What is So Special About the Leaked Contract of Lionel Messi?

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The leaked contract of Lionel Messi was released during the financial crisis and it has created quite a stir. Barcelona is in debt and it has surpassed one billion euros. This has led to the question, ‘What is so special about the leaked contract of Lionel Messi?’ Let’s take a look. Messi earns 138 million Euros a year.

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El Mundo

The leaked contract of Barcelona star Lionel Messi has stirred controversy. The Argentine ace could have made as much as 555 million euros over four years. In fact, he has already earned over 500 million. However, the headlines of El Mundo’s report attempt to paint the Argentine international in a bad light. The newspaper claims that the leaked contract will ruin Barcelona’s financial position, but the publication fails to mention the amount of money he has earned so far.

It’s clear that the leakers of the contract wanted to paint Messi in a bad light. The contract is a lucrative wage deal for the Argentine, and he has already earned all of it back for the club. It’s difficult to deny the impact the document has had on the club’s finances, but if the contract leak has affected his future, there is no reason to believe it.

Josep Maria Bartomeu

After a tense relationship between the two players, Bartomeu resigned as Barcelona president last October. However, he denied any wrongdoing in the leak of Messi’s contract. The club is now in the process of elections for its president, which will be held on March 7.

While Messi’s leaked contract has sparked outrage in the Barcelona media, the club is determined to keep the player they have inherited. The leaks are so significant that the club has threatened to sack the person responsible for leaking the information. The leaked contract has angered Messi, who is furious that anyone would want to sabotage his position.

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However, the leaked contract suggests that the deal was made to avoid future legal issues. It’s unclear if Barca could resign Messi before the June 10 deadline, but there are some signs that the club can’t keep him. Messi’s contract is worth EUR700 million, which would allow him to leave Barcelona. Josep Maria Bartomeu has stepped down as president of the club, but his successor Joan Laporta is said to have made Messi’s re-signing a top priority.

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Lionel Messi

The Leaked Contract of Lionel Messi is a huge piece of information for fans of the Barcelona football club. Messi’s contract was signed in November 2017 with the former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. This deal includes an average base salary of 555 million euros per season, image rights, and a number of unprecedented bonuses. It also contains numerous variables affecting the player’s diet and lifestyle. As of today, few people have access to such information, but it’s a big deal.

This report has sparked controversy because of its source. PSG strongly denies that this report is accurate. Messi, for his part, has been unhappy with the leak and is annoyed by the intrusion of the French press. Meanwhile, he is frustrated at the coverage of his family’s property search in Paris. PSG’s sporting director, Leonardo Araujo, has poured cold water on the report.

Barcelona club president

Josep Maria Bartomeu, the former Barcelona president, has denied being responsible for the leak of Lionel Messi’s contract. A leak of the contract by Spanish newspaper El Mundo last Sunday had Messi’s name and contract details splashed all over the front pages. The contract details the player’s bonuses and fixed incomes, which is worth over EUR138 million. Josep Bartomeu, who resigned from his position last October, denied being responsible for the leak.

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Bartomeu’s resignation as club president will take effect in 2020. Although he denied responsibility for the leak, he also stated that it was illegal to leak professional contracts to the media. Furthermore, Bartomeu said Barcelona could afford Messi’s wages without risking a public relations crisis. Despite this, the leak has caused a ruckus in football.

After the season ended, Messi had already considered leaving the Camp Nou. The club’s release clause was high, and the star’s future at the club remains in doubt. The new club president, Joan Laporta, has been tasked with securing funding for a marquee summer signing, possibly Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland or Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar.


Ronald Koeman has dismissed the notion that the leaked contract of Lionel Messis is linked to the current financial difficulties of Barcelona. Koeman also made it clear that he will not tolerate the leak of Messi’s contract, saying that if anything goes wrong, he will remove any employee responsible. The Argentine forward has already shown his worth as a footballer over the last few years and it’s unlikely that the recent controversy will have a negative effect on his performance.

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A report in the Spanish paper El Mundo labelled the contract as a “pharaonic” deal worth PS492m. The report compared the amount of the contract to that of the Latvian government aid for Covid. In response, Messi has threatened legal action, while Barcelona president Javier Tebas has defended his player. In a tweet, Koeman also said that he believes that the leaked contract is the result of “smear campaigning”.

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Pandemic delay in club elections

The elections for the president of Catalan soccer club Barcelona have been postponed after the leak of a contract with the former Barcelona star, who will be leaving the club at the end of the season. The reason for the delay is a contagious coronavirus. The club’s coronavirus-induced restrictions have deprived Catalans of the right to leave their municipalities. Those who had been living outside the city could not vote at the Nou Camp. This has led some fans and critics to conclude that the delay is a deliberate attempt by the Catalan government to hang onto power.

The political situation in the Catalan region has led to a delay in the club’s presidential elections. The COVID-19 situation has delayed elections since Bartomeu resigned in October. As a result, the club has been run by a caretaker board since October, replacing Josep Bartomeu. Meanwhile, new presidential elections are due March 7. As for Messi, the Barcelona player has been with the club for nearly two decades. He requested to leave at the end of last season. The club rejected his request, but he is free to leave once the season ends.

Value of Lionel Messi’s contract

The Value of Lionel Messi’s Leaked Contract – Could he be the highest paid player in history? A 30-page contract leaked by Spanish newspaper El Mundo in January 2021 has made Messi’s value in football and the world’s most expensive player the most valuable. Messi is set to earn at least EUR555 million over four seasons. That figure is inclusive of extras and a EUR115,225,000 renewal fee.

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According to the contract, Messi is set to earn EUR67 million this season, plus an extra EUR74 million in loyalty bonuses. However, PSG strongly denies this information. The leakage of the contract came as a surprise for Messi, who is unhappy with the leak. He’s frustrated that the leak is coming so close to his last season with Barcelona. He’s also annoyed that the French press is intruding on his personal life. FC Barcelona’s sporting director Leonardo, a long-time friend of the star, has shut down the report.

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The value of Lionel Messi’s leached contract is based on reports in the Spanish press. According to the Leaked Contract website, Messi can earn up to EUR3,548,644 for winning the Champions League and EUR2,365,766 for winning LaLiga. This would make him the highest paid player in sports history, according to El Mundo. Messi’s leaked contract was leaked because he was unable to reach certain milestones because of COVID, which prevented him from reaching certain targets.

Impact on Barcelona

The impact of Messi’s leaked contract on Barcelona is immense. While the headline claimed that the star striker had rejected the initial offer from the club, the reality is more complicated. Messi’s departure will leave Barcelona with a debt of EUR820m in the 2019-20 season. He has been a mainstay for Barca, scoring 523 goals in 602 appearances. This rate is a record, but will it be enough to keep Barcelona in business?

Despite the leak, Barcelona has not signed a single player in the past three months. The club was aware that Messi’s salary was above its player budget limits, but there were no takers for such a high-profile player. Further, it was not allowed to sign a player who was paid above the league’s salary cap. However, it is possible that Barcelona could use the situation to reorganize their finances and allow more academy graduates to break into the first team.

The leaked contract could be a key moment in the team’s quest to keep Messi, and it could also affect the club’s efforts to keep him in Catalonia. While a new contract could be in the works, it is likely that the former Argentina international has already expressed a desire to leave Barcelona. After all, it is disrespectful to the privacy of a player by disclosing this information.

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