Where Are Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fans Largest?

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Where is Ronaldo’s fan base the largest? Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the United States have all ranked in the top five of the world’s most-fanatic nations, but where are the most passionate followers? Here are some stats to keep in mind. First, you should know that Ronaldo is number one in eight states on the East Coast. And those are just the ones he leads.


If you’re wondering why Cristiano Ronaldo has the most fans in his native country, the answer is simple: his footballing abilities. Although he is considered one of the world’s best players, he’s also the most controversial figure in football. Critics of his style point to his propensity to dive and preen on the pitch, which are both distracting from the efficacy of his footballing abilities. However, Portuguese supporters are more understanding and forgiving than most fans of the other national team.

Portugal has one of the largest soccer fan bases in Europe, and many Portuguese are so devoted to their national player that they will go to any length to support him in a national match. The European Championships are a patriotic affair and the Portuguese are extremely proud of Cristiano. They adore him, and not just because he plays for the national team. Similarly, Ronaldo is a top player for Real Madrid, where he plays for the Spanish club on Tuesday and Wednesday. As such, Portuguese football fans worship Cristiano Ronaldo just as much as they worship any other player.

Aside from being a national hero, Ronaldo’s popularity is also widespread. He has never been away from the limelight for the Portuguese team, even after stepping out to face an allegation of rape in Las Vegas. The footballer denies the allegation and returned to the team a few weeks later as captain. This season, Portugal has won their inaugural UEFA Nations League tournament and will likely qualify for Euro 2020.

Portugal’s Euro 2016 match against Spain has been a great experience for them. The team played well without Ronaldo, but Otavio, Diogo Jota, and Matheus Nunes were all crucial. Despite criticism, Portugal won with a 1-0 win. A spirited performance from the team made the game a memorable one. It’s also a reminder that the stars are not just the stars, but the team, too.


In a recent ESPN article, Juuso Kilpelainen said that Cristiano Ronaldo has more Spanish fans than any other player. Ronaldo beat his own personal best for goals in a season. The article explains the reasoning behind the stat. As a result, Ronaldo has the most fans in Spain, but not as many as in other countries. But despite his popularity, many still wonder if he’s a true legend.

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In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo completed a EUR94 million transfer to Real Madrid, which made him the top scorer in La Liga. He finished top scorer three times, beating Barcelona’s Lionel Messi by nine goals. In 2013, he broke Raul Gonzalez’s La Liga scoring record, scoring 150 league goals against Getafe. In the following season, he scored his 200th and 300th La Liga goals. In 2017, he became the club’s all-time leading scorer. In the last two seasons, Ronaldo has scored a total of 260 La Liga goals, including his record of five penalty spot goals.

In terms of popularity, Ronaldo is considered the best player of his generation. He is the only active player with more goals than Messi, but his popularity is based on his unwavering commitment to the club. Even Real Madrid fans dislike him, but they do respect him and his achievements. The Real Madrid faithful, however, don’t get a pounding heartbeat when thinking of Ronaldo’s number seven. The only player with this sort of unconditional love from the Spanish public is his predecessor, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Aside from having the most followers, Cristiano is also the most liked person on social media. He has the most followers on Instagram and Facebook and is the fifth most-followed person on Twitter. And despite the fact that his Instagram account isn’t active, he has many followers from all over the world. Even celebrities, like Deepika Padukone, follow him. Moreover, the former Bollywood actress has visited Barcelona to meet the Argentinian superstar.

Despite the huge number of Madrid fans, the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and the club’s supporters has been on and off over the past few years, generating a simmering undercurrent of dissent in the stands. The increased amount of investment in Europe’s top clubs has opened the chequebooks of various suitors. However, despite the rising clamour for Ronaldo, Manchester United, PSG, Inter, and Sporting Lisbon simply aren’t able to match his salary.

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It is not uncommon for players from other countries to have the most fans in Italy, but a footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo might have more of them. The UEFA World Cup champions are celebrating the Portuguese superstar’s 10th consecutive match-win by scoring a header against Manchester United. The Italian media has covered Ronaldo’s move to Juventus as a symbol of the city’s support for the European superstar.

After the Azzurri’s dismal World Cup exit, Italian football is in a sorry state. The league is lacking in quality and competitiveness. With Ronaldo in Italy, the Italians have a hope of attracting some of the biggest names in the world once again. While the title race for the Italian league has been dull in recent years, the Portuguese has boosted Juventus’ popularity and won the hearts of fans everywhere.

In the Italian league, Juventus are the favourites, and many predict a deep run in the UEFA Champions League. Juventus’ fans are following Ronaldo with increasing enthusiasm and hope that he will eventually win a sixth European Cup. However, the euphoria of the Portuguese national team is short-lived and Juventus should move on to the next phase. But the biggest question remains – where will the Portuguese star end up?

Juventus is one of the richest clubs in Italy, with an income of over EUR400 million. This puts them well behind European giants like Real Madrid and Manchester United, who all boast a combined income of more than EUR700 million. If Ronaldo ever does move to Turin, he could radically change the ranking. It is not easy to make a name for yourself in Italy, but when it comes to football, no one has ever succeeded quite like him.

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United States

It is no secret that football is the world’s most popular sport, but how can a European star earn more fans in the US than the world’s most popular athlete? It’s not easy to get the attention of American fans for a European sport, but Ronaldo has managed to rise above the rest of the pack. He has 460 million followers on social media, making him the most popular athlete in the world. Even if you don’t live in the US or Canada, “Pele” is an all-time favorite for soccer fans.

The physical appearance of Ronaldo is undoubtedly an aspect that contributes to his popularity among non-sports fans. While his tweets primarily focused on football, the traffic he generated on Twitter during the Ballon d’Or announcement and Real Madrid’s La Decima win was also high. This has given the Portuguese star the opportunity to capture the attention of U.S. soccer fans.

Apart from the popularity of his soccer team, Ronaldo also has a strong brand outside of football. He has tattoos and has made a name for himself off the pitch, according to a recent article in The Telegraph. A third-year College student, Oliver Ripps, believes that “the greatness of Ronaldo transcends football.” He believes that his talents are easily recognized by anyone. Another college student, fourth-year Nicolas Jandeleit, also plays soccer and discusses Ronaldo’s career in detail. He says that Ronaldo’s style is different and that his style is unique.

The popularity of Cristiano Ronaldo can be attributed to his many accolades. His five UEFA Champions League titles and record-breaking goals have earned him a place among the most popular football players in the world. He also holds the record for the most international goals scored by a male player. While he is currently 37 years old, he has remained a hot property and has more than 800 fans in the United States.

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