Who is the Most Followed Person on Instagram?

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The music industry has a lot of superstars, but who is the most followed person on Instagram? Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Neymar Jr., and Zendaya are all incredibly popular. So how do these people keep their followers up to date and maintain a strong presence on the platform? Keep reading to find out! We’ve broken down the most popular Instagram users to make your search easier.

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Taylor Swift

In case you’re wondering who is the most popular Instagram user, it’s Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift’s Instagram account has 118 million followers and is unfollowed by all users after that. Despite her massive following, Swift has never commented on anyone’s photo, even those of fans. After deleting her account on Aug. 18, she has not been seen on the platform since then. Here’s why.

Despite her huge following, Taylor Swift recently revealed that she feels pressured by her fame. She said that she often turns to her mom, Andrea, when she is feeling overwhelmed with all the attention. Swift’s followers are constantly on her toes, waiting for her to mess up or make a mistake. Although her popularity may not be real, she is a master of social media strategy. After all, she has managed to gain 3.4 million followers in just a week.

The ‘Queen of Instagram’ title was held by Taylor Swift for a long time, but Kim K and Beyonc? were close behind. In July, Selena Gomez dethroned Taylor Swift to become the most popular Instagram user. With 69.6 million followers, Gomez owes her title to her genuine fan engagement. She also works with the ‘Girl Squad’, which has helped her gain more followers and a slew of new fans.

Ariana Grande

With 238 million followers on Instagram, Ariana Grande is one of the most followed people on the social networking site. She also recently broke a record for most-liked photo of a celebrity. Her photo of her secret wedding to Dalton Gomez, posted on May 15, has already accumulated 26 million likes. While she still has a long way to go before beating Kylie Jenner’s 55 million likes record, she is certainly making progress.

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Grande has surpassed Selena Gomez for the top spot, with 146.3 million followers. The two are now tied for the title of most followed person on Instagram, beating out Cristiano Ronaldo, who was ranked second. Gomez, meanwhile, was in the top spot only a few months ago, but has only a little more than a quarter of Grande’s followers.

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The pop star is the most followed person on Instagram, but not without controversy. In October, she broke up with Pete Davidson, and her popularity soared. In the meantime, she frequently uses social media to connect with her fans. Her account has nearly 900 million followers. And her recent hiatus has led to speculation about whether or not she is still on the social media platform. This may be a temporary blip. Ariana Grande has a bright future as she continues to rise.

Neymar Jr.

In the past few years, Virat Kohli has become one of the most famous sportspeople on Instagram, and he has now joined the ranks of the most followed people on Instagram. Along with Messi and Ronaldo, Virat has amassed over 163 million followers. However, the current most followed person on Instagram is Neymar Jr., a Brazilian football icon and Paris Saint-Germain forward.

While Beyonce has the largest following of anyone on Instagram, Neymar is the most followed athlete in the world. Aside from being a footballer, Neymar also has an impressive social media following, primarily centered around his amazing fashion sense and dazzling dribbling abilities. He is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain and has an estimated net worth of $185 million.

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Football players are a very popular audience for sports influencers on Instagram. They can easily get a million followers by sharing funny videos of their teammates. However, many sports stars are also highly sought after by their fans. For example, Brazilian left back Marcelo has 50.8 million Instagram followers and is one of the most followed sportspeople on Instagram. Many of his fans are women, who will be drawn to his hilarious posts about his teammates.


The most followed person on Instagram is none other than actress Zendaya. With over 69 million followers, she has become the voice of millennials. Her posts address issues of social justice, female empowerment, fashion, and beauty. It is no surprise that she is also an official spokesperson for two major beauty brands, as well as Disney. But how did she manage to achieve such popularity? Here are some interesting facts.

The actress, model, and singer has a lot of fans. Her 111 million Instagram followers are her fans, who are fans of her flawless looks. In fact, Zendaya has twice as many followers as Tom Holland. She also keeps her followers up to date on behind-the-scenes photos. The actress has been a top Instagrammer since 2014 and is a devoted fashionista.

