Who Can Be Better Than Ronaldo in the Future?

Who Can Be Better Than Ronaldo in the Future? photo 0

If you have seen a game of football and were impressed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s scoring record, you might wonder who the future holds. Messi, Mbappe, Nico, Pedri, and Garth Crooks are all excellent candidates to replace Ronaldo in the coming years. However, who is the best player in the world today? The answer will be a surprise to many.


When compared to Ronaldo, Messi has a far more impressive natural talent and is considered a magician. He can dribble the ball with a virtuosic touch and shoot with the precision of a brain surgeon. Combined with his quickness and ability to keep the ball in play, Messi can weave through a defense and shoot past the goalkeeper to score an equaliser. The Argentine has been a great player for his country and is widely regarded as the best dribbler in the world.

Both Ronaldo and Messi have put up outrageous numbers over the course of their career. Messi has been at the top level for more than a decade and Ronaldo is in his early thirties. Both have achieved great success but play completely different styles of soccer. It will be interesting to see how their performances compare in the future. Until then, though, both players have the potential to be better than each other.

Those looking to see young talent must be cautious when comparing one player to another. The sports media often reaches for cliched narratives when they see a talented football player. This is particularly true when comparing a young winger with a neat haircut to a future Messi or Ronaldo. Such comparisons do not reflect the true talent of either player. Messi is still a better player than Ronaldo in terms of ability.

If Ronaldo and Messi are compared in this regard, it’s hard to argue that Messi has a clear edge. Ronaldo is a better fit for today’s game. The Portuguese superstar combines elite athleticism with a strong shooting ability and superb jumping ability. His age has not stopped him from being a role model for a younger generation of players. But there are still differences between the two.


The Frenchman’s recent performances have made it possible to argue that Mbappe can be better than the Real Madrid superstar. The youngster has scored an impressive 21 goals in the Champions League, which is a record for a wide striker. This is more than any player in the history of the competition and represents a step in the right direction for France’s national team. He has already outshone Ronaldo and Messi, who each averaged almost a goal per game.

Messi and Cristiano are both now 30 years old. There are plenty of young stars in the world’s top divisions who will soon be better than their predecessors. Mbappe is a rising star who has made it his mission to emulate Ronaldo’s success. His current club Borussia Dortmund star Erling Haaland is also considered to be his successor. But Lewandowski does not expect Mbappe to duplicate this success. However, he believes the younger players will show their true potential.

The biggest challenge that Mbappe faces is keeping up with Messi and Ronaldo. He has scored 111 goals and assisted 39 more in Ligue 1 this season. While the league is considered weaker than other football leagues, this incredible record is still a remarkable feat for a teenager. Haaland could contribute to one goal for every 60 minutes in the league. And he may even have the power to influence the egos of the French team’s elite players when negotiating deals.

Macron has made it clear that the French president is willing to do all he can to retain Mbappe. Moreover, Mbappe’s future performance at PSG is dependent on the way Macron manages the club’s transfer policy. The French president is reportedly ready to offer Mbappe the best possible deal. So, Macron is trying to persuade the youngster to stay at PSG.


As the son of Fran, Nico has the hardest road to a regular midfield spot at Barca. During his time with the club’s B team, Nico performed a variety of midfield functions and excelled as a pivot. Nico’s ability to receive the ball under pressure is admirable and his physicality is combined with a fine appreciation of the ball make him a valuable asset in a midfield.

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In his early years, the youngster’s bond with his father can be seen on the field. It was a memorable moment for the family when Nico was able to wear his dad’s number. His younger brother was nearly overcome with emotion, but his big brother instincts haven’t left him. He splits his attention when he sees both players in action, and when asked who wins in «FIFA,» he proudly raises his hand.

As a youngster, Nico’s development is unmatched by the superstar that he replaced. The youngster has a strong attitude and can play in any position, including the attacking midfield role. He also has a proven track record of scoring goals and setting up others. In addition to that, he is more versatile than Ronaldo, who can only play in certain positions when his team needs a creative spark.

While Ronaldo is the undisputed best player in the world, Nico has a slightly more intense style and can play central midfield. He is a right-footed midfielder, but is equally adept with both feet. In addition to his defensive capabilities, he is tall and strong and can play well with his head or both feet. Busquets and Fran Artiga, two of Barcelona’s coaches, have praised his talent.


Pedri has been compared to a Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta, and he is already a rough diamond. His versatility in playing positions means he can help the esquadrille where it is needed most. This World Cup campaign, he was one of the best midfielders in the tournament. While he may not be as flashy as Ronaldo, he already has the qualities to be a good successor to Ronaldo in the future.

