Which Player Has Scored Most Goals Against Real Madrid?

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Messi has 12 goals in nine UEFA Champions League games this season, while Benzema has 12 in nine UEFA Champions League games this campaign. Both of these players have had a good season, with Benzema particularly impressive on his recent trip to England. As you can see, Messi and Benzema both have great records against Real Madrid. Let’s see who is the best in this category.

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Barcelona and Real Madrid have met a total of 29 times, with the most recent a 2-2 draw at the Nou Camp. With nine goals and five penalties, Messi has been the most prolific scorer against Real in the history of the game. His best Clasico goal was a late winner in front of home fans in 2017. Apart from this, Messi has also been involved in some of Real’s most dramatic games, including a hat-trick in the March 2014 game against Sevilla.

Since leaving Barcelona last summer, Lionel Messi has been playing for Paris Saint-Germain. While he has been prolific for PSG this season, he has struggled against Real this time. He has managed only five goals in five Champions League games so far. It’s worth noting that his last goal against Real Madrid came in May 2018, and he has not scored a goal against the club since.


The Portuguese forward has scored the most goals in European competition against Real Madrid. This feat makes him the only player to have scored as many goals against one team as Ronaldo. Juventus is close behind but Ronaldo has more. In addition to scoring the most goals against Real Madrid, he has also been named as the Best Player in Europe. Despite doubts about his future with Real Madrid, Ronaldo has remained a key player for the club, scoring more goals than Suarez in each game.

Apart from Ronaldo, the other players who have been involved in a Clasico include Barcelona’s Luis Suarez and local Madrileno Raul. Raul played 37 Clasicos and did not score in the first game against Catalonia in 1995. His last Clasico appearance came in April 2010, and is second only to Messi. Real Madrid fans will also remember Cesar and Josep Samitier. They both played for the club during World Cups. Cristiano has been a part of the club for 20 years and has won trophies with his team.

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Mario Mandzukic has been a highly productive player for both the Croatian national team and Real Madrid. He is a versatile, consistent and well-respected striker. Though his name doesn’t frequently appear on lists of the best strikers in the 21st century, Croatia fans know him well. Despite his impressive record, Mandzukic is a largely unknown player in the rest of Europe.

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Juventus needed a miracle against Real Madrid after falling behind 3-1 at home. It was a tough battle, but Juventus and AS Roma rallied to defeat Real Madrid in Turin. A header from Mario Mandzukic in the second minute gave the Old Lady fans hope. Cristiano Ronaldo was not happy with the goal, but he was pleased with the performance. Mario Mandzukic is also the top scorer against Real Madrid.


Raul has been a part of the Atletico Madrid youth academy for five years before moving to Real Madrid. Raul has scored goals for both clubs and is a prolific scorer for both sides. His first major break through came when he scored a hat-trick against Ferencvaros in the Champions League. His record still stands today, three decades after his first goals for the club. Despite the disappointment of the season, Raul’s legacy remains intact.

In October 1999, Raul scored against his fierce rivals Barcelona and celebrated the goal by holding his finger to his lips. He gestured to the home crowd, telling them to remain quiet and let him celebrate the goal. In 2002, he was appointed captain of Real Madrid, taking over from Fernando Hierro, and held the position until 2010. He played in two finals and scored in both, but failed to lift the Copa del Rey.

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Pau Lopez

The former Barcelona goalkeeper Pau Lopez has been a goalkeeper for Marseille since 2012. Despite his small stature, Lopez has already scored more goals against Real Madrid than any other player in the history of the club. In a recent interview with Spanish outlet EL Pais, he discussed his career. It’s clear that Lopez is very passionate about the sport and is determined to improve his own abilities.

Pau Lopez has made a number of stunning saves, and he has also been credited with assisting numerous times. But his career against Real Madrid was cut short by a string of injuries. The veteran has been named the top scorer three times. His record against Barcelona is remarkably good, with an average of 3.4 goals scored against them. In five previous games, Real Madrid scored more than three goals per match.

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Raul Vicente Amarilla

In La Liga, Raul Vicente Amarilla has the most goals with 26, while he has also tallied 3.5 in the Copa del Rey. His first goal against Atletico Madrid came in the 1982-83 season, when Real Zaragoza finished sixth with 59 goals, while conceding 39. That means he has scored the most goals against Real Madrid of any player in the history of the competition.

The season codes of Amarilla’s goals against Real Madrid are abcdefghijklmnopqr and refer to the seasons of the previous two decades. The season codes for these seasons are abcdefghijklmnopqr and are based on the BDFutbol. The seasons of 1941-42, 1950-51, and 1952-53 are the same.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

The list of players who have scored the most goals against Real Madrid is not complete without the legendary Alfredo Di Stefano. With more than 300 goals, he is the all-time record holder for most goals scored in a single El Clasico. Ronaldo followed in the footsteps of the legendary striker by winning five successive Champions League titles and eight La Liga titles. In this list, Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player to surpass Alfredo Di Stefano.

Ronaldo’s ruthless efficiency in front of goal has been the foundation of his illustrious career. He has broken numerous records and established himself as the best goalscorer in Portugal and Real Madrid history. His hat trick against Tottenham set a new benchmark for personal excellence. Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored a hat trick in a Premier League match. It is a record which he may be keen to match in the future.

Lionel Messi

Despite his stellar record against Real, Lionel Messi has failed to score in any of his last five La Liga showdowns. His last goal against Real came in the 2-2 draw in November 2005, and Messi was heavily criticised for taunting Michel Salgado during the game. Despite this, he has still managed to score 18 goals and provide nine assists in 29 La Liga matchups with the club. He also has a record of two free-kick goals against the Real Madrid defense, with both of those coming in 2012 against the club.

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In his career, the Argentine has scored the most goals against the club that has stifled him. While his record against Real Madrid is still relatively young, it does show that he is one of the most prolific goal scorers in the world. He has scored in LaLiga, European Cup, and the Spanish Super Cup. Since his first appearance against the club, he has scored in 44 games, including one in the European Cup.

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Alfredo di Stefano

Di Stefano came to Real Madrid as a young striker, in 1953, and made his debut in a hat-trick win over Barcelona. He went on to score 27 goals in his first 28 games for the club, and was named the league’s top scorer on five occasions. He is now third in the all-time Real Madrid top scorer’s list. But he was not just a star striker. His goals were more than enough to propel the club to its first league title in 20 years.

While many people associate Alfredo Di Stefano with the 1960 World Cup, he is actually one of the greatest players of all time. Real Madrid’s greatest centre forward helped them win five European Cups in a row, and he was a huge success for Real Madrid. In fact, he was so good that he was named European Footballer of the Year twice, and he also helped Spain win five European Cups, which was a record in itself.

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba has become a legend of English soccer. In addition to his 100 goals for Chelsea, the forward has won the FA Cup and the Champions League. He has also won the Champions League penalty. With such a distinguished career, Drogba is a hot property for clubs in all parts of Europe, including Real Madrid. However, the Frenchman’s future is uncertain. He may have to decide between his native France and Real Madrid, as he has a great chance of winning the Champions League.

Among current players, Didier Drogba has scored more goals against Real Madrid than anyone else. The striker spent 12 years with Chelsea and won many individual awards. He also played for other clubs such as Marseille in the UCL and Galatasaray, scoring 36 goals in the process. Thomas Muller, on the other hand, came from Bayern’s youth academy. He scored 16 goals for Bayern II before breaking into the first team in the 2009-10 season.

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