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The talented actress began her career on stage before moving on to television. She rose to fame in 2010 when she starred as Rocky Blue on Shake It Up. Despite her success on the small screen, she is more recognized for her roles in movies like Spiderman: Homecoming, Dune, and The Greatest Showman. Her Instagram account is a showcase of her talent, and her posts regularly get a large number of likes.

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Justin Bieber

There is no denying that pop star Justin Bieber is the most popular person on Instagram. This teenager has risen to fame through his music, as evidenced by his pranks with cartoon versions of himself. He has gained over thirty million followers in less than a year, a record for an individual with such a short following. Bieber’s popularity has even reached the point where his pregnancy prank has become the most popular Instagram post ever. Queen Bey isn’t far behind Justin Bieber in Instagram followers, despite posting mainly professional stuff.

After Bieber, other top celebrities on Instagram include Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift. The latter has the most followers of any male artist. Justin Bieber has a total of 127 million followers on Instagram. He also has a total of 41.5 million fans on Facebook and has 2.3 billion views on YouTube. His popularity is so high that he is second only to Katy Perry on Twitter, which has 66 million followers. Justin Timberlake is another popular figure on Instagram, with over 39 million followers, making him the closest male artist to Katy Perry.

Taylor Swift is a famous singer with 121 million followers. Her Instagram feed is full of pictures of her performing on stage, meeting famous people, and other notable events. Footballer Lionel Messi is another popular figure on the platform. His Instagram account has pictures of him with his teammates, breathtaking scenes, and his life. In addition to Justin Bieber, other popular celebrities include Dwayne Johnson and Selena Gomez.

Jennifer Lopez

It is no surprise that actress, singer, and music producer Jennifer Lopez is the most followed person on Instagram. She has more than 143 million followers and her account contains a variety of posts. Followers can find everything from news and celebrity selfies to fashion shots and pictures from her recent events. This makes her an ideal influencer for brands. Read on to discover how to become the most popular person on Instagram.

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In addition to celebrities, musicians and brands are following people on Instagram. Singer Jennifer Lopez has 202 million followers and is one of the most active celebrities. Her Instagram account is full of behind the scenes shots, promotional images for her music, and Story Highlights of her recent events. Other popular users of Instagram include cricketer Virat Kohli, who has 189 million followers. The top 20 list features athletes, celebrities, and brands like Nike.

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Despite her popularity, she is not alone in sharing photos of her daily routine and workouts. The Bronx-born singer and actress is active in the community and participates in challenges. Other celebrities who have large followings on Instagram include Nicki Minaj, who calls herself Barbie and has 118 million followers. Other brands like Nike have several subpages to reach her fans and to promote their products.


Nike is the most followed person on Instagram for two reasons. One, the company has created a huge global community of athletes and regularly posts things that spark conversation and drive engagement. The other is that the company invests in community building by creating relatable stories and photos that inspire people. Real Madrid’s Instagram account is the official profile of the Spanish professional football team, Real Madrid C.F. The official account updates the club’s enormous fan base on current games and highlights.

The company has grown its Instagram followers from four million in 2014 to 12 million in less than two years. This growth was achieved by creating an Instagram strategy in partnership with Laundry Service’s CEO Jason Stein and Huge Inc’s digital strategist Tyler Starrine. The company began tracking the performance of social videos for companies in April 2014 and is now one of the most followed accounts globally. Today, Nike is the most followed person on Instagram and the brand is in the top 20 on Instagram.

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Amongst brands, Nike has the most followers with 1.68 billion. Other top brands, such as Nike Football, have also grown in popularity. Their Instagram accounts feature videos of their athletes and events. Similarly, celebrities like Rihanna have a large following. Rihanna has a number of collabs, and has her own fashion line. Its followers have a high influence score of 88.

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