Pedri is a generational talent, with great ability on the ball, a quick mind and the ability to transition seamlessly to the biggest stage in football. He could well be the key to Barcelona’s ambitions in the coming decade. Club officials must take care not to over-use Pedri, however, as overuse can lead to muscular injuries and accumulated fatigue can prevent him from delivering his best.

Pedri’s contract with Barcelona is expected to be renewed until June 2026. This will ensure continuity for the club and the player. The Argentine is already an Olympic silver medal winner and has won the Golden Boy trophy. Hopefully, he will continue to shine as a superstar for the Catalan club. If he does, Barcelona will be very happy with the deal.

In the 2020-21 season, Pedri has already played 4,975 minutes of football for Barcelona. Bojan Krkic was 18 years and three days old when he achieved 50 competitive games. With more games under his belt, Pedri could become a real contender for Ronaldo’s spot in the future. In fact, Gerard Pique recently commented that Pedri’s future is very bright.

Mbappe’s passing skills

The young Frenchman has been described as a «young alien» by Raphael Varane this week. Despite his young age, Mbappe has already shown impressive sprint speeds. He clocked up a top speed of 44.7 km/hr last December and averaged 36 km/hr. This is comparable to the world record run of Usain Bolt, who hit 37.5 km/hr when setting the 100-metre world record in 2009.

Despite his young age, Kylian Mbappe is still a long way from peaking. However, he has already displayed predatory goalscoring instincts from every angle, and his passing skills are better than Ronaldo’s. In the future, his passing skills could even outshine Ronaldo’s. In the meantime, he is already a world-class player.

While Mbappe has already outperformed Cristiano Ronaldo, the comparison is a little too simplistic. Arsene Wenger has suggested that Mbappe may be the new Thierry Henry. The Frenchman climbed through the ranks of Monaco’s youth team and broke two records that Henry held: the youngest player in the club’s history and the highest goal scorer.

Mbappe has also shown more creativity in attacking, with over a 100 goals scored in his professional career and 16 caps for the senior French team. In addition to his high-speed attacking, Mbappe is also a more daring dribbler. In a game between France and Portugal, Mbappe is more adventurous with the ball and dribbles at a higher speed than Ronaldo.

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The youngster has also shown a similar level of talent at an early age, and his development has been remarkable. He has made two starts in the league last season and is already on course for a 20-goal season. In the Champions League, he has also made consecutive starts. Jardim has intelligently managed Mbappe’s playing time. With these achievements, Mbappe could become one of the best young players in the world.

If Robert Lewandowski were to leave Borussia Dortmund, what would be his replacement? The Hertha Berlin striker is one of the options in this transfer market, with Lothar Matthaus expecting the club to sign Ramos. Other names in the market include Diego Costa, Seydou Doumbia and Jackson Martinez. Ramos has a great deal to offer Borussia Dortmund, and the chances are high that he can be a great Lewandowski replacement.

Ramos has scored 75 goals in 75 appearances

The midfielder has a goal-scoring record of 75 goals in just over seventy-five appearances for the Reds. Unlike many other Liverpool players, Ramos is rarely troubled by dribbling and has a high pass completion rate. He has played alongside fellow Spaniard Sergio Ramos in the Spain national team, and has won the Champions League twice. The Spaniard has also been a key figure for Liverpool’s recent improvement in form, having a clean sheet in nine of his last ten matches.

Unlike many other Liverpool players, Ramos has played in the Champions League as a full-time player. His 75 goals have earned him the title of the club’s top scorer. This record is not as impressive as some might have thought, but it’s still a remarkably high figure. The Spaniard has scored in every single game since joining Liverpool in 2011. Despite this record, Ramos has not yet reached his full potential, but he’s certainly been a key player in a number of Liverpool teams.

On the other hand, Ramos’ goal is a stunning achievement. Aubameyang plays a one-two with Leitner on the edge of the penalty area and forces Drobny into a diving save. Ramos’ effort loops into the side-netting after Drobny has spilled the ball. After all, a goal is a goal and the striker deserves it.

With that, Ramos has equalled his career high with his latest goal in a Champions League tie against Augsburg. Dortmund are now on 64 points and Bayer Leverkusen have climbed into sixth place. The Reds have won eight of his last 10 games. They’ll play in the Europa League semi-finals for the third time in succession, so the Spaniard can feel good about himself after such a long run of success.

