Who is the Dama De Hierro of Chelsea?

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The ‘damas of the Chelsea’ have been in the spotlight for a while now. Who are they and what’s their role? There are a few suspects, including Marina Granovskaia, Roman Abramovich, Todd Boehly, and Sumosan Twiga. However, one woman stands out as the ‘damas de hierro’ – a title that has been conferred upon her by fans.

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Marina Granovskaia

If you have been to a Chelsea game recently, you have probably seen the Argentine llamada dama. You may have also noticed the Argentine’s picture on the back of a Stamford Bridge shirt. The llamada dama has been in the spotlight for a number of reasons. In fact, Granovskaia is also the owner of Stamford Bridge. While she has a long list of admirers, her success has mainly come from her ability to sell players.

While the llamada dama of the Hierro del Chelsea may be a woman, her presence is felt more on the field than on social media. The llamada dama has a ferreo-like character, which is why she’s given more responsibility than other club executives. In Chelsea, she has helped make the club one of the world’s most powerful clubs and has been a key player in its recent success.

The llamada dama of Hiero del Chelsea is an important figure in the club. She was Roman Abramovich’s right hand for a year. Currently, the club is under new ownership. Marina Granovskaia will be replaced by Todd Boehly, who will be the director of sport interino until the new owner finds a suitable replacement.

The llamada dama of Hiero del Chelsea is a role model for women. She has a very strong role in the club and approves of all sales and redevelopments. The llamada dama has had a positive impact on the team and she has been praised by Forbes as one of the most influential women in sports.

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Roman Abramovich

The question is: Who is this woman who has been nicknamed the “dama de Hierro” of Chelsea FC? According to reports, she bought the club in 2003 and paid 1.514 million libras esterlinas in prestamos. It seems, then, that she is a part of the Abramovich family, which is now in the midst of a massive scandal.

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The first name associated with the ‘dama de Hierro’ is Marina Abramovic, a Russian entrepreneur and a member of the Board of Directors of Chelsea. The nickname has a ferreo-like quality, as Abramovich was nicknamed after a ferreo. Since she is the president and owner of the club, she has more power than many of her counterparts.

The entrepreneur, who has been linked to the Russian regime, was allegedly linked to the regime of the soviet union. That link forced him to step down from the Chelsea Board, and he chose to pass the reins to Marina Granovskaia. The club is thriving under her leadership, but the entrepreneur is still not out of the shadows.

While some have accused Granovskaia of being too aggressive in her dealings with the club, Chelsea’s director of financial affairs has defended her. The Argentinean, who has been linked with the club for a decade, has also refused to pay a record-breaking 50 million pounds to sign Gonzalo Higuain.

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Marina Abramovich has been working for Roman Abramovich for many years, but she was made manager of the club in 2014. In 2014, her role increased following the departure of Michael Emenalo, the club’s director of sport. Ultimately, she is now responsible for the most recent management decisions. This is an ominous sign of her influence on the club’s future.

Todd Boehly

El club has had many big moves in the last decade. The club re-signed Drogba and Mourinho from Barcelona, and sold Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard to Real Madrid. Florentino Perez’s success in negotiations paid off, as Hazard signed a one-year contract for 115 million pounds. The club also had freedom to move players, which helped it land the coveted goalkeeper.

Marina Granovskaia, the club’s director of general, is a Canadian. She studied languages, dance, and music at a local university. She oversees the entire club’s deportive and financial operations, and is the wife of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. She also has a daughter and four grandchildren. She is married to Roman Abramovich, who purchased the club in 2003.

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Granovskaia is the head of the Chelsea board and is a key part of the club’s success. She is Roman Abramovich’s right-hand man, overseeing all the club’s financial and personnel decisions. The club has spent more than 250 million euros on players during the pandemia. Marina Granovskaia’s contract with Nike guarantees 66 million euros in 15 years.

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The club’s chief executive, Marina Rossick, also speaks multiple languages. His favorite food is Japanese, and he often dines at Sumosan Twiga in Tokyo. She has two other bosses, Guy Laurence, and Bruce Buck. The board also has a director, Eugene Tenembaum. So who is this mysterious dama of the Chelsea?

Niamh Charles has always followed the club. She has been supporting Liverpool since she was 16 years old, and even played for a local team as a teenager. She later joined Chelsea as an adult. Although she never played in the first team, she is one of the best in the world at a gran level. She also plays for a team in London.

Sumosan Twiga

If you haven’t heard about the femenino chief executive at the top of Chelsea, you’re in for a treat. The former footballer has spent the last decade at Stamford Bridge, and was recently named Forbes’ fifth most powerful woman in sports. The rumor mill has the femenino team one game away from a Champions League final.

Elena Makarova is the director general of Chelsea Football Club, and has been with the club since 2014. She is the wife of Roman Abramovich, the owner of the club since 2003. She studied at Moscow State University’s Faculty of Foreign Languages, graduating in 1997. Afterwards, she began her career with Russian oil giant Sibneft, which Abramovich owns.

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After a few years, the revolving door between the two reincarnations of the dama de Hierro was finally unfurled. The reincarnation of the former manager was crowned a legend by Chelsea fans. But if the reincarnated Meir, the lagging Chelsea star, can be blamed for the team’s erratic results in Europe?

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The former Liverpool player remained an unknown to the public for years, but she now plays for the blues. She also represents gran england, and hopes to play for the club’s next title. Currently, they are two points ahead of Manchester City in the WSL, and they play Everton in the FA Cup final on May 26.


The title of “Chesa’s ‘dama’” is a misnomer, as the club’s executive director is Canadian-born Marina Granovskaia. Despite her enigmatic looks and her association with the club, she is not an ordinary woman. She has managed to win six major trophies since becoming the club’s president, including two Europa Leagues and a femenina final against Barcelona. Granovskaia was instrumental in negotiating the transfer of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid. Her presence at the club has benefited the club’s dynasty, as it has helped Chelsea achieve several deals with high-profile stars and a multimillion-pound budget.

Her background is as mysterious as her role in the Chelsea boardroom. She began her career as an assistant to the club’s owner before being named director of staff in 2014. Forbes ranked Granovskaia as the fifth most powerful woman in the world. While very few know about her private life, she is known for being direct and dislikes long interludes or repetitive calamities.

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As Chelsea’s new blue boss, Abramovich restructured the team’s finances. He also recruited top players and restructured the lower divisions. The club’s academy grew and now produces many players for the first team. So what are the odds of this happening? You need to look at the past. It wasn’t that long ago when the blue boss bought the club from Ken Bates.

The Chelsea board has always supported Didier Drogba, but he was recently banned from the Premier League for six matches after insulting a FIFA arbitrator. The suspension came just a few days after Chelsea was one game away from the final against Manchester United. Then Chelsea’s midfield line was defended by Andres Iniesta, who had a similar role in the midfield.

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