Who is the Better Striker, Luis Suarez Or Robert Lewandowski?

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Who is the better striker, Luis Suarez or Robert Lew andandowski? Both have impressive goal scoring records, but who has more assists and goals? We will examine both players’ statistics to make our choice. Read on to discover the answer. Then you can make your decision. And remember, the better player doesn’t necessarily win. It will depend on how you measure performance.

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Luis Suarez is better striker than Robert Lewandowski

There’s little doubt about it – Luis Suarez is a more complete striker than his Polish counterpart. Both players have scored over three hundred goals and are equally prolific in the final third. In addition, they’ve both won league trophies for their respective clubs and have almost as many assists. But which is better? Let’s examine these statistics to find out. This article will compare the two strikers and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

In league campaigns, Lewandowski is more deadly. In 382 games in the Bundesliga, he has scored 312 goals. That’s a goal per game ratio of 0.82. In Spain, Suarez has scored eight goals in nine appearances. However, Lewandowski averaged 0.55 goals per game before joining PSG. So, which striker is better?

Both players have impressive statistics. Suarez has six Premier League titles, while Lewandowski has only one trophy. In comparison to Lewandowski, Suarez has more assists, 25 key passes, and 14 chances. Pass completion rate is another key stat. Suarez has a 65% pass completion rate in the box versus Robert Lewandowski’s 38%.

While Lewandowski has one more Champions League final appearance, Lewandowski is a more humble character. He often leaves the penalty kick to Thomas Muller. His off-field life is also less glamorous than Suarez’s. In addition, he isn’t the darling of the international press. Despite his talent, Lewandowski lives a quiet life.

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One of the most compelling arguments against Lewandowski is recency bias. Relative youth is more influential than talent. In addition to playing for more popular teams, Suarez played for Dortmund, while Lewandowski represents Poland. And he’s duoed with one of the greatest players in history. As a result, Suarez receives unreal media support. Lewandowski would be written off as a finished farmer.

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On the other hand, Lewandowski is often in his prime. But Lewandowski’s absolute prime came in his 19/20 season with Bayern. Lewandowski scored 55 goals, including 15 in ten champions league games. He scored with his left foot, his right foot, and his head. Plus, Lewandowski is good on the ball and can make assists, as well.

Then there’s the issue of the striker’s age. Luis Suarez will be a free agent this summer, and while many thought he’d join MLS, he recently made it clear he wanted to stay in Europe. By signing with Bayern, he would bridge the gap between Lewandowski and the striker of the future. It’s possible that the former Barcelona star will find redemption in the presence of the playmakers at Bayern Munich.

Ultimately, the question remains: is Suarez better? The answer depends on your priorities. If you’re looking for an all-around striker, Lewandowski has the edge. But Lewandowski is more consistent. His four-goal haul against Real Madrid might not be matched by anyone else on such a grand stage. His five-goal haul against Wolfsburg broke Bundesliga records. That is an incredible feat that turned a one-goal deficit into a five-goal lead.

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Luis Suarez has more assists than Robert Lewandowski

In career league games, Luis Suarez has more assists than his Liverpool teammate, but is he the better finisher? We have no way of knowing, as both players have scored goals in similar amounts, but there are some obvious differences. While Lewandowski is slightly better at finishing the ball, Suarez is better in every other aspect. The two strikers share one Champions League medal. However, Suarez leads Lewandowski by two goals and two assists.

The former Barcelona striker has netted 198 league goals and registered 113 assists. He has played for several other teams including Dortmund, but his time at Bayern has been more illustrious. He has scored in 14 consecutive Bundesliga games, including one with Ajax. He has also scored in at least 15 games in the Champions League for Bayern. In fact, he is the third-highest scorer in UCL history, behind only Lewandowski.

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While Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have the most assists, they aren’t the only players with more. In LaLiga alone, Suarez has 31 assists and Lewandowski has fourteen. Both players have scored more than 58 goals, but their respective assists are far greater than Lewandowski’s. So, while Suarez is a great striker, he may not be the best goal-scorer. But he is a good choice for a fantasy football team.

However, Lewandowski’s Champions League career and lackluster World Cup career mean that he isn’t quite up to Ronaldo’s standards. And a streak of seven consecutive top-ten finishes in the Champions League and one in the Champions League doesn’t help his case. Lewandowski is a better overall player than Suarez, but he’s far from the best in Europe.

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Meanwhile, Barcelona have been pursuing Suarez, but so far have not offered him a contract. They’ve been unable to convince Bayern Munich to make a deal. Bayern Munich want an upfront payment of EUR50m, and Barcelona can’t trust the club to make it. In addition to Barça, Sevilla, Villarreal, and River Plate are also chasing the Uruguayan striker.

Atleti’s star striker has had a poor season so far, but his incredible record at PSG last season is a reason to celebrate. He scored 38 Ligue 1 games and provided 13 assists. His goals defy physics with the type of goals he scores. His previous season at Liverpool, the Uruguayan scored 31 Premier League games and scored six goals. He also scored four goals in a single season, but surpassed his previous best at Barcelona with 40 in only 37 games.

Compared to Lewandowski, Luis Suarez has a better goalscoring record. While Lewandowski has fewer goals, Suarez has won the golden boot alongside Messi and Neymar in 2015. In addition, Luis Suarez has been the top scorer in the Premier League, La Liga, and Eredivisie. His 2013/14 season was one of the best in the history of the Premier League.

Suarez has more goals than Benzema

While Benzema has scored more goals during his career, he has only played in 327 matches. By comparison, Luis Suarez has scored 140 goals in 177 games. However, the two strikers are arguably more similar when it comes to overall career stats. Both players have been top scorers in La Liga, the Premier League, and the Eredivisie. Suarez is regarded as one of the best Spanish footballers of all time. Known as El Arquitecto, Suarez won the 2015 Champions League and the 2016 and 2017 Copa America. He also won the CWC, the Europa League, and the Euro 2016 tournament.

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Although Luis Suarez has been linked with more goals than Benzema, his overall goal totals do not reflect the impact he has had on the team. While Suarez is an excellent centre-forward, his goal-scoring form has been questioned at times. Nonetheless, he has been a constant part of the starting eleven since Raul Gonzalez left. However, Luis Suarez is a versatile striker with the best weak foot strength and excellent heading ability. Besides, he is an excellent fitness athlete.

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The rivalry between Benzema and Suarez can go to a new level. For example, Benzema has won more WhoScored MOTM awards this season than Suarez. However, Suarez has won nine out of 12 apps. If Suarez has won the Spanish Golden Boot, it will be an incredible year for the Barcelona star. He is likely to be the next big star, but Benzema and Suarez are both capable of scoring goals.

While Benzema has been a frontrunner in the 2022 Ballon d’Or race, Luis Suarez has blown that idea out of the water. The two strikers are rivals in terms of goals scored this season. Benzema is a better goal-scorer than Suarez, and the former has a more balanced offensive game. And while Suarez is a better overall player, Benzema is a better all-round player.

Benzema is the more accomplished player in terms of key passing metrics. Suarez has more key passes than Benzema, but both have made more attempts on goal. Benzema had a higher pass completion percentage, while Suarez has a pass completion rate of 38%. Benzema is more likely to score a penalty than Suarez.

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Luis Suarez is one of the most influential players in soccer. His three goals against Athletic Bilbao last season were sensational. His low finish on the run and powerful header in a crowded penalty area were phenomenal goals. His antics in the game also got him a penalty and sent the goalkeeper to the bench. The goal was one of the game’s most memorable goals.

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