Who Has the Most Followers on Instagram in 2020?

Who Has the Most Followers on Instagram in 2020? photo 0

The list of top accounts on Instagram includes The Rock, Cristiano Ronaldo, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and Neymar Jr. We have also included some other notable accounts, including Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Beyonce. The following are also among the top accounts:

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Cristiano Ronaldo

The 37-year-old superstar has officially passed the 200 million follower mark on Instagram. It is not surprising given the size of his fanbase; if all of his followers lived in one country, that would be the world’s third-largest nation. Another athlete who has been a part of the social media phenomenon for a long time is Kylie Jenner, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister. She gained worldwide fame after starring on the reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

Currently, Ronaldo has 245.6 million followers on Instagram, surpassing fellow athlete Lionel Messi who has 219 million. It was reported recently that a quarter of Ronaldo’s followers were fake, while the rest were either suspicious accounts or mass followers. HypeAuditor, an analytics company for influencers, categorized his followers as mass followers – accounts with over 1500 followers who do not actually see the posts of influencers.

According to Forbes, Ronaldo earns $1.6 million per sponsored post, putting him on top of the list. This is a significant rise from the $880,000 he earned last year. The footballer is also worth $40 million and has the potential to earn up to PS780,000 a post. He is also an influencer, having once moved a Coca-Cola bottle during a press conference at Euro 2020. Coca-Cola lost $4 billion dollars due to his move.

Miley Cyrus

According to the latest Instagram statistics, Miley Cyrus has the most followers in 2020. In January 2019, she had 45 posts, and by May 2020, she has 635. Originally a Disney Channel star, Miley Cyrus is now one of the most popular musicians on the planet. Her recent changes to her social media presence have made her a favorite among fans. In the past, she used her account to promote her Bright Minded interviews, in which she talks to some of her favorite celebrities.

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Ariana Grande has over 171.7 million followers. She began her career as a child star in the television show Hannah Montana, which led to her emergence as a pop sensation. Her ‘Victorious’ character earned her a large following. Besides singing and performing, she has released 15 albums and received 49 awards. Today, she is one of the most popular pop stars in the world. Her recent controversy has prompted her to share her thoughts on mental health and the importance of finding happiness in life.

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Justin Bieber, one of the world’s most popular pop stars, has more than 320 million followers on Instagram. His Instagram account is full of pictures of him performing, as well as quotes that inspire people. Meanwhile, Queen Bey shares a lot of personal posts about her lifestyle. Aside from Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are also popular figures on Instagram. The most popular account in 2020?


While Beyonce is a multi-talented artist with her Lemonade album, she has maintained a strong presence on the social media platform. Her recent pregnancy prank has been the most liked Instagram post in history. Khloe Kardashian, who is the sister of Kylie and Kim Kardashian, has also gained popularity as she has over 222 million followers. Khloe also follows Dwayne Johnson, the former wrestler and founder of KKW Beauty.

Lionel Messi, the soccer star and former pro-wrestler, is currently the sixth most followed person on Instagram, with 179.7 million followers. Justin Bieber, a former pre-teen YouTube sensation, is fifth, with 161.0 million followers. Beyonce, however, has more Instagram followers than any other musician. While there are a number of people who follow Beyonce, a few celebrities have more than a million.

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Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1. He also plays for the Brazilian national team. He has scored 86 goals for his club and country in all competitions. This year, he was named the FIFA World Player of the Year. Neymar’s career has spanned three seasons, and he is now the most expensive player in world football. The future looks bright for this dynamo.

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Despite his star status, Neymar’s career has not been without controversy. After playing for Santos FC and Barcelona, he has endured highs and lows of personal life and a spectacular football career. The Brazilian soccer legend begins his career in humble circumstances, but quickly rises from there. He then signs with Paris Saint-Germain and makes a name for himself. After his time with PSG, he is set to lead the French team to the 2020 World Cup.

He won his first Olympic gold medal as captain of Brazil’s national team. The team won the gold medal after Neymar scored the only goal in a 1-1 draw against Germany. Neymar later renounced the captaincy due to criticism from former Brazilian players. But his achievements during the Olympics have left the nation’s fans raving. It’s hard to find an athlete with more potential than Neymar.

Ariana Grande

As of February 2019, Ariana Grande has 238 million followers on Instagram, making her the most followed woman on the social network. However, there are many things to be happy about as far as her popularity goes. The singer recently broke the record for the most liked celebrity photo. She has garnered more than 26 million likes in one single post, which she uploaded on May 15th. Ariana Grande is no stranger to controversy; she’s vocally critical of Donald Trump and is a vocal advocate of Black Lives Matter. She also encourages her followers to vote in elections.

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The popularity of Ariana Grande’s music has also helped her reach this milestone. The singer has now passed Selena Gomez for the title of most followed singer, and has now dethroned her. The pop star is now the most followed celebrity behind Cristiano Ronaldo, while Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez have the second most followers. But who will top that list in 2020?

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Michelle Obama

In addition to being the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has the most Instagram followers of any celebrity. She’s been known for her inspiring writing, her public service, and her toned arms. However, a recent study by Shutterfly shows that she has more followers than US President Donald Trump and FLOTUS Melania Trump combined. Those who follow Michelle Obama on Instagram include interior design experts, celebrities, brands, and others.

In recent months, the former first lady has shared several photos of her new home, in addition to photos of her family. While she and her husband are currently renting a house in Chicago’s Kalorama neighborhood, her Instagram account is full of pictures of activities around town. In one recent post, Obama shared a photo with fellow First Lady Laura Bush at the Bush Center’s exhibit. Her followers were thrilled by this post, commenting with praise and gratitude.

Another interesting fact about Michelle Obama’s Instagram account is that she has over 300 million followers. As the most followed person in the United States, she is also the most followed in North America. She leads the Let’s Move campaign, which promotes a healthy lifestyle for children. Her single sister Kylie Jenner has more than 270 million Instagram followers. The Kardashians are arguably the biggest influencers of all time, and Michelle Obama is no exception. She’s also part of the viral dance trend, joining Jimmy Fallon’s “Single Ladies Dance” and “Duckie.”

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