Sergio Ramos was born in Portugal in 1991 and played for Liverpool. He has become a key part of the Reds’ success in the Premier League and UCL. In fact, his performance in the Champions League will probably lead to the Reds winning the title again. However, it is worth remembering that Ramos was much better than Van Dijk. However, this year’s Ballon D’Or debate remained a mystery for the Spaniard.

Virgil van Dijk has also been an integral part of Liverpool’s defence. As a left back, he traditionally holds positions on the left side of the field, where he traditionally sits in defence until the final set-piece. The team’s first-choice left back is James Milner. While Virgil van Dijk holds a higher potential than Robertson, his overall rating is 102.

He has been a driving force for Hertha Berlin this season

After a successful season last year, Ramos is eager to move on to a bigger club. Ramos has scored 16 goals in the Bundesliga this season and is currently the third highest scorer in the Bundesliga. In 89 appearances for Hertha, Ramos has netted 32 goals and provided 18 assists. Although Ramos is under contract at Hertha until July 2014, his contract is up in the summer. Ramos is a key member of Hertha and could be the driving force behind their success.

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Having been transferred to Hertha Berlin in 2013, Ramos was awarded a compassionate leave after the death of his grandfather. This has meant that Ramos has been the only player to start fewer games than his former club. This season, Ramos has made 17 substitute appearances, a record in the Bundesliga. Only Robert Lewandowski has more goals in this position.

Despite his lack of experience, the Spaniard’s swagger has paved the way for Hertha’s promotion from the second tier. His performances have helped the club achieve its goal of regaining the title. While his team’s recent form has been disappointing, Ramos is still one of the club’s most important players. If he continues his form in the coming weeks, Hertha may be heading for the first round of the German Cup.

The loss left Dortmund seven points behind Bayern in the standings. Their two title rivals, Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund, both suffered defeat. Hertha climbed to sixth place with the win. They are four points behind Barcelona and play Real Betis at home on Sunday. If you are looking for a new goalkeeper, you should consider signing one.

When it comes to personality, Ramos tends to hold his emotions in check. His goal is to make correct judgments, analyze facts objectively and take action accordingly. He values communication. However, he may come across as superficial and unapproachable at times. In addition, he needs to be constantly on the move to communicate effectively. If you are not sure about the right person for the job, read an astrological profile about Adrian Ramos.

He can replace Lewandowski

Although Robert Lewandowski is a fantastic player, his transfer to Bayern Munich has left a huge hole in the Dortmund squad. While Ramos is not the same as Lewandowski, he does offer a number of key qualities that will help the team to compete in the Champions League. Ramos is a physical player who has scored a lot of goals during his time with Hertha BSC. He won 169 headers in his 29 Bundesliga games and is a good defender who can hold the ball up. He also works better with the ball at his feet.

While Lewandowski is still the best striker in the world, he is unlikely to reach the same level of performance at Bayern Munich. The former PSG player is known for his consistency and he has scored in three straight seasons in the German Bundesliga. Although it is difficult to assess how he might fare against Lewandowski, Ramos offers a strong replacement for the German superstar.

Ramos is the latest transfer rumour to emerge from Dortmund. Despite the fact that he hasn’t been officially confirmed by the club, reports in Germany suggest a EUR10 million deal has been agreed on. The deal was not made public but it is believed that Ramos has already signed a four-year contract with the Bundesliga club. The Colombian forward was previously tied with Lewandowski for the top scoring spot in Germany.

In addition to Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos being great leaders, Ramos has proven himself time again. He has scored 14 league goals this season alone, and is the German team’s top goalscorer. But, he can’t compete with Lewandowski’s countless goals. But, he can still prove his worth. If the Bayern Munchen manager is serious about replacing Lewandowski, they should consider this option.

Besides Ramos, Dortmund’s other players can do the same. While the younger playmaker Marco Reus is expected to become a top player in the Bundesliga, the German midfielders Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have the potential to contribute to the scoring. And the team’s attacking play will improve if Lewandowski leaves.

Despite being a talisman, Ramos is not Robert Lewandowski. He has 16 goals in the Bundesliga for Hertha Berlin, and he is just one goal behind the German superstar. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine a team without a top-level goalscorer. He may even be more effective with a better offensive player.

In the absence of Lewandowski, the German club is likely to look elsewhere for a striker. They are also in need of a top-class dribbler. But they could choose someone who has similar physical and mental qualities. The German club’s transfer of Ciro Immobile may be the perfect fit. After all, the 24-year-old Torino striker is co-owned by FC Juventus.

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