses on his family, with his mother being the focus. He lives each game with his mother’s nerves, and the documentary reveals their bond. Ronaldo has never revealed who bore Cristiano Jr. and the two have constantly compared each other’s skills. It’s a compelling film, but it also has its shortcomings. Its release coincides with Messi’s.

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The Portuguese soccer player lost his newborn son on April 18, but shared the news on social media. His wife Georgina Rodriguez and he welcomed twins via surrogate. He and his wife also have four other children, including Cristiano Jr., who is 11, Mateo, Eva, and Alana, the first daughter born in November 2017.

His age

Juuso Kilpelainen has compiled a list of the weaknesses of Cristiano Ronaldo, including his age. But what is his real weakness? Read on to find out. This ‘close friend’ has a’secret’ relationship with Cristiano. Then, read on to discover the biggest weakness of the man who is able to score like no other. And he doesn’t even realize it.

One of his weaknesses is his age, but the truth is that he still has a lot to offer. As a player who has scored 14 goals in the Premier League this season, Ronaldo has shown he has much more to give. However, he’s still only used as an impact player, a flat track bully, or an off-balance to the other lesser lights. If he ever reaches 35, he will become the best player in the world.

His age is another weakness. Cristiano Ronaldo is 29 years old, which is a bit old for a player of his stature. Still, he has shown a lot of potential, and many of us have seen him in action. While some might think his age is a weakness, he’s actually quite a young player, and he has a wide range of regional dialects, which makes him more interesting to listen to.

As a player of his age, Ronaldo’s fine motor skills have been a real problem for him. He’s not able to play fifty games in a season, and his age means that he’s no longer able to do the things he used to do, like galvanizing an entire attack. Instead, he’s become a deadly penalty-box striker, and his age means that he needs others to help him serve his needs.

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