Which Football Player Transfers Shocked You the Most?

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Which football player transfers shocked you the most? Football fans are a fickle bunch. Sometimes their favorite player can become the public enemy number one when they move to a new club. To make the list as short as possible, I’ve excluded the most expensive transfers. That’s because you can only include ten players. So here are some transfers you might have missed. Here are 10 transfer stories to make your mind boggle.

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Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is a high-paid star who has enjoyed a disappointing two-year spell at Camp Nou. Despite the reported interest from Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, it seems like the Argentine international could land at one of Europe’s biggest clubs before the end of this season. And, if he does, he might just take a pay cut in order to do it. Sid Lowe delves into the details of Barcelona’s attempt to offload the player.

Antoine Griezmann’s transfer to Atletico Madrid is a surprising move. While he is expected to earn around PS5,94,000 a week, he is well worth the fee. His current salary puts him one step behind Lionel Messi as the highest paid player in the Spanish club. However, this deal would mean that Atletico Madrid could sell their other forward Miralem Pjanic to make way for Griezmann.

The move was so shocking that Griezmann’s teammate, Paul Pogba, has come forward and spoken out about his friendship with the French international. He has said he would back Griezmann if he were to join Manchester City. After all, Griezmann has worked with Pogba at Manchester United and would love to team up with him at Old Trafford.

Neymar Jr.

At the age of eleven, Neymar Jr. made his professional debut for the Santos team. He wore number 18 and scored his first professional goal in that match against Mogi Mirim. Neymar later gave the shirt to his father, thanking him for guiding him. Neymar has been in the headlines ever since. His career as a professional footballer is a story that is well worth following.

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Born on February 5, 1992, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is a Brazilian footballer who plays forward for the Brazil national team and the Paris Saint-Germain. He is currently the third highest-paid player in the NFA (next to Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi). His high-profile status has landed him several sponsorship deals. The player’s success has helped him accumulate millions of dollars. But his talents are far from over.

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Off the pitch, the Brazilian international has also had his share of legal troubles. In Brazil, a court ordered him and his father to pay back taxes that they had failed to pay for the years 2011 to 2013. A Spanish court also called the duo into court in connection with a case brought by an investment fund that alleged it was cheated during the transfer from Santos to Barcelona in 2013.

David Beckham

If you are a football fan, you have surely heard of the football player transfers made by David Beckham. At the peak of his career, the Englishman decided to join Major League Soccer (MLS) club LA Galaxy. But his transfer from Real Madrid to LA Galaxy shocked the entire football world. The 32-year-old was earning more than his Real Madrid teammates. But his move was not entirely for financial reasons – he was also chasing the high-profile LA lifestyle.

After retiring from the game, he is now more famous in the United States and has an option to buy a franchise in the league. His move to the United States has increased his fame even further, as he can now afford to do so. The former Manchester United star could have easily had another five years at the top and won many more England caps. Then again, David Beckham’s loan spells at Milan and LA Galaxy showed that he can still mix with the elite. His friendship with Tom Cruise and Will Smith also helped to make him a household name worldwide.

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In the world of football, transfer windows are full of surprises. Players often join rivals and move to unexpected destinations. One such transfer by David Beckham shocked fans the most. While his move to MLS was unpopular, it did boost the popularity of Major League Soccer. The MLS has a long way to go, but for now, the MLS is a destination worthy of a football superstar.


Luis Figo football player transfers shocked you the best. This summer marks 20 years since the transfer of Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid. This was perhaps the ultimate football player transfer, loaded with symbolism, vitriol and rancor. Let’s look at some of the key moments in Figo’s career. It’s easy to see why this transfer shocked many football fans.

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Real Madrid and Barcelona have long had a heated rivalry. Figo’s move to Real Madrid in 2000 caused a major uproar among Barcelona fans. During the El Clasico match, fans threw lighters, oranges, and even a pig’s head at the player. In the following years, the player returned to Barcelona, only to be greeted by angry fans hurling insults at him.

The shock transfer of Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid came in 2000, during a time when Real Madrid and Barcelona had a bitter rivalry. At Barcelona, Figo won numerous trophies, including the La Liga Foreign Player of the Year and three consecutively. Despite rumours that the player and the club were having a strained relationship, he made a shocking move to Real Madrid for EUR60 million. The move, which ushered in a new era for Real Madrid, has been a source of controversy ever since.

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Fernando Torres’ move to Chelsea from Merseyside was expected to take the Blues to the next level. However, when Torres handed in a transfer request, he was offered PS50m by Chelsea. That transfer was a surprise to many fans, but Torres has never been shy about making controversial moves. This PS72 million move has earned him the title of the highest-paid player in the world.

Despite being an outstanding striker for Chelsea, Torres’ transfer to the Blues was widely considered a mistake. The Spaniard only played 52 minutes of competitive football for the London club before being substituted by Pedro in the semi-final. However, Torres and Vicente del Bosque stuck by the talisman for the final. Torres came on as a substitute in extra time to secure Spain’s historic 1-0 win over Holland. During his appearance, Torres pulled up clutching his thigh. Nevertheless, he took part in the celebrations that followed the win.

The Barcelona transfer shocked fans, but Torres has always expressed his desire to play in Barcelona. He signed a deal with the club in 2021, but joined Manchester City only 16 months before that. Torres’ agent reportedly flew to the UK to discuss the matter with the Reds. The club had been planning to pay PS43m for Torres, and they were ready to pay the player’s PS34m release clause.


Alvaro Morata has been on the transfer market for some time now, and a report from Sport claims that Arsenal are interested in signing him. Other teams, including Mikel Arteta’s side, have also been linked with the Spaniard. He has spent the last two seasons on loan at Juventus, but the Serie A giants are reluctant to sell him because of his poor goal-scoring record.

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After starting his career with Chelsea, Alvaro Morata failed to live up to the hype. He only managed to score sixteen goals in 41 appearances in three seasons. However, he already has experience playing at the highest level, having played for Real Madrid two spells in which he scored a total of 70 goals. He also played 83 games in Real Madrid B before joining Real Madrid, and has already featured for Atletico Madrid.

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After struggling at Chelsea, Morata was sold to Real Madrid for a reported PS80m. The Spaniard was considered the world’s best finisher, and Chelsea were keen to build on the title-winning season under new coach Antonio Conte. Diego Costa had fallen out of favour at Stamford Bridge, and his transfer to Chelsea shocked many. Morata’s move to Chelsea was one of the most shocking moves in recent memory, but it’s certainly worth it.


Of all the Kevin Keegan football player transfers, one will probably shock you the most. After all, he left Southampton with an acrimonious exit. Although he was the European Footballer of the Year twice, Keegan’s departure was remarkable, particularly as he ended up staying at Potters Heron and settling for rags instead of riches. But did he really change his ways after leaving Southampton?

The transfer of Keegan shocked many people, as he had just joined Southampton for PS420,000. The transfer came after Keegan had been a fixture in the Saints’ pre-season friendlies. But he kept a keen eye on Hamburg and was soon a fixture in the final. Keegan would soon leave Southampton and join another club. But what shocked many fans the most is his decision to sign with Southampton instead of Liverpool.

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When Keegan joined Liverpool, his teammates were not too keen on his presence and avoided passing to him in training sessions. He let himself down when he slipped on a concrete surface during a mid-season friendly against VfB Lubeck. Keegan was punished by the manager with an eight-week ban. But he did not let his fans down completely. His teammates were so shocked by his arrival that they nearly rioted